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storage history - 2003, March week 3

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Portlock Software Appoints Vice President

Butte, MT - March 21, 2003 - Portlock Software announced today that Jammie Walker has been promoted to Vice President, Business Development.

Walker launched her Portlock career in April of 2002 as Sales Manager and was quickly promoted to Director of Sales and Marketing in November of 2002. She now assumes the Vice President position and will report directly to the President/CEO of Portlock Software, John J. Hanley.

In her new position, Jammie Walker will be responsible for increasing the staff at Portlock's headquarters in Butte, Montana and for opening an office on the East Coast and in Provo, Utah. This expansion will further develop operations in the areas of sales, software development and technical. As Director of Sales and Marketing at Portlock, Walker oversaw day-to-day operations in Portlock's Butte and London offices. During this time, the staff in the Butte office nearly doubled and the London office expanded to 7 employees.

"Jammie has been an integral part of Portlock Software's development and success," said John J. Hanley. "We will look to Jammie to continue developing our operations in the U.S. and world- wide." ...Portlock Software profile, Storage People

Micron Reports Q2 Loss of $619 million on Sales of $785 million

Boise, Idaho - March 20, 2003 - Micron Technology, Inc., (NYSE: MU) today announced results of operations for the second quarter of its 2003 fiscal year which ended February 27, 2003.

The Company reported a second quarter net loss of $619 million, or $1.02 per diluted share, on sales of $785 million. Sales for the second quarter were $100 million, or 15%, higher than the immediately preceding quarter, which ended November 28, 2002, and were $400 million, or 37%, higher comparing the first six months of fiscal 2003 to the corresponding period of the prior year. The second quarter operating results include charges of $197 million for the write-down of work in process and finished goods inventories to their estimated market values, and restructure and other charges of $116 million. Absent these restructure and other charges and the net effects of the current quarter and prior quarters' inventory write-downs of $99 million, the Company's operating loss for the second quarter of fiscal 2003 would have been $386 million.

The comparable loss for the first quarter of fiscal 2003 was $345 million. The Company recognized no tax benefit in fiscal 2003 on its U.S. net operating losses, and similarly, future U.S. income will not bear an income tax provision until the Company's net operating loss carryforwards are utilized. As of February 27, 2003, the Company had $1.2 billion in cash and short-term investments. ...Micron Technology profile

Editor's comments:-
the clock must be ticking for Micron, and you would think from the numbers they can only last another few quarters. Then you remember it's the memory business. And the memory business has always had dramatic boom to bust cycles every couple of years. If we're at the end of the current bust cycle then things could still improve substantially for Micron even though the numbers look dismal.

StorageTek Backs Up a Petabyte of Weather Data

LOUISVILLE, Colo. and BOULDER, Colo. - March 20, 2003 - With the help of an innovative storage system from StorageTek the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) has surpassed the one-petabyte mark in its data holdings, which range from satellite, atmosphere, ocean, and land-use data to depictions of weather and climate from prehistoric times to the year 2100 and beyond.

At one petabyte, the archive is now more than a thousand times larger than 1986, when it reached the one-terabyte level.

One petabyte of data is 1,024 terabytes, or the equivalent of 500 billion pages of standard printed text. That's enough data to fill 500 million floppy disks and enough information to fill the Library of Congress 100 times. (...Later:- continuing this theme see the industry changing article SSDs - reaching for the Petabyte - editor.)

NCAR passed the petabyte mark in January using equipment provided by StorageTek whose automated tape systems and tape drives have been in use at the center since 1986. The NCAR archives - among the world's largest in atmospheric science - maintain output from sophisticated computer models of global climate. These simulations of past, present, and future states of the atmosphere are carried out by NCAR- and university-based scientists on a set of IBM supercomputers that rank as the 10th and 33rd most powerful on Earth. The computing facility is located at NCAR's Mesa Laboratory in Boulder.

"NCAR is unique in its mission of long-range and long-term atmospheric research," says Al Kellie, director of the NCAR Scientific Computing Division. "We generate and analyze the data to help understand complex climate systems and the interrelations among climate, weather, the sun, the biosphere, and the oceans. "While it took us nearly 16 years to reach the one-petabyte mark," Kellie adds, "we expect to achieve two petabytes of data storage within the next year."

Established in 1986, the current NCAR Mass Storage System includes five high-performance StorageTek PowderHorn automated tape systems, incorporating the company's T9840 fast-access and T9940 high-capacity tape drives. ...StorageTek profile

QLogic Host Bus Adapters, Switches Certified ca smart

ALISO VIEJO, Calif. - March 20, 2003 - QLogic announced that its complete line of SANblade Fibre Channel host bus adapters has been certified ca smart with BrightStor Enterprise Backup and BrightStor ARCserve Backup from Computer Associates.

The combination of QLogic's hardware and CA's software further enables companies to centralize the management of heterogeneous storage networks, accelerate data movement and ensure data availability.

"Customers want smart, integrated storage environments that are easy to manage and offer low total cost of ownership," said Gary McGuire, CA senior vice president of BrightStor solutions. "With their proven interoperability, speed and reliability, QLogic's HBAs and switches are an ideal infrastructure complement to CA's BrightStor storage management solutions for creating these types of environments." ...Computer Associates profile, ...QLogic profile

Cancer Therapy and Research Center Uses iSCSI

Editor:- March 20, 2003 - a new article published today on STORAGEsearch from Datalink is a case study which looks at the use of iSCSI in a medical environment in which high availability is paramount.

The Cancer Therapy and Research Center, based in San Antonio, used iSCSI technology to mirror data to site 22 miles away. Because of the high utilization rate of their radiotherapy systems, and the dire consequences of delaying or missing treatments for cancer patients due to record failures, they needed a system in which the downtime never exceeded 10 minutes. This article shows how that was met using a storage system integrated by Datalink and Cisco Systems. the article, ...Datalink profile

Columbia Data Products Launches SnapTO

Altamonte Springs, Florida - March 19, 2003 - Columbia Data Products Inc. (CDP) today launched SnapTO™ software, its latest True Image™ technology product, that provides integrated data protection for financial applications.

CDP is highlighting SnapTO during Convergence, the Microsoft Business Solutions' North American Customer Conference held at the Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Center, Orlando Florida, March 19 – 21, 2003. SnapTO provides Great Plains users instantaneous, fully integrated data protection by automatically creating hundreds of snapshots of financial data based on a user-defined schedule, prior to each posting and other critical processes or manually as needed.

"Financial data is mission-critical to every company; downtime is devastating, both from a loss of productivity and revenue standpoint," stated Alan Welsh, president of CDP. "SnapTO software allows a company to instantly recover from the majority of data accidents that have happened to most companies at one time or another. SnapTO minimizes the impact of these events." ...Columbia Data Products profile Reveals Most Popular Product Categories

March 19, 2003 - ACSL reports that readership and pageviews of continue to grow year on year.

February 2003 pageviews were 20.5% higher than in February 2002, which in turn was 96.4% higher than 2001. February 2003 readership is 9% higher than February 2002, indicating that stickiness has also improved.

The top 5 product segments viewed by readers in February 2003 are listed below.
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Cancer Therapy and Research Center Uses iSCSI

Columbia Data Products Launches SnapTO Reveals Most Popular Product Categories

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Venture Capital Outlook Is Brighter

Southern Pacific Mortgages Banks on IPStor

Adaptec Introduces New Serial ATA Raid Controllers

LSI Logic Storage Systems Goes the Distance with CNT

Rice Electronics Announces Breakthrough Data Compression

Dataram Introduces Low-Cost 4GB Memory Upgrade For Sun Blade

LSI Logic GigaBlaze cores support Serial Attached SCSI

Iomega Announces New 256MB Mini USB Drive

Maxtor Expands Reach in Strategic Markets

Infineon Reinforces Leadership in Memory

VERITAS Software to Host Sixth Annual Conference

Spinnaker Offers Low Cost Integrated ATA NAS Option

Intel Accelerates Transition to Faster Ethernet

INNOVENTIONS Launches PC333 DDR Memory Tester

LEGATO Releases NetWorker 7

TeraCloud Obtains IBM TotalStorage Proven Certification

Gartner Says Software Spending to Stabilize in 2003

Aristos Logic Secures $20 Million in Series C Funding

CreekPath to Integrate Emulex's HBAnyware in Suite
Clarifying SSD Prices - article on
Clarifying SSD Prices
Calories count is an inconvenient issue for storage
searchers impatient to sample the market's delicacies.
Nibble: Why Server Revenue will Decline Again Next Year

Recently IDC reported that in 2002, worldwide server factory revenues declined 11.6%, while unit shipments increased 5%. We've been used to seeing revenue declines in the IT market, so that news comes as no surprise. But that got me wondering if we might continue to see server revenues decline for the next couple of years, even if total spending in the IT market increases.

That might be bad news for companies which get a lot of revenue from servers, but good news for network storage makers, and users.

In the past couple of years we've seen increasing adoption of the network storage model, and a recent IDC report quoted by EMC said that spending on SAN and NAS has now overtaken spending on DAS (directly attached storage). That means, when someone buys a server, a decreasing proportion of the storage cost associated with that server is now installed in the same box. The storage can sit anywhere on the network. It doesn't even have to be in the same building.

And, of course, it doesn't have to be from the same manufacturer.

The recent recession has speeded up the unbundling (or dismembering) of the server market. Users have less money to spend and so will pick and mix the bits they like. A server from company X, disk storage from company Y, and a tape library from company Z. It used to be technically difficult and risky for users to make these kind of choices. But not any more.

As long as you avoid some obvious pitfalls such as choosing Sun storage to go with a Dell server, then you're probably on safe ground. And there are plenty of VARs and systems integrators who have done it before and can reduce your risk and your cost.

If we extrapolate this trend, there's no good reason why a server should contain any disk storage at all. apart from what is needed to store the operating system.

Technologies like InfiniBand at the high end, Fibre-channel and NAS in the middle and Serial ATA at the entry level, will get sufficiently standardized so that anyone can connect a storage appliance to their server as simply as you connect a satellite connection to your TV. Choosing your favorite programs to watch, or setting up your backup & SRM software might take a little longer. But nothing's perfect.

Of course other factors will also contribute to making servers cheaper. Many users have found that rackmount server farms give them adequate peroformance at much lower cost that factory assembled mainframes. But a 64 processor mainframe still costs a lot more than 64 times the cost of a single server. Not for much longer. The increasing use of compact PCI blade servers, where multiple servers sit in the same high speed bus, will cut out the fat in the low end mainframe market, and that too will help to shed cost.

So we'll just get used to a new market in which the server is a decreasing part of the total IT budget. Bad news for server sales people. Good news for everyone else.

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(Numbers shown in brackets) = the rank in Feb 2002.
The movements indicate that many readers rate either the lowest cost (Serial ATA) or the highest performance (SSDs), as subjects which merit most attention. It would appear that the middle ground, where products are not clearly differentiated as being either the lowest cost or the best performance will be a difficult area for vendors this year, as so many competing technologies now overlap to provide broadly the same functionality. ...ACSL profile

Silicon Image Ships One-Millionth SATALink

SUNNYVALE, Calif. - March 19, 2003 - Silicon Image, Inc. today announced it has shipped its one-millionth SATALink™ SiI™ 3112 PCI-to-Serial ATA host controller chip to ASUSTeK.

Since its first production revenue shipment last July, the SiI 3112 host controller has taken the industry by storm, securing more than 75 design wins for high-volume PC motherboard and add-in card applications, as well as high-performance server and storage system applications.

"SATA is the most significant desktop storage interface transition for the PC platform in recent years," said Kevin Corbett, director of desktop products at Intel. "Achieving one million shipments in such a short timeframe is an incredible milestone for the Serial ATA transition and emphasizes the interest in this highly anticipated technology for delivering new platform capabilities. We commend Silicon Image for its efforts in enabling the industry to transition to Serial ATA with their host controller products. By providing early product availability and volume shipping of its host controller products, Silicon Image has helped spark the transition to Serial ATA." ...Silicon Image profile

NexFlash Signs Foundry Agreement with Winbond

SAN JOSE, CA - March 19, 2003 - NexFlash Technology, Inc. today announced it has signed a foundry agreement with Winbond Electronics Corporation of Taiwan.

The agreement allows NexFlash to design and produce Flash memory products utilizing Winbond's advanced 0.18 micron "WinStack" Flash Memory process. NexFlash will introduce a new line of Serial Flash memories in the second half of 2003 to be manufactured at Winbond's fab.

"We are extremely pleased to have Winbond Electronics Corporation as our new foundry partner," said Thomas Liao, President and CEO of NexFlash Technologies, Inc. "Winbond's state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities enable NexFlash to mass-produce cost-effective and high-quality Serial Flash products".

Serial Flash memories are becoming a popular alternative to parallel Flash as a means to reduce ASIC and controller pin count, system board space, power, noise and overall cost. Serial Flash is well suited for code-download applications including graphics cards, disk drives, printers, DVDs, wireless LANs, ADSL and networking. They also work well for data, text and voice storage in most microcontroller-based systems. ...NexFlash Technologies profile, ...Winbond Electronics profile

Venture Capital Outlook Is Brighter

Editor - March 19, 2003 - a new 20 page report on from Profit Dynamics, Inc. looks at the Venture Capital Outlook in 2003.

The authors, Dee Power & Brian E. Hill have written many books aimed at helping entrepreneurs write business plans and get funding. They say that venture capitalists see an improving environment in 2003 for entrepreneurs looking for early stage capital. 74 venture capital firms from 23 states participated in the 2003 Profit Dynamics Venture Capital Survey. The report is available by the following geographic regions as well: New York, East Coast, South, Midwest, Southwest, Pacific Northwest and California.

Our own Venture funds in storage page is a popular resource for storage startups, and VARs looking for new products. And I'm often contacted by founders of new storage companies for this kind of info so I think it will be popular. the report, ...Profit Dynamics

Southern Pacific Mortgages Banks on IPStor

LONDON - March 19, 2003 - FalconStor Software, Inc. today announced that Lehman Brothers-owned financial services company Southern Pacific Mortgages Limited (SPML) has selected IPStor to manage its entire IT storage infrastructure, totaling around 3 terabytes of data.

SPML's increasing data requirements resulted from huge growth throughout 2001 and 2002. Local disk storage was becoming inadequate, with the greatest problems being scalability and the complexity of allocating spare capacity, together with an ever-increasing backup window. High data availability and a solid business continuity plan were other factors important to SPML.

FalconStor partnered with Redstor, a Reading (UK) based independent storage services and solutions provider, who will provide the installation and maintenance to SPML. Redstor constructed a detailed design and project roll-out plan with the IPStor storage infrastructure already testing and scheduled to be operational on or before early April 2003. ...FalconStor Software profile, ...Redstor profile

Adaptec Introduces New Serial ATA Raid Controllers

MILPITAS, Calif. - March 18, 2003 - Adaptec, Inc. today announced a broad Serial ATA (SATA) product family including motherboard solutions and zero-channel, 2-, 4-, 8-, 12- and 16-port add-in RAID cards that deliver Adaptec's proven data protection technology combined with SATA price-per-megabyte performance for desktop PCs, workstations, entry-level and midrange servers and external storage appliances.

The new SATA RAID product line builds on Adaptec's industry leadership in RAID data protection. According to 2002 tracking data from The NPD Group, Adaptec leads the industry in sales of SCSI RAID controllers through U.S. distribution with 82% market share. Adaptec is working with major disk drive makers, resellers and original equipment manufacturers to drive Serial ATA adoption. ...Adaptec profile

LSI Logic Storage Systems Goes the Distance with CNT

MILPITAS, Calif. - March 18, 2003 - LSI Logic Storage Systems, Inc. today announced that the CNT UltraNet Edge Storage Router has successfully completed extensive testing required to join the LSI Logic Storage Systems Certified Compatible Program.

The certification assures interoperability between the two companies' products in a variety of configurations, enabling customers to quickly and reliably deploy SAN (storage area network) data replication solutions using existing IP networks.

When the CNT UltraNet Edge Storage Router is used over IP networks with the Remote Volume Mirroring capabilities of LSI Logic Storage Systems' SANtricity™ Storage Management Software, the distance between disaster recovery sites is significantly increased beyond Fibre Channel communication distances. Leveraging existing IP networks and integrating the remote volume mirroring capability of LSI Logic high performance, modular storage helps keep total cost of storage down.

CNT's UltraNet Edge Storage Router is a compact, intelligent, user-friendly storage networking platform that allows customers to leverage their IP infrastructures and Fibre Channel investments to interconnect "SAN islands" and create enterprise-wide storage networks. Its sophisticated hardware-based compression for 10/100 and Gigabit Ethernet connections reduces bandwidth requirements between 1/2 to 1/12 of their original size, resulting in a significant reduction in Total Cost of Ownership. ...CNT profile, ...LSI Logic Storage Systems profile

Rice Electronics Announces Breakthrough Data Compression

FLORISSANT, MO - March 18, 2003 - Rice Electronics announced today the introduction of a new breakthrough data compression algorithm that will encode and decode random data streams.

This new discovery is a technology advancement designed to enable significantly increased data storage in smaller devices such as mobile phones, PDAs, and other handheld devices. The RDET algorithm can also be employed in the design and manufacturing of highly efficient chips for accelerating data transfer in new and emerging wireless platforms and technologies. The Rice Data Encoding Technology (RDET) represents a new approach for the compression of random binary data.

The basis of RDET is a sophisticated set of proprietary mathematical operators (processes). These operators may be combined in various topologies to achieve high speed and efficient data compression architecture designs.

"An important aspect of the RDET Models is their efficiency", said Greg Rice, founder of Rice Electronics. "Simple integer arithmetic is sufficient for implementation. Multiplication and division operations can be entirely eliminated from the algorithms, for compact implementation using ASIC or FPGA devices. Similarly, complex program control functions are not required."

Rice Electronics has a 25-year legacy in the development of advanced algorithms and electronics for real-time signal processing. RDET processing can drive potential applications for compressing large volumes of random data. These applications could include wireless communications, bulk storage, web-based communications, image retrieval and emerging Internet technologies. ...Rice Electronics profile

Dataram Introduces Low-Cost 4GB Memory Upgrade For Sun Blade

Princeton, NJ - March 18 , 2003 - Dataram Corporation announced today the immediate availability of its latest low-cost 4GB upgrade for Sun Microsystems' Sun Blade 1000/2000 and Sun Fire 280R systems, offering customers a cost savings of about 50% over Sun's equivalent product.

The newly released Dataram DRSB2000A/4096, like Sun Microsystems's X7063A, is available for the Sun Blade 1000, 2000 and Sun Fire 280R. However, Dataram's list price is $1,984 as compared to Sun's list price of $3,800. As always, Dataram's 4GB upgrade is designed to the specific system requirements and has undergone extensive compatibility and validation testing in the targeted systems. Dataram's lower-cost modules are 100% form factor compatible to Sun's X7063A modules, being one-half inch taller than the optional X7056A and DRS280 1GB DIMMs. ...Dataram profile, SPARC Product Directory

LSI Logic GigaBlaze cores support Serial Attached SCSI

MILPITAS, Calif. - March 18, 2003 - LSI Logic announced today that the company's two GigaBlaze® Gflx™ (0.11 micron) multi-gigabit SerDes cores will support storage market product development and the newly announced Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) interface technology.

Offered as x1 and x4 hard macros using LSI Logic's Gflx technology, the cores are designed for high-speed interconnect applications and address the demand for reliable, standards-compliant, high-bandwidth connections.

"LSI Logic's market-proven, standards-compliant GigaBlaze Gflx cores are fundamental building blocks for customers designing SAS products aimed at increasing high speed I/O capability," said Dave Jones, vice president and general manager of LSI Logic's Storage and Computing ASICs Division. "Extending our embedded SerDes expertise to Serial Attached SCSI is a natural evolution for us as we focus on customer needs."

SAS execution of SCSI technology is seen as a natural next step in maintaining the industry's most robust and proven interface, and will allow enterprise customers to continue to leverage their existing investment in SCSI while gaining a 3Gb/s data transfer rate. ...LSI Logic profile

Iomega Announces New 256MB Mini USB Drive

SAN DIEGO, Calif. - March 17, 2003 - Iomega Corporation today announced the latest addition to its line of USB flash memory drives: the new 256MB Iomega® Mini USB drive.

The ideal accessory for mobile users in business, home and educational settings, the Iomega Mini USB 256MB drive makes transporting and sharing data easier than ever. Weighing less than an ounce and as small as a car key, the Iomega® 256MB Mini USB drive has enough capacity for hundreds of digital photos, dozens of MP3 music files or hundreds of smaller documents and presentations.

The Iomega Mini USB drive has a sliding key ring design that easily moves between the body of the Mini drive and the cap. This design feature offers improved security for users since they can keep the drive itself attached to their key ring when traveling, then flip the key-ring connector to the cap before they detach the drive for use with a PC. The stylish Mini USB drive also includes a clip for attaching the drive to a shirt or pants pocket. Pricing for the Iomega Mini 256MB USB drive is $159.95. ...Iomega profile

Iomega Announces New 256MB Mini USB Drive

MILPITAS, Calif. - March 17, 2003 - Maxtor Corporation today announced a distribution agreement with D&H Distributing Company, one of the nation's largest wholesale distributors of computer and consumer electronics products, to expand Maxtor product availability to new resellers and solution providers nationwide.

Under the agreement, D&H will distribute Maxtor's full line of SCSI, external storage, and parallel and SATA hard disk drive products to the system builder, SMB, and education markets.

"The system builder, home entertainment, consumer electronics and retail arenas are strategic growth markets for Maxtor," said Bob Barbeau, senior director of Sales, Pan American Distribution at Maxtor. "With 85 years of experience and expertise as a multi-divisional distributor, D&H will help Maxtor advance its presence to increase demand and sales in these key niches." ...D&H Distributing, ...Maxtor profile

Infineon Reinforces Leadership in Memory

Munich, Germany - March 17, 2003 - Infineon Technologies today announced new product developments in its Memory Products Business Unit, which reinforce Infineon's leadership role as a supplier of DRAM for the PC and server, battery-powered system and networking device markets.
  • First silicon of Infineon's DDR2 memory chips.
  • Engineering samples of a 1GB DDR SO-DIMM for high-end notebook and laptop PCs.
  • A new 512Mb SDRAM component in the company's family of small-foot-print, low-power Mobile-RAM devices.
  • Production release of Reduced Latency DRAM in 256 Mb density, and the availability of a RLDRAM Development Platform from The Memec Group, an Infineon distribution partner in North America.
Infineon expects that DDR2 components will appear in end-user systems in 2004. ...Infineon Technologies profile

VERITAS Software to Host Sixth Annual Conference

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.- March 17, 2003 - VERITAS Software Corporation today announced its 6th annual worldwide user conference, VERITAS VISION™ 2003, will take place May 4-8 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas.

VERITAS VISION 2003 is the premier technology user conference where key storage and application management professionals come together to discuss how companies leverage technology to lower IT costs, reduce business risk, and more efficiently manage, utilize and protect business-critical information across today's complex infrastructures.

Keynotes by executives from VERITAS and other leading technology companies will highlight this year's theme, "STORAGE re[DEFINED]," as will a host of breakout sessions, partner demonstrations and tutorials. An early bird discount of $700 off conference registration is offered until March 21.

Now in its 6th year, VERITAS VISION will provide nearly 3,000 experienced and new developers, end-users and IT professionals a first-hand opportunity to find out exactly how VERITAS Software is leading the charge to redefine storage. ...VERITAS Software profile

Spinnaker Offers Low Cost Integrated ATA NAS Option

PITTSBURGH, PA - March 17, 2003 - Spinnaker Networks today announced that its SpinServer™ 3300 NAS platform now supports economical ATA disk storage, allowing customers to deploy cost-correct storage for applications such as on-line backup and recovery, data archival, and storage of fixed content and reference data.

With support for ATA storage, Spinnaker has given SpinServer customers the freedom to select from a full range of data storage options to precisely match the price and performance of the storage asset to application requirements.

Although the company has previously focused on the scalability and performance of its SpinServer product line, the new low cost ATA storage option allows customers to utilize the innovative SpinServer architecture for a street price entry point of $50,000 for a 2 terabyte solution. With 2 terabyte capacity increments, customers can expand to larger configurations with a street price of less than $10 per gigabyte - and achieve an on-line ATA storage option with Spinnaker for less than the cost of competitive near-line storage offerings.

"The reality of today's enterprise storage environments is that not all data is created equal, and not all applications demand expensive, high performance storage," said Jeff Hornung, Spinnaker Networks' Vice President of Marketing. "The Spinnaker ATA option addresses this need and gives our customers the ability to optimize their storage hardware investment with an integrated hierarchy of storage subsystems that are performance-tuned to specific application requirements." ...Spinnaker Networks profile

Intel Accelerates Transition to Faster Ethernet

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - March 17, 2003 - Intel Corporation today introduced several advanced Ethernet products that help speed data between desktop PCs and servers over enterprise networks.

The products promise to accelerate the adoption of Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) connections on to the desktop and the transition to 10-Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) in enterprise data centers.

"Just as ever-growing traffic is driving the need for more lanes on freeways, increasing data traffic is driving the demand for greater bandwidth on enterprise networks," said Tim Dunn, vice president, Intel Communications Group, and general manager, Intel's Platform Networking Group. "Intel's objective is to help ensure that networks keep pace w ith increasing performance of PCs and servers, and the growing multitude of bandwidth-hungry applications."

The Intel® PRO/10GbE LR Server Adapter is the world's first 10GbE NIC designed for servers. Previously, 10GbE technology was employed to interconnect high-capacity switches, primarily in supercomputing environments, but had not been used to connect switches to servers supporting LANs. The PRO/10GbE LR Server Adapter introduces the high-speed benefits of 10GbE connectivity into the LAN environment to accommodate the growing number of large-scale systems and bandwidth-intensive applications, such as imaging, data mirroring. The new adapter supports distances up to 10 kilometers over single-mode fiber.

Intel added to its line of 10-Gbps optical products with the introduction of the Intel® TXN18107 10 Gbps XFP Transceiver. The transceiver operates at multiple data rates - OC-192, 10GbE and 10 Gigabit Fibre Channel - which enables a single part to be qualified for multiple applications, helping to reduce OEM costs. The Intel TXN18107 10GbE XFP Optical Transceiver is priced at $500 in volume. ...Intel profile

INNOVENTIONS Launches PC333 DDR Memory Tester

Houston, Texas ­ March 17, 2003 ­ INNOVENTIONS, Inc. is now shipping an improved version of their RAMCHECK Plus memory tester for PC333/PC266/PC200 DDR (also known as PC2700/2100/1600) modules and all common 168-pin SDRAM memory modules.

An inexpensive upgrade for testing PC333 modules is also available for current RAMCHECK Plus users.

"Industry trends show that there has been a much stronger demand for DDR memory than anticipated. Most new personal computers currently sold now use DDR memory, rather than the old 168-pin SDRAM," said David Y. Feinstein, President of INNOVENTIONS. "PC333, the new, high-frequency DDR memory, is increasingly popular. With our latest engineering upgrades to RAMCHECK Plus, we now offer an affordable tool for testing all common DDR memory."

Noting that comparable testers cost upwards of $10,000 and more, Feinstein added, "Manufacturers, resellers, repair shops, government agencies and schools that handle large numbers of memory modules need portable test equipment. Our RAMCHECK Plus tester makes memory testing affordable for even small organizations."

The RAMCHECK Plus retails for $3125 and is available for immediate delivery. ...INNOVENTIONS profile

LEGATO Releases NetWorker 7

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA - March 17, 2003 - LEGATO Systems, Inc. today announces the availability of LEGATO NetWorker® 7.

This solution enables organizations to achieve rising application service demands, reduce downtime, and do more with less by simplifying protection and recovery.

NetWorker 7 enhances NetWorker's DiskBackup™ Option by delivering the ability to simultaneously perform multiple reads and writes to disk as a backup target. Data protection is managed to tape and disk with the management interface. This Option also provides organizations with a cost effective solution to leverage the new class of ATA disk arrays from EMC CLARiiON, StorageTek's BladeStore and NetApp NearStore. The customer can achieve faster recoveries and rapid completion of staging or cloning operations.

"With the 24x7 influx of information into IT environments, administrators are forced to look at backup technologies with disk based backup solutions, such as LEGATO NetWorker 7, to move the information from primary disk to secondary disk then to tape," said Steve Kenniston of The Enterprise Storage Group. "LEGATO's NetWorker 7's backup to disk option allows for seamless management of disk as a backup target so data can be written and read from the backup disk array simultaneously for faster recoveries and rapid completion of staging and cloning."

NetWorker's ability to deliver uniform, centralized protection of heterogeneous systems has been enhanced with new support for Windows 2003 Server, enterprise-ready Linux distribution, as well as Mac OS X. In particular, LEGATO is ahead of the competition with NetWorker's mature Linux support of Intel 64-bit Itanium architecture and the ability to protect Linux journaling file systems. ...Legato Systems profile

TeraCloud Obtains IBM TotalStorage Proven Certification

Bellevue, WA - March 17, 2003 - TeraCloud, today announced that it has successfully completed interoperability testing with IBM's TotalStorage products for its SpaceNet solution to earn 'comprehensive' certification as IBM TotalStorage Proven.

TeraCloud's SpaceNet is the first Enterprise SRM solution to obtain IBM's TotalStorage Proven certification, ensuring that IBM customers obtain the most flexible, easily installed solution to address their storage management needs.

"With the SpaceNet solution, TeraCloud offers a single unified view of distributed and mainframe storage assets," said Douglass Ebstyne, CEO of TeraCloud. "The comprehensive certification of IBM's TotalStorage Proven program is evidence of our continued commitment to support heterogeneous platforms and satisfy customers with enterprise IT infrastructures. We will continue to work together with IBM to increase customer satisfaction by promoting even greater levels of interoperability." ...TeraCloud profile

Gartner Says Software Spending to Stabilize in 2003

SAN JOSE, Calif., - March 17, 2003- The worldwide software industry is experiencing the combined effects of economic uncertainty and lower business confidence in software investments, which is severely constraining corporate spending, according to Dataquest Inc., a unit of Gartner, Inc.

The industry will return to positive, stabilized growth in 2003, as worldwide end-user spending on software is forecast to reach $76.1 billion, a 3.5% increase from 2002 spending. In 2002, worldwide software revenue declined 0.7%, with revenue of $73.5 billion.

"Uncertainty is riding high with a very restrained economic outlook, so it can only be sensible to advise continued caution for the near future," said Thomas Topolinski, vice president for Gartner Dataquest's Software Industry Research group. "While some sectors are seeing increased demand, other sectors are losing their share. The most prudent planning assumption is that, at least for the next 12 months, overall global demand for software licenses will remain as static as it is today."

While the continued tightening of budgets hinders short-term software license revenue, Gartner Dataquest analysts said that this is good news for the top-tier software vendors who will continue to take market share from the pure-play vendors. Gartner Dataquest analysts refer to these top-tier vendors as titans (vendors that have achieved dominant market share in more than one software market segment by offering a diversified and often integrated line of software products). Pure-play vendors derive most of their software revenue from the sale of products within one market. The realities of the weak economy continue to shift the competitive advantage from pure-plays to titans. ...GartnerGroup profile

Aristos Logic Secures $20 Million in Series C Funding

FOOTHILL RANCH, Calif. - March 17, 2003 - Aristos Logic announced today the completion of a $20 million funding round led by Woodside Fund.

Also participating in this round were previous investors JP Morgan Partners, TPG Ventures, QTV Capital and a new investor, Macnica Inc. of Japan. In conjunction with the completion of this round, Aristos Logic has appointed Rick Shriner, a Venture Partner at Woodside Fund, to its Board of Directors. The investment will be used towards sales, marketing and production of the company's flagship FibreSlice device, the first product incorporating the Intelligent Storage Processor technology. ...Aristos Logic profile

CreekPath to Integrate Emulex's HBAnyware in Suite

COSTA MESA, Calif.- March 17, 2003 - Emulex Corporation today announced CreekPath Systems will integrate Emulex's centralized HBA management suite into its Suite of Storage Operations Management solutions.

"Emulex's HBAnyware management suite provides the critical intelligence that is required to help simplify management of large-scale SANs, which is goal shared by both CreekPath and Emulex. Integrating HBAnyware functionality enables our customers to obtain maximum value and efficiency from their SANs, while simplifying the storage management process through the use of a single management console" said Scott Hansbury, vice president of Market and Business Development at CreekPath Systems. "Further, Emulex's APIs enable a quick and seamless integration process for incorporating HBAnyware functionality into the CreekPath Storage Operations Management Suite."

HBAnyware utilizes secure, in-band protocols, enabling complete support of heterogeneous SANs, without the need for remote agent software. Today, OEMs have deployed storage solutions using more than 900,000 Emulex Fibre Channel HBAs in Fortune 1000 data centers worldwide, and HBAnyware is fully compatible with Emulex's entire product line and supported installed base, and can be easily deployed, leveraging customer investments in network and storage environments. ...CreekPath Systems profile, ...Emulex profile

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