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Accelerating Application Performance
white paper by Platypus Technology
Editor:- October 23, 2002 - Platypus Technology has released a new white paper today on STORAGEsearch called "Accelerating Application Performance".

The 8 page white paper, coauthored by the research group Aberdeen, starts out explaining why solid state storage technology can speed up critical applications at an economic price.

The second part of the article, uniquely in my opinion, provides a number of case studies about real companies in a diverse set of markets. These companies had business problems which were solved by using solid state disk technology from Platypus.

The examples given quote the before and after performance in a simple to understand manner, which users can relate to. It will help you form a judgement about whether it's worth learning more about this technology in your own organization.

Although we've run many articles on this technology over the years, and the benefits are not unique to any single solid state storage vendor, this article provides one of the clearest descriptions of the end to end benefits I've seen. ...Accelerating Application Performance (pdf), ...Platypus Technology profile

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In some ways the SSD market is like that lakeside village. It's not so long ago that no one even knew where it was.
Can you tell me the best way to get to SSD Street?
Nibble:- The New Goldrush? - Network Accelerators

ince the summer dozens of companies have announced a wide range of network accelerators. These are particulary important to Sun users because Sun Microsystems has been parsimonious with its SPARC CPU clock speeds in the past few years, offering speedups of x 1.2, when really users would rather like x 2.0. So if you want things to go any faster, you'll have to look at accelerator coprocessors instead of accelerated native SPARC processors.

In the security part of the market, joining the long established PCI crypto accelerator card first announced two years ago by Compaq, then badged by Sun, then dropped by Sun and now supported by SUFFIX Informatik, we now have some network security boxes which protect storage networks at wireline speeds. New vendors in this market include Cylink and Decru.

NAS is now a $3 Billion market, and will double in size in the next 2 years according to the 2002 SAN and NAS Report by Peripheral Concepts, Inc. So dozens of companies have announced TCP/IP Offload accelerator products to things move along a little faster.

In addition to the pioneer company in this market, Alacritech, and chip companies Intel and LSI Logic, two long established SPARC OEMs Antares Microsystems and Tadpole have publicly announced they are working on products for the Sun market. And Aristos Logic was the first company to reveal details of its storage processor in October 2002. So it won't be long before its competitors, still in stealth mode will have to put up, or shut up.

A full list of iSCSI and FCIP companies and Storage interface ICs, processors & accelerator chips can be seen on the mouse site, So, despite the recession, Sun users are going to see some innovative new 3rd party products soon which will help them speed up their servers without breaking the bank.

Why do you need all these accelerator products? Won't software do the job?

The killer application for network accelerators is the real-time response for data replication and onsite and offsite backup windows. Without hardware accelerators your internal networks are more vulnerable to data loss and longer restore cycles. Meanwhile your ISPs are looking for any reason to charge more money, and if you need to buy extra bandwidth for your VPNs then the hardware accelerators could end up being much cheaper.

And I haven't even mentioned Solid State Disks because I thought that everyone already knows that they can make your Sun server run 20 to 30 percent faster. There are lots of application notes about that with a complete list of vendors also at the click of mouse.
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LONDON, UK - October 28, 2002 - Dataslide filed a new patent application on the 24th October 2002, in the US and the UK, for a computer hard-drive design.

The new drive combines a mix of current technologies in a fundamental design paradigm shift, aimed at sidestepping a number of key technical barriers in existing hard drive performance development. Latency and seek times will be reduced to more closely match CPU cycle times, (10 to 50 nanoseconds vs. 2 to 5 milliseconds).

...Editor's note:- that's a million times faster access time than current hard disks, and is similar to RAM. That should translate into a systemwide speedup of about 5x for many applications, because there are always bottlenecks somewhere else...

The initial design will provide data transfer rates greater than current, high performance disk drives, with further architectural potential for massively parallel data transfer rates and fundamental database access re-designs. As a result Wait I/O will be significantly reduced, making use of lost CPU cycles. Power consumption is projected to be less than 10% of current devices. Initial manufacturing costs are projected to be similar to those of current commercial grade SCSI devices, with ongoing significant cost improvements with economies of scale. It is anticipated that the usual product cost cycle would apply. The new drive has the potential to replace all hard drives in commercial servers within one to two product cycles. ...Dataslide profile

LSI demonstrates industry's 1st native iSCSI storage

MILPITAS, Calif. and ORLANDO, Fl. - October 28, 2002 - LSI Logic Storage Systems, Inc. today announced that it is demonstrating how native iSCSI technology embedded in LSI Logic's storage, utilizing Agilent Technologies' IP Storage Adapter, which features full iSCSI and TCP/IP offload, advances iSCSI performance to new levels using fewer components.

"iSCSI is an emerging technology that shows promise because it has the potential to reduce costs by allowing servers to use storage over existing IP networks," said Stan Skelton, director of strategic planning, LSI Logic Storage Systems, Inc. "Our demonstration with Agilent highlights the flexibility of our modular controller architecture, which has made it possible for LSI Logic Storage Systems to quickly adapt to new interfaces and embrace new industry standards."

iSCSI is Internet SCSI, an Internet Protocol (IP)-based storage networking standard designed to transfer block-level data over Ethernet-based TCP/IP networks. By carrying SCSI commands over IP networks, iSCSI unites the core storage commands used by most storage configurations with the networking infrastructure deployed around the world. This unification of storage and networking delivers the performance of block-level data transfers and the manageability, interoperability and cost-effectiveness of IP networks.

"We're pleased to partner with LSI Logic Storage Systems as part of an industry-wide effort to move the iSCSI standard forward and facilitate its market adoption," said Philip Gadd, worldwide marketing manager for Agilent's Storage and Networking Division. "The demonstration showcases the performance and interoperability of Agilent's new, low profile IP storage adapters with LSI Logic Storage Systems' modular RAID storage controller." ...Agilent Technologies profile, ...LSI Logic Storage Systems profile

Delkin has Fast Memory Cards for Professional Photographers

Poway CA - October 28, 2002 - Delkin Devices has introduced one of the fastest CompactFlash™ digital memory cards currently on the market.

The eFilm™ PRO card is part of Delkin's new premium series of memory cards that are designed to quench the professional photographers thirst for speed. As digital cameras continue to evolve into sophisticated tools, Delkin is positioning the eFilm PRO card as the next generation of digital storage. The eFilm PRO cards are solid-state and designed to be fast and durable for extensive shooting in the most extreme conditions. Optimized for use in professional grade SLR digital cameras, the eFilm PRO cards will initially be available in capacities of 128MB, 256MB, 320MB, 512MB and 640MB.

The speed to capture an image has been one of the main concerns with professional photographers ever since the birth of digital photography. The eFilm PRO Card significantly reduces capture times with speeds up to and exceeding 3.6 MB per second sustained write depending on shooting conditions. To achieve this standard in quality and speed, Delkin has developed an innovative new technology called DQD (patent pending). The MSRP for the 640MB capacity card is $599. ...Delkin Devices profile

Softek Delivers SAN Discovery Engine

SUNNYVALE, Calif. - October 28, 2002 - Softek today launched Softek SANView version 4.1, software that that makes it easier than ever for storage network administrators to monitor and manage the broadest variety of SAN devices in open, heterogeneous environments.

SANView 4.1 is a redesign of SANView 3.5, originally developed by Vixel. Following Softek's acquisition of Vixel in April 2002, the company has significantly improved the software program's ease-of-use, performance and interoperability, which is especially useful for managing complexities created when a SAN fabric expands or changes.

"The cost savings potential of Softek SANView 4.1 is promising," said Dennis Martin, partner at analyst firm Evaluator Group. "We are surprised by the number of companies using spreadsheets or similar tools in an attempt to manage SAN connectivity and performance. Softek provides a better way."

Softek SANView 4.1 software automatically locates all physical devices and connections on the storage area network, including switches, host bus adapters and storage arrays. This allows storage network administrators to visualize, monitor and manage the overall status and performance of the SAN to easily identify faulty devices or connections so that problems are resolved quickly. Additionally, the program proactively triggers e-mail alerts about potential problems based on user-defined thresholds. Collectively, these features enable the SAN to achieve higher availability and greater throughput levels.

"The functionality and interoperability of Softek SANView 4.1 has restored my faith in the future of SAN management," said Bob Bushey, lab manager at network storage training and certification company Infinity I/O. "Softek SANView 4.1 allows for the easy conceptualization of the SAN, providing both a comprehensive view of storage resources and the information to spot problems early on and to manipulate and manage storage while ensuring application continuity." ...Fujitsu Softek profile

Platypus Lowers Entry-Level Price for Redundant SSDs

West Lebanon, NH - October 28, 2002 - Platypus Technology today advanced its price/performance leadership in the high-performance solid-state storage market with the announcement of the new QikDATA M-series, a range of redundant solid-state storage systems with a low entry-level price.

The QikDATA M-series uses the native speed of SDRAM to dramatically improve application and server performance, address growing user demands and expand the capacity and life cycle of existing infrastructure. QikDATA M-series uses inbuilt redundancy to safeguard data, combining a SDRAM-based storage system with an internal UPS and automated data back-up to independent hard disk drives. Directly attached to the 66MHz, 64-bit PCI bus, it offers dramatically more 'throughput' (over 50,000 IOPS vs. typically less than 4,000 for a traditional hard disk drive-based RAID storage system), increasing the capacity of the host server and offering application users improved performance. Within the United States, an 8 GigaByte QikDATA M1 system costs approximately $12,500.

Platypus has already secured the initial orders for QikDATA M-series storage from Hitachi System and Services Limited via their Japanese distribution partners Window Inc. and Digiberry Corporation.

"Platypus Technology's QikDATA M-series adds tremendous value to our customers' existing systems and storage infrastructure," said Hiromasa Wada, Executive Director, Hitachi Systems and Services, Ltd. "We are shipping QikDATA M-series units to customers with application performance issues within their Microsoft SQL Server environments. For these customers, QikDATA M-series with its lower entry-level price point is comparable in cost to adding a new Windows server and software, yet offers many times the performance boost. QikDATA M-series offers them significant benefits including faster applications, fewer servers, reduced software licenses, and a more manageable environment."...Platypus Technology profile

Top Scientific Research Center Deploys Zambeel NAS

FREMONT, Calif. - October 28, 2002 - Zambeel, Inc. today announced that The U.S. Department of Energy's National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory has implemented a Zambeel Aztera storage system and software to accelerate the productivity of scientists running high performance scientific simulations and computations.

NERSC has deployed Zambeel Aztera as part of its Parallel Distributed System Facility (PDSF), a 390-processor Linux cluster used by researchers for algorithm development, simulations, and data analysis in large-scale high energy physics and nuclear science investigations. NERSC participated in Zambeel's beta program and purchased an Aztera system immediately after the beta concluded.

"Because the beta system we deployed was so stable, even in our extreme performance environment, we put the Aztera system into production use after only a month of testing," said Shane Canon, Lead Administrator for PDSF of the NERSC Center at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. "The largest user of our cluster was able to complete its analysis much earlier than expected because the system delivered the necessary performance even under heavy loads." ...Zambeel profile, NAS

CNT Makes Long Distance Remote Tape Backup Look Local

MINNEAPOLIS - October 28, 2002 - CNT announced today the industry's first remote tape backup/recovery solution for open systems environments to operate over thousands of miles utilizing IP networks.

Available on the UltraNet Edge Storage Router, tape pipelining dramatically improves the performance of remote tape backup, making it a viable solution for business continuity and disaster recovery. CNT also announced the availability of OC-3 and OC-12 ATM/ Packet Over Sonet (POS) support on the UltraNet Edge Storage Router. CNT's unique tape pipelining capability on the UltraNet Edge Storage Router enables remote tape vaulting over long distances, virtually eliminating the impact of latency on the sustainable throughput of tape backup over distance. The UltraNet Edge Storage Router makes the remote tape backup system appear local to the server, enabling remote backup to occur at theoretically unlimited distances with little or no performance degradation.

Tape vaulting is a cost-effective way to do remote backup. Through centrally managing the backup operation, remote tape vaulting ensures the protection of distributed data, reduces the administrative and management costs associated with manual tape handling and eliminates the need to truck tapes to an off-site DR facility. Historically, the distance limitation of tape was a barrier to electronic tape vaulting. CNT's tape pipelining capability removes that barrier. In addition, by using existing IP networks for remote vaulting, CNT provides its customers a new, cost-effective alternative to consider for their BC/DR plans.

"The CNT solution allows businesses to utilize and do more with the infrastructure they have in place," said Ed Walsh, vice president of marketing and business development at CNT. "Additionally, businesses can also free up network bandwidth and improve business efficiencies by doing synchronous disk mirroring by day and asynchronous tape backup by night when the bandwidth is underutilized. Combining disk and tape in this way can contribute to significant savings to the bottom line."

All models of the UltraNet Edge Storage Router will come standard with tape pipelining and disk mirroring capability, allowing customers to select the desired application using UltraNet ConfigManager. The tape pipelining capability will be available in Q4 2002. ...CNT profile

Intel Expands Storage Product Line

Orlando, Fla. - October 28, 2002 - Intel Corporation today added new building blocks to its standards-based family of networked-storage products that lower the cost of solutions for accessing, managing and protecting stored data.

The new storage components announced at Storage Networking World include a Serial ATA controller, an iSCSI storage adapter and an ultra-low voltage Intel® Celeron® processor.
  • The Serial ATA Controller 31244 builds on the benefits of Serial ATA with Serial ATA II features for PCI-X-based communications applications, including increased voltage to interoperate with backplanes, technology that facilitates visual monitoring, and planned support for command queuing, which improves performance in multi-user applications for NAS and RAID systems. The Intel 31244 Controller can transfer data at 1.5-Gbps on each of its four ports. It can be paired with the Intel IOP321 I/O processor for RAID on the motherboard (ROMB) applications and the Intel RAID SRCZCR Controller for cost-efficient modular ROMB applications.
  • New iSCSI Adapter for SANS. The Intel PRO/1000 T IP Storage Adapter incorporates Intel XScale™ technology and new performance-enhancing software to offload the host processor of TCP/IP and iSCSI tasks, increasing throughput in SANs.
  • New Intel Celeron Processor for NAS Applications The Ultra Low Voltage Intel Celeron processor dissipates only 4.2 Watts at 400 MHz, enabling equipment makers to design cost-efficient, passive-cooling solutions for space-constrained environments.
The Intel Serial ATA Controller 31244 and the Intel PRO/1000 T IP Storage Adapter will be available in the first quarter of 2003. The 31244 Controller costs $22 in quantities of 10,000. Pricing of the PRO/1000 T IP Adapter is $695 in single units. The Ultra Low Voltage Celeron processor at 400 MHz is currently available and costs $38 in quantities of 1,000. ...Intel profile, events

Astrum Software Announces Active Storage Management

October 28, 2002 - Astrum Software today introduced a new storage management solution for actively managing data-intensive, mission-critical applications and enterprise storage resources. Unlike traditional passive approaches that require extensive manual intervention and limited scalability, Astrum Software's Active Storage Management (ASM) solution is comprised of technology, software and professional services that enable policy-driven management of mission-critical applications and logical storage resources across heterogeneous platforms and disparate infrastructures including NAS, DAS and SAN.

Nancy Marrone, Senior Analyst for the Enterprise Storage Group, said, "Existing SRM solutions have not seen the adoption rates once predicted in part because of their passive nature. SRM solutions did little but report on the information gathered, leaving the user to make manual adjustments to their storage resources. By automating both the collection of the data and the actions taken on that data, Astrum Software has moved its storage solution to the next stage of ASM and is allowing the enterprise to manage storage resources for critical applications. We believe the new automation features will bring a great deal of added value to the end user."

Astrum 1.5 is immediately available, and pricing is based on storage capacity. Astrum 1.5 supports many platforms, including Windows NT/2000/XP, Sun Solaris, Red Hat Linux, HP-UX and IBM AIX. It also supports NAS and NetWare clients as well as Veritas Volume Manager on Solaris and Windows platforms. The unique Policy Task List (PTL) feature allows actions to occur automatically in sequential order according to pre-defined policies so IT executives can automate storage management across diverse storage environments. A PTL can include scans of metadata, alerts, report jobs, or Intelligent Actions which automatically move, delete, compress or stage data based on a wide range of user-defined characteristics. ...Astrum Software profile

Neartek Appoints Vice President for International Operations

October 28, 2002 - Neartek, Inc. announces that José Rodrigues has joined its management team.

Appointed vice-president for international operations, José Rodrigues will be responsible for Neartek's business development in Europe, Asia and Africa. Before coming to Neartek, José Rodrigues was southern European manager for VERITAS Software, whose French subsidiary he created in 1994. Previously he worked in different management positions for BMC Software and TeraData.

Neartek's Virtual Storage Engine (VSE) provides the industry's most comprehensive support for network protocols, operating systems and back-up software, allowing a many-to-many connection between a variety of hosts and tape library systems. The VSE combines disparate backup schemas into an integrated, centralised solution that radically improves efficiency and lowers the capital and administrative costs of backup and recovery, including those associated with hardware/software, tape management, facility usage and security. ...Neartek profile

Storage Expo 2002 Defied the odds with 20% more visitors

Birmingham England - October 28, 2002 - The second Storage Expo event which took place earlier this month has well and truly beaten the industry-wide trend of declining numbers by reporting not just an increase in the number of exhibitors, but also a 20% growth in visitor numbers.

With over 2,500 visitors, attendance was brisk. From the opening morning, when people were queuing for over half an hour before the doors opened, right up to the closing stages of the event, when over 100 people registered in the last two hours of the event. Even as the call went up from the organisers to dismantle stands, several exhibitors were still concluding deals and setting up post-show sales meetings with visitors.

"Exhibitors have been delighted that their confidence in Storage Expo has been repaid," reports Exhibition Manager Harvey Bremner. "Not only have we seen a huge growth in people coming through the door, they have also been of a very high calibre with over 40% in senior management or director level positions."

Visitors were predominantly from local and national government, as well as Health and Education, Manufacturing, Finance and Insurance. Other sectors that were well represented included, Telecommunications, Utilities and the postal and logistics industries. ...Storage Expo

FalconStor Reports 20% Sequential Revenue Growth

MELVILLE, N.Y. - October 24, 2002 - FalconStor Software, Inc. (Nasdaq: FALC) today announced financial results for its third quarter ended September 30, 2002.

Revenues for the third quarter of 2002 increased by 20% compared with the previous quarter, from $2.4 million to $2.9 million. Reported net loss for the third quarter of 2002 was $3.6 million. For the third quarter of 2002, revenues increased by 13% compared with the same period a year ago.

For the first nine months of fiscal 2002, FalconStor recorded revenues of $7.2 million, compared with $2.6 million for the same period a year earlier. Reported net loss for the nine months ended September 30, 2002 was $8.6 million. The Company closed the quarter financially strong with $47 million in cash, cash equivalents and marketable securities, after deducting net liabilities of discontinued operations. ...FalconStor Software profile

EMC Outlines Path to CIM/Bluefin Compatibility

Hopkinton, Mass - October 24, 2002 - EMC Corporation today outlined its plans to empower developer partners and customers with the tools to drive standards-compliant, open storage management solutions into real-world environments. These plans build on EMC's continuing work with the SNIA and its member companies to further develop and speed finalization of the Storage Management Initiative (SMI) (previously known as CIM/Bluefin) specification and expands on EMC's announcement last month that all of EMC's hardware and software will be SMI compliant with initial product implementation starting next year.
  • EMC will incorporate the emerging SMI specification into the EMC WideSky Developers Suite, allowing developers to quickly and securely create applications that can manage SMI-compliant devices. EMC will release SMI-enabled WideSky Software Developer Kits (SDKs) in 2003.
  • Demonstrating its commitment to deliver SMI capabilities, EMC will feature fully functional versions of EMC hardware and software products that leverage the SMI specification through WideSky storage management middleware at next week's Storage Networking World Conference in Orlando.
  • To further encourage storage hardware and software vendors to incorporate SMI technologies into their products, EMC will sponsor the first SNIA Storage Management Summit at the SNIA Technology Center in Colorado Springs between December 3rd and 5th.
...EMC profile, ...SNIA profile

Intel Announces SATA 2

TOKYO - October 24, 2002 - Serial ATA has reached another milestone with today's release of a final specification of Serial ATA II: Extensions to Serial ATA 1.0, or simply called Serial ATA II.

The announcement was made by the Serial ATA Working Group at the Intel Developer Forum conference in Tokyo. Serial ATA II is an enhancement of the Serial ATA specification, which will be used to connect such internal storage devices as hard disks, DVDs and CD-R/Ws to the motherboard in desktop and mobile PCs, cost-sensitive servers and networked storage. Serial ATA II will enhance the existing Serial ATA spec for the server and networked storage market segments. These features are expected to build on the momentum of Serial ATA 1.0 in those segments. Serial ATA II is being completed in two phases.

Phase 1, which includes the spec announced today, is focused on features for the server and networked storage market. These include new performance features to address server workloads and infrastructure additions to improve integration of Serial ATA into storage enclosures. Additions include enclosure management services and backplane interconnect support. Phase 1 product adoption ramp is expected in mid-2003.

The specification for Serial ATA II's second phase, focusing on next-generation signaling speeds, is on schedule for release in the second half of 2003. Deployment of Phase 2 products is expected to start in the second half of 2004. To enable rapid product adoption, Serial ATA 1.0 products are 100 percent software compatible with existing parallel ATA protocol, and maintain software compatibility with today's operating systems. ...Serial ATA Working Group, ...Serial ATA directory

LSI Reports Double Digit Revenue Growth

MILPITAS Calif. - October 23, 2002 – LSI Logic Corporation today reported $487 million in revenues in the third quarter of 2002, an 11% sequential increase over the $438 million reported in the second quarter, and a 23% increase from the $397 million reported in the third quarter of 2001.

"Against the backdrop of a gradual and uneven recovery for the worldwide semiconductor industry, LSI Logic returned to pro forma profitability and generated double-digit revenue growth," said Wilfred J. Corrigan, LSI Logic chairman and chief executive officer. "During the third quarter, we unveiled our revolutionary RapidChip™ semiconductor platform, expanding our customer base to include the underserved middle of the global logic market. We also strengthened our product offerings and engineering expertise in Storage Components and Storage Systems through the strategic acquisition of the Mylex business unit, which generated approximately $7 million in revenues in the last month of the quarter. Our semiconductor businesses – Consumer, Communications and Storage Components – led the way in the third quarter. In the second quarter, our Storage Systems business served as LSI Logic's main growth driver. The recent performance of all of these businesses validates the advantage of a balanced market portfolio."

"During the third quarter, LSI Logic increased revenues, generated positive operating cash flow, improved gross margin, and kept expenditures under control," said Bryon Look, LSI Logic chief financial officer. "All of these factors contributed to an earlier than expected return to pro forma profitability. We are now focusing our sights on building upon this financial progress and positioning the company for further improvement in 2003." ...LSI Logic profile

EMC Prevails in Intellectual Property Infringement Case

Hopkinton, Mass - October 23, 2002 - EMC Corporation today announced that a Judge of the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of North Carolina has issued a permanent injunction against North Carolina-based Triangle Technology Services, LLC, prohibiting the company from using certain EMC copyrighted software and trade secrets related to EMC's service business.

Triangle was using EMC's copyrighted maintenance software, training materials, engineering documents and other EMC intellectual property, without EMC's authorization.

Paul Dacier, EMC Senior Vice President and General Counsel said, "This case should send a clear message to those in the storage industry hoping to illegally prosper from our investment in intellectual property. Over the last 12 years EMC has made an R&D investment in excess of $3 billion, providing customers with innovative products and services to more cost effectively manage, share and protect their most critical data. We will do what it takes to protect EMC's intellectual property investment for the benefit of our customers and shareholders."

In early 2002 EMC brought claims of copyright infringement and trade secret misappropriation against Triangle in the U.S. District Court in North Carolina in an effort to stop the unauthorized use of EMC's intellectual property and to protect the storage leader's investment in the development of software diagnostic tools, engineering materials and best practices for the service and support of EMC products. ...EMC profile, ...Triangle Technology Services

Fibrenetix Appoints UK Channel Sales Manager

Crawley, UK - October 23, 2002 - Fibrenetix, one of the largest independent manufacturers of RAID solutions in the UK, has announced the appointment of Tom Davis as its UK Channel Sales Manager.

"This appointment clearly underlines our commitment to working through the channel." said Jes Nagel, Managing Director of Fibrenetix. "We believe that strong channel partners are very important to our success. While many people are trying to by-pass the channel, we feel it has a lot to offer in terms of added value. "Tom Davis, with his breadth of experience in this area, will be 100% dedicated to supporting our channel programmes in the UK, working closely with VARs in particular. He will also work directly with his colleagues in the Northern Europe office and the Southern Europe office of Fibrenetix in order to implement the company's channel strategy."

With 20 years experience in the storage industry, Tom Davis has worked in channel sales for a number of industry leaders, including Western Digital, Seagate and Maxtor. ...Fibrenetix profile

Industry Leaders Collaborate on InfiniBand Evaluation Program

INTEL DEVELOPER FORUM, Tokyo - October 23, 2002 - Intel Corporation and a host of leading enterprise companies today announced the delivery of the InfiniBand evaluation program designed to help IT organizations evaluate initial InfiniBand fabrics supporting Intel architecture server platforms.

InfiniBand architecture is a high performance I/O fabric for server platforms that will be supported in products shipping next year. Developed and driven by Intel, the evaluation program brings together early InfiniBand adopters with suppliers of the technology. Intel will form independent teams around each evaluation project and drive the creation of a proposal that is responsive to the needs of the early adopter. Intel will assist in finding a lead supplier of the InfiniBand solution and track progress to ensure that all timelines are tracked and needs of the early adopter are met. The industry program will feature solutions from such companies as Agilent, Dell, IBM, InfiniCon, InfiniSwitch, Intel, JNI, Lane15 Software, Libra Networks, Mellanox Technologies, OmegaBand, Oracle, Paceline, Topspin, VIEO and Voltaire. ...Intel profile

See also:- InfiniBand, Test equipment

StorageTek and CNT Partner on Remote Tape Mirroring

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. & LOUISVILLE, Colo - October 23, 2002 - CNT and StorageTek have jointly announced certification of StorageTek Clustered Virtual Tape Storage System (VTSS with CNT's UltraNet Storage Director (USD) product for interoperability.

This certified solution, based upon a collaborative testing program, strengthens StorageTek and CNT's business continuity and disaster recovery solution sets. CNT's USD extends the data replication capabilities of Clustered VTSS over long distances. This allows customers to geographically separate their VSM systems for greater resilience to disasters while keeping them closely coupled through Clustered VTSS, ensuring that the mirrored data repository is up to date. Customers utilizing CNT's USD and StorageTek's Clustered VTSS can benefit from the operational advantages of virtual tape as well as the robustness of mirrored virtual tape for business continuity.

"StorageTek's latest, cutting-edge solution for virtual tape mirroring, Clustered VTSS, offers businesses a flexible, cost-effective mirroring alternative," noted Ed Walsh, vice president of marketing and business development at CNT. "Our long-term alliance with StorageTek, which includes a reseller agreement, exemplifies CNT's commitment to thorough interoperability testing with the most advanced storage solutions in the market. With this certification, we can offer customers complete business continuity solutions, whether disk or tape, in mainframe or open systems." ...CNT profile, ...StorageTek profile

Exabyte Results Reflect Broad Improvement

BOULDER, CO - October 23, 2002 - Exabyte Corporation (NASDAQ: EXBT) today reported financial results for the third quarter of 2002, reflecting broad improvement compared with the second quarter brought about by higher revenues and effective implementation of the Company's restructuring program.

Revenues grew modestly from $35.6 million in the previous quarter to $36.9 million in the third quarter aided in part by sales of new products. Gross margins increased from 23.7% last quarter to 28.7% in the third quarter . Operating expenses fell nearly 13% percent in the third quarter. Third quarter loss from operations was $1.1 million, representing a $3.8 million improvement compared to the previous quarter.

"When Exabyte acquired Ecrix nearly 12 months ago, many of us saw an exciting future based on new products and new opportunity to grow our business. But first, we had to meet the challenge of returning Exabyte to profitability," commented Juan Rodriguez, Chairman of the Board for Exabyte. "Tom Ward joined us in June and immediately took up that challenge..."

"For the last three quarters we have focused everyone's efforts on one common goal: to return Exabyte to profitability," stated Tom Ward, President and CEO. "The changes we have put in motion, combined with the acceptance of our new products and our ability to effectively capitalize on the market opportunity, are contributing measurable improvement to our business. The third quarter results validate that we targeted the right set of goals and that our plans for Exabyte are working." ...Exabyte profile

Editor's comments:- it's been a long struggle for Exabyte, and there have been a few times in recent years, when I thought they might not make it. Their turnaround towards the direction of profitability shows that a company, which two years ago was facing the crisis of an ageing product folio can reinvent itself even in a difficult market. That says a lot about the people.

Globalstor and StoneFly Demonstrate Video Streaming Over iSCSI

PASADENA, CA - October 23, 2002 - At this week's SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers) Technical Conference and Exhibition, Globalstor Data Corporation and StoneFly Networks, Inc., will demonstrate the value of pairing StoneFly's iSCSI Storage Concentrator with Globalstor's ExtremeStor rackmount enterprise data warehouse solution.

Globalstor will be testing the limits of their new ExtremeStor SC (which scales from 2TB to well over 358TB). Paired with StoneFly's 1U rack mount, all-in-one iSCSI-based storage router, bridge, and an extensible logical volume manager, the Storage Concentrators ensure efficient use of storage assets improved administrative productivity and reduced network complexity. Through the Storage Concentrator, both configuration and management of the ExtremeStor is conveniently handled from a centralized, Web-based GUI console for improved resource utilization and accessibility.

During the trade show, Globalstor plans to stream video through the Concentrator to an 18 drive, three array ExtremeStor system (over 2TB), shutting off one array during the demonstration to demonstrate that even under a 30% system failure, users will still have uninterrupted access to streaming video.

"In the broadcast industry, lost or interrupted content can cost an organization millions," said Scott Leif, President of Globalstor Data Corp. "Combining StoneFly's Storage Concentrator with the ExtremeStor SC, can maximize their utilization of storage resources and eliminate waste by freeing stranded storage and making it available on the IP network. In combination, these two products improve efficiency and reduce overhead while providing dynamic, on-site scalability and uninterrupted access to streaming video."

Eliminating interoperability issues, ExtremeStor SC simultaneously supports mainframe connections through ESCON and FICON channels as well as connection to open UNIX, Linux, Windows 2000/NT, and AS/400 systems through SCSI and Fibre Channel. The addition of StoneFly's Storage Concentrators provides intelligent iSCSI storage packet routing technology for the delivery of high-performance networked storage over IP, and storage provisioning for centralized data management at a significantly lower cost. The ExtremeStor SC will begin shipping this month and includes a two-year factory warranty. MSRP for entry-level solutions start at $26,000. ...Globalstor Data profile, ...StoneFly Networks profile

Memorex USB ThumbDrive

SANTA FE SPRINGS, Calif. - October 22, 2002 - Memorex Products, Inc. today introduced the Memorex USB ThumbDrive, a storage device small enough to fit on a key chain and capable of storing up to 128 MB of data.

With its USB interface, the Memorex ThumbDrive receives power from your computer, eliminating the need for an extra plug. Shock-resistant and unaffected by magnetic interference, the universal device is compatible with Windows, Macintosh and Linux operating systems. The plug-n-play drive reads at 700 Kb per second and writes at 350 Kb per second, making it easy to transfer large files between computers, regardless of the platform. It also offers 10 years of data retention. Suggested retail price is $59.99 for the 64 MB ThumbDrive and $99.99 for the 128 MB ThumbDrive. ...Memorex profile

AMD's New Flash Memory Leads Performance

SUNNYVALE, CA - October 22, 2002 - AMD today announced the availability of samples of the industry's fastest Flash memory device designed to operate in demanding, high-temperature automotive environments.

The Am29BDD160, a 16 Megabit device, is designed to meet customers' stringent demands for performance and reliability and is ideal for applications in advanced automotive systems, including power-train management, high-end engine control modules, and ABS. Volume production is expected at the end of this quarter.

The Am29BDD160 device allows designers and auto manufacturers to create safer, more fuel-efficient cars for their customers by enabling higher-performance electronic control of the automobile's operating functions. This device also delivers up to 33% faster access and up to 65% more data throughput than competing devices. Plus, it is the industry's only 66MHz device that can function over a temperature range of -40 degrees C to +145 degrees C. To further enhance performance and enable automotive "black box" data recovery functionality, the device also features AMD's award-winning Simultaneous Read/Write architecture, which allows the system to read and program data at the same time without any latency.

The new Flash memory device features AMD's Advanced Sector Protection Architecture, which helps protect customers' valuable engine code and data against hackers who could seriously compromise the safety and performance of an automobile. This new architecture, with its enhanced set of security features, includes the option of using a 64-bit password to defend any or all engine-control codes and data against unauthorized modification. As a result, designers using the Am29BDD160 device can provide code and data access to authorized mechanics while simultaneously locking out would-be hackers and tuners. ...AMD profile

LightSand and StoreAge Collaborate on WAN Replication

Milpitas, Calif. and Irvine, Calif. - October 22, 2002 - LightSand Communications and StoreAge Networking Technologies today announced a partnership that provides customers with high-speed wide area data movement between multi-vendor storage devices.

The combined solution provides a vendor-neutral approach that enables customers to centrally manage the replication, migration, consolidation and backup of data across unlike storage devices in geographically separate locations. StoreAge's SVM appliance provides virtual volume management and uniform data replication services across all storage within a SAN. The LightSand S-600 and S-2500 Storage Extension Gateways allow organizations to move data as fast as 2.5 gigabits per second for thousands of kilometers. Together, the two products enable customers to rapidly move data between different brands of storage devices over extended distances, effectively "breaking the barriers" that have traditionally prevented data movement between unlike devices. Capabilities of the combined solution include replicating and migrating data between multiple data centers, remote vaulting of data to tape libraries, rapid distribution of content to multiple locations, and consolidating data from multiple branch offices to a central data center. Both the StoreAge SVM and the LightSand S-600 and S-2500 products are available now....LightSand Communications profile, ...StoreAge Networking Technologies profile

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