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storage news - August 1-14, 2004

HP Results Reveal Misery in Storage

Editor:- August 13, 2004 - CBS MarketWatch published an interesting article on HP's storage business yesterday.

Failures in storage were attributed to HP stock falling and a big management shakeup.

This what Carly Fiorina, HP chairman and CEO said in HP's quarterly report published August 12. - "Although we are satisfied with our performance in Personal Systems, Imaging and Printing, Software and Services, these solid results were overshadowed by unacceptable execution in Enterprise Servers and Storage. We therefore are making immediate management changes. We are also accelerating our margin improvement plans in this business. With these changes, we expect our server and storage business to return to profitability in the fourth quarter."

In HP's 3rd fiscal quarter ended July 31, 2004:- Total storage revenue totaled $709 million for the quarter, down 15% year-over-year. Online storage, including EVA and XP enterprise storage, declined 23% year-over-year. Nearline storage, which includes the tape library business, declined 16% year-over-year. Enterprise Servers and Storage reported a quarterly operating loss of $208 million, down from a loss of $20 million in the prior year period.

The mouse site has always had a slightly negative take on HP's storage business. Big is not the same as best, nor most nimble. So maybe the Compaq merger wasn't such a stunning success after all? That's what some analysts are saying. But the potential to do better is still there. Maybe they need to recruit some more managers from outside HP. ...HP profile

Overland - Leader in iSCSI Disk-to-Disk Storage?

SAN DIEGO - August 11, 2004 - Overland Storage Inc. has shipped more units and terabytes of iSCSI-based Disk-to-Disk backup this year than any other vendor in the industry, according to a viewpoint released by Enterprise Strategy Group.

The report, which highlights the success of the REO 4000 high-performance disk-based backup and recovery appliance, states that Overland Storage has "smartly combined D2D backup, iSCSI and S-ATA drives within an appliance that has a price/performance ratio that is hard to beat."

"Overland has demonstrated its leadership in D2D backup with REO 4000, which delivers an excellent price/performance solution to customers," said Tony Asaro, senior analyst, the Enterprise Strategy Group. "ESG believes that the combination of iSCSI and D2D backup is a killer application, and Overland has emerged as the leader in iSCSI disk-based storage." ...Overland Storage profile, ...Enterprise Storage Group , Disk to disk backup, iSCSI

Editor's comments:- in the last few months we've had half a dozen iSCSI manufacturers each claiming they are the leader in the iSCSI market. When a market is this small and growing so rapidly - these claims can be made in good faith - based on incomplete market data - and still be wrong. Users are advised to treat such claims with caution.

PATROL Express used by Hughes-Calihan

HOUSTON - August 11, 2004 - BMC Software, Inc. today announced that Hughes-Calihan, a managed network services provider, has chosen PATROL Express to deliver remote managed services to its clients.

PATROL Express remotely monitors the infrastructure hardware, software, operating systems and applications and measures performance against user-defined service level objectives. This enables Hughes-Calihan to quickly determine how infrastructure problems affect end-users' experience and how IT impacts the business, which is in line with BMC Software's Business Service Management Strategy. ...BMC Software profile

QLogic Launches Program for SANsurfer VDS

ALISO VIEJO, Calif. - August 10, 2004 - QLogic Corp. today announced a certification program for QLogic SANsurfer VDS Manager, a Windows application that simplifies SANs for small and medium businesses by supporting the SAN facilities available in Microsoft Windows Server 2003 with one GUI for any disk array.

The company will begin certifications with storage system OEMs immediately to ensure seamless operation with SANsurfer VDS manager and the Windows Server 2003 platform. ...QLogic profile

Globalstor Expands NAS/iSCSI Servers

CHATSWORTH, CA - August 10, 2004 - Globalstor Data announced today the immediate availability of the ExtremeStor-iNAS400, an expanded version of their popular line of NAS/iSCSI servers.

Incorporating as many as 24, 400GB hot-swappable SATA hard drives, ExtremeStor-iNAS400 provides IT managers with up to 9.6TB of scaleable fault-tolerant storage and low-cost, high-performance iSCSI file access in a single, consolidated centralized storage management solution. Supporting RAID levels 0, 1, 5 and 0+1, ExtremeStor-iNAS is ideal for today's data-intensive enterprises offering storage pools for both workgroup and departmental configurations.

Integrating Dual Intel Xeon 2.4Ghz processors, the ExtremeStor-iNAS400 ensures maximum computing power over a dual gigabit network interface for more efficient file retrieval. For ultimate reliability, the ExtremeStor product line incorporates a Linux minimized OS on a solid state flash disk and comes standard with Ultra 320 SCSI. For even greater scalability organization have the option to add Fibre Channel HBA. Well-equipped to safe guard businesses of virtually any size against downtime and critical data loss, ExtremeStor virtually guarantees uptime integrating three hot-swappable power supplies and three hot-swappable fans. Integrating up to 24, 400GB hot-swappable SATA hard drives, ExtremeStor-iNAS400 product line presents a faster, more efficient transfer rate of 150 Mbyte/s and connects the drive directly to the host. Prices for the ExtremeStor-iNAS start at $21,500 with (24) 400GB SATA drives. ...Globalstor Data profile, iSCSI, NAS

Alacritech Creates Strategic Licensing Initiative

San Jose, Calif. - August 10, 2004 - Alacritech Inc. today announced it has reached another milestone with the issuance of its 15th U.S. patent in the area of scalable networking.

As the pioneer of TCP offload technologies, Alacritech has developed a broad patent position covering the fundamentals of network data placement, protocol offload and protocol acceleration. Alacritech's comprehensive patent portfolio and proven SLIC Technology architecture strongly position the company to address the enormous market opportunity for scalable networking through its new IP licensing initiative for partners.

"The computer industry is beginning to move toward new scalable networking technologies such as iSCSI, Microsoft Chimney and RDMA, and Alacritech's vision and technical innovation in this area has enabled us to build a comprehensive patent portfolio," said Larry Boucher, president and CEO, Alacritech Inc. "Last quarter, our royalties for operating systems technology constituted 10% of our revenue. The licensing of our scalable networking technology is a growing, strategic part of our business and this new initiative will make our innovations more accessible to valued partners worldwide." ...Alacritech profile

Xtore RAID Breaks 2 GB/Sec Speed Barrier

CITY OF INDUSTRY, Calif. - August 9, 2004 - Xtore today announced a "super" system for the video applications marketplace.

Developed jointly with IBM and NewTek, the Fibre Channel RAID system is a significant achievement in video broadcasting technology, marking the first product collaboration between these three industry leaders, each bringing their respective expertise and technologies to the solution. The super system is comprised of an IBM Intellistation A-Pro Dual Opteron System, NewTek VT integrated production suite and eight Xtore 2U, 12-bay fibre channel direct-attached storage systems. The system utilizes products from Xtore's preferred partners, such as Fujitsu hard disk drives and LSI Quad Port host bus adapters. The system is being tested successfully at video facilities, and Xtore anticipates reaching a 2 GB per second transfer rate before the end of 2004.

Dan Ablan, president of AGA Digital Studios, tested the super system at his facilities in Chicago. "The project was done with 48 hard drives, and we see a consistent 500MB per second transfer rate, which is truly amazing. The system can start small with less speed and hard drive space, and scale up as necessary. This flexibility is ideal for a boutique 3D and post facility such as ours. We have a full non-linear suite, a complete pro-tools audio suite, and a generous 3D animation suite. Xtore's fibre channel solution can be used throughout our studio because the fibre cable technology can travel up to 300M, unlike typical SCSI channels." ...Xtore profile, RAID systems

AmeriVault Partners on Email Archiving

Framingham, MA & Waltham, MA - August 9, 2004 - Connected Corporation today announced that the two companies have partnered to offer a turnkey outsourced email archiving solution.

Recent research from Enterprise Strategy Group shows that upwards of 70% of business-critical information is stored in an organisation's corporate messaging system. By combining AmeriVault's substantial storage infrastructure and Connected's ArchiveStore/EM email archiving technology, organisations can enjoy automated off-site archiving, rapid legal discovery capabilities for email records and operational efficiencies associated with reduced mail server volume and storage requirements.

"More than 31 billion emails are sent each day and that number is expected to double by 2006," said Bud Stoddard, President & CEO of AmeriVault. "Businesses of all types are increasingly reliant upon email for business transactions, and organisations needing to comply with specific electronic data protection rules enacted within their respective industries are finding themselves faced with surmounting costs. By delivering an outsourced model for email archiving and backup, we are able to offer companies a turnkey, affordable solution to meet their compliance challenges." ...AmeriVault profile, ...Connected profile, Web backup

NetCell Relocates to New Office

Editor:- August 9, 2004 - NetCell moved to a new office over the weekend.

Their new office at 2595 Junction Avenue, Suite 200 San Jose, CA opens today. ...NetCell profile

Infineon Expands DRAM Capacity

Munich/Germany and Hsinchu/Taiwan - August 6, 2004 - Infineon Technologies AG and Winbond Electronics Corp. today announced that they have signed an agreement to expand their existing cooperation on the production of standard memory chips.

Under the terms of the additional agreement, Infineon will transfer its 0.09-µm DRAM trench technology and 300mm production know-how to Winbond. In return, Winbond will manufacture DRAMs for computing applications in this technology exclusively for Infineon. The transfer of these technologies from Infineon will enable Winbond to develop and sell respective proprietary specialty memories for which Infineon will receive license fees and royalties. Furthermore, Infineon and Winbond intend to jointly develop Specialty Memories which are targeted for mobile applications. This new move will enable Infineon to considerably increase its capacity from Winbond through Winbond's 200mm and 300mm production plants. First products from the new 300mm plant, which will be built in Taichung, Taiwan, are expected for end of 2005. ...Infineon profile, ...Winbond profile, RAM manufacturers

Brocade Announces SAN Patents

SAN JOSE, Calif. - August 5, 2004 - Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. today announced that it has expanded its patent portfolio with the receipt of two U.S. Patents for Fibre Channel technology innovations.

Patent No. 6,765,919, awarded on July 20, describes Name Server zoning, also known as "soft zoning." This is one of several techniques governing communications among devices in Fibre Channel SANs. Soft zoning is incorporated in standards for Fibre Channel defined by INCITS Technical Committee T11, the ANSI-accredited industry group with responsibility for storage interconnect and networking.

Patent No. 6,772,207, awarded on August 4 and titled "System and Method of Managing Fibre Channel Switching Device," describes technology used to monitor and report on the status of devices in a SAN. It is incorporated into the Brocade Fabric Manager application for configuration and management of Brocade-based fabrics.

"Brocade's role in the development of fundamental SAN technologies dates back nearly 10 years, and it is gratifying to see a number of core inventions from the company reach the conclusion of the patent approval process," said Jay Kidd, Chief Technology Officer of Brocade. "We are pleased to bring this zoning and SAN monitoring technology to the industry, and receipt of these patents is recognition of our position as a long-term SAN technology leader." ...Brocade profile

Accordance Offers RAID Monitoring Software

DES MOINES, Iowa - August 5, 2004 - Accordance Systems and AdventNet today announced the availability of the ARAID Network Management System to monitor the ARAID family of RAID storage devices across local area networks and the Internet.

The integrated software system is comprised of the Accordance ARAID SNMP agent and the AdventNet OpManager 5 for use on networked computers and enterprise servers to alert operators of disk failure and operation status. Instant notification allows administrators to correct storage issues while the RAID system is running and assures 100% data integrity of the system.

"The ARAID Network Management System is the first enterprise monitoring solution for PC class RAID devices", says Steve Johnson, president of Accordance Systems. "The ARAID SNMP agent and the AdventNet NMS software enables users to see storage vulnerabilities and fix them before any data is lost." ...Accordance profile, RAID systems

Nimbus Ships iSCSI Storage for Under $5,000

San Francisco , CA - August 4, 2004 - Nimbus Data Systems, Inc. today announced the general availability of a family of ultra-easy, reliable, and high-performance iSCSI storage solutions purpose-built for small and medium-sized IT organizations.

The Nimbus IPS series is a family of storage appliances based on the native iSCSI standard, utilizing Gigabit Ethernet to provide reliable, high-performance SAN storage at an attractive entry cost - $4,995. Available in 500GB and 1TB configurations, stackable to 8TB per storage pool, all Nimbus IPS appliances feature redundant hot-swappable components, the security of RAID, CHAP, and IPSec, and category-leading performance of over 100MB/sec. The Nimbus IP SAN is designed to work in conjunction with best-of-breed networking hardware and backup solutions to provide a cohesive, fully interoperable solution. The Nimbus IPS series has been certified by Microsoft for Windows 2000/2003 Server and is also compatible with Linux-based systems.

"iSCSI solutions have started to generate significant demand from the SME market as users look for affordable and simple solutions to network and protect their data assets," stated Alex Gorbansky, senior analyst with the Taneja Group. "From day one, Nimbus has focused exclusively on the unique needs of the SME market. The company has combined performance, reliability, and affordability into an easy-to-use package that will fit the bill for many SME organizations."

Using the Nimbus SAN Manager software, administrators can configure, partition, provision, and monitor Nimbus systems and the IP SAN through one intuitive web-based interface. Designed with ease-of-use as the priority, Nimbus SAN Manager enables customers with no specialized training to install an IP SAN in less than 15 minutes. Within the web-based interface, administrators can create and resize volumes, monitor performance, setup email and SNMP alerts, manage security settings, check system health, and much more. Optional modules, such as Remote Control and Secure Store, add powerful remote management and synchronous data replication features. ...Nimbus profile, iSCSI

Editor's comments:- some readers may make the mental jump from Nimbus (a type of cloud) to the Cloudbreak Storage Operating System touted by ex storage company TrueSAN Networks. There is a connection - Tom Isakovich - who was President and CEO of TrueSAN is also the founder of Nimbus. Maybe this new cloud will have a silver lining.

Toshiba Launches 60G 1.8" Drives

IRVINE, Calif. - August 4, 2004 - Toshiba Storage Device Division today announced a new family of 1.8-inch hard disk drives that deliver the industry's highest capacities in this category with its 30GB "MK3006GAL" and 60GB "MK6006GAH."

Engineered to meet the stringent requirements for mobile devices such as MP3 players, handheld video players and handheld computers, Toshiba's new 30GB (single platter) and 60GB (dual platter) HDDs offer industry-leading operating shock tolerance of 500G and non-operating shock tolerance of 1,500G through the employment of fluid dynamic bearing motor technology. The drives' FDB motor also provides improved acoustics. The ATA-6 interface disks rotate at 4,200 RPM and have an average seek time 15msec. They will ship in shipping in the fourth quarter. ...Toshiba profile, Hard drives, 1.8" SSDs

Network Appliance Helps King Arthur

Sunnyvale, Calif. - August 4, 2004 - Touchstone Pictures' King Arthur, released in the UK last week, was brought to life using the powerful Network Appliance enterprise storage solution, which housed the hundreds of visual effects needed by post-production company Cinesite to recreate the Arthurian legend on screen.

London-based Cinesite added in the region of 500 visual effects to the movie action, shot on location in Ireland, using a combination of 3D and 2D imaging.

Peter Robertshaw, technical services manager at Cinesite, said: "The needs of serving 2d and 3d artists and their associated render farms are very different. Network Appliance has provided solutions to both these in the form of its filer and cache product. We bought a NetApp storage solution for serving our 2D imaging team. We used to use a number of Linux and Irix servers, but they weren't capable of reaching the speeds and performance we needed for the 2D work on King Arthur. At its peak nearly 50 2D artists worked to create King Arthur. The process of compositing requires merging multiple layers together. Each film frame is 12.5Mbytes and there are 24 of those in every second. That means it is very storage-hungry. While we do not need real-time images, the concurrent demands of all those artists' machines and large, fast render farms needed an extremely powerful storage system that could cope with high volumes of both data and requests... The NetApp solution has enabled a fourfold increase in throughput and greatly reduced latency - we simply couldn't have completed our work on this film without it". ...Network Appliance profile

Editor's comments:- my coeditor Megabyte traced his family back to the late dark ages knight Sir Squeaks-a-Bit. An ancient scroll found in the cellars of the old book shop in Petersfield relates the story of how King Arthur won his first great battle against the Vikings. See:- storage history

Fibre Channel SAN Market to Double by 2008

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. - August 3, 2004 - In a newly published report, Dell'Oro Group predicts that the worldwide Fibre Channel switch market is projected to grow at an average annual rate of 17% over the next five years while the Fibre Channel host bus adapter market is forecasted to grow an average of 11% annually over this same period.

According to the Dell'Oro Group report, the Fibre Channel storage area network market will double from $1.8 billion in 2003 to $3.6 billion in 2008.

"This year, new product introductions and clean-up of channel inventories will set the stage for growth in port shipments to exceed 40% in 2005," said John Carvell, Principal Analyst of SAN research at Dell'Oro Group. "Enterprises have been migrating to a SAN architecture from a direct attached storage model to reduce cost and complexity, centralize management, improve provisioning, and enhance reliability of their server and storage resources. This trend will continue to drive SAN growth for the next several years." ...Dell'Oro Group profile, Market research, Fibre channel switches, Fibre-channel adapters

Arkeia Secures $4 Million in Equity Financing

SAN FRANCISCO - August 3, 2004 - Arkeia Corp. announced today at LinuxWorld that it has completed a $4 million round of equity funding from Banque Populaire and Credit Lyonnais.

The proceeds will be used to expand product research and development, expedite sales and marketing efforts, and enlarge corporate infrastructure as the closely held company seeks to increase its share of the worldwide data protection market.

The initial round of funding from two large European investment banks reflects Arkeia's growth potential in the Linux-based backup and recovery market. Profitable since its inception in 1996, the company will use the proceeds to fuel a worldwide expansion program from its headquarters in Carlsbad, Calif. and Paris, France.

Phil Roussel, Arkeia's CEO, commented: "We are very pleased by the substantial support that we received from two of the foremost investment banks in Europe. This investor confidence is a tribute to our success in the European and U.S. backup software markets where we have over 4,000 customers. It also affirms the strategic initiatives we have established to support our current and future worldwide customer base." ...Arkeia profile, VC funds in Storage

Nexsan's New CEO

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif. - August 3, 2004 - Nexsan Technologies today named storage and telecommunication industries veteran Philip Black as its CEO.

With more than 25 years of leadership experience, Black joins the company from LightSand Communications, where he served as CEO since 2001.
SSD market history
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how fast can your SSD run backwards?
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Are CDs and DVDs the Scrolls of Digital Storage?
by Zsolt Kerekes, editor

CDs have already been around for 20 years - so that may seem like forever and you may think that DVDs too will still be around just as long. But my own view is that these are merely short term stepping stones to something else in the same way that scrolls and loose collections of paper were a transient phase which gave way to the bound book.

Now when I talk about books - the "transient phase" was hundreds of years and the bound printed books which followed - have been around for about 600 years. Technology changed a lot more slowly in those days. When you're on digital time it becomes hard to recognise the landscape after as little as 600 weeks.

Here are some markers to give you an idea of the rate of change in storage capacity.

RAM Technology

In 1970 the first DRAM chip had a capacity of 1k bits.

Nowadays high density gigabyte memory modules are typically made from assembling multiple 512Mbit chips in a single package.

At the individual chip level that's an increase of x 524,288 in 34 years.

If we assume the same rate of increase then by the year 2038 - a RAM chip could store 300 terabytes - and a RAM module will be somewhere between 16 to 64 times as much. This assumes there are no breakthroughs in multi-chip packaging technology - where the real problem has always been heat dissipation rather than the ability of manufacturers to connect dice together and test them and still get acceptable yields and working products.

In reality - semiconductor technology might not be scalable to that extent. But I remember that 15 years ago some people were saying that it wouldn't get as far as it has already done before hitting physical limits. The chip makers already have a 40 year old tradition of proving Moore's law correct.

Hard Disk Drive Technology

In 1984 the typical 5.25" inch hard drives which you could buy for an IBM PC had a capacity of 10M bytes.

Today you can buy a 400G bytes drive and fit it in a much smaller space.

At the individual hard disk level that's an increase of x 40,960 in 20 years.

So even in just another 10 years, assuming the same rate of technology improvement - a typical disk drive might have a capacity about 200 times as much as today - or around 78 terabytes. (Trust me on this - it's the square root of 40,960 which gives the right answer.) In practise it might be a little less than 78TB - because the standard disk form factor by then will certainly be well under 1 inch. But why worry? Heck you'll be able to fit a 500TB RAID system inside a little match box.

So where does this leave the transient CD and DVD?

Well, in just the same way that a printed book (with the pages in the right order - but let's not get side tracked into entropy) is much better than a collection of scrolls or loose bound pages, because the unit you're interested in is the whole bible or the whole novel or the entire history book... still with me? - in the same way - an individual CD or DVD is just a fragment of your entertainment and information environment. More like a song or a film scene.

If you can pack the whole entertainment library into a little nugget that's phsically smaller than a CD - then that's what you're going to do. It's tidier and there's less risk of not having what you need when you need it.

In reality advances in communications technology and wireless networking will speed up the process of discarding digital scrolls such as CDs - because they supplement the beneficial effect of oneness, and help speed up the move from scrolls to book.

It doesn't take long to figure out that the storage needs of a typical consumer (movies, music, camera archives, books etc) will be significantly bigger than the amount of data deployed per user by the organisation they work in. (Unless you work or the CIA - or its replacement.) So sometime in the next 5 years the home is going to overtake the office as the biggest repository of storage gizmos and networking.

The computer games market has already shown that the supercomputer processing capacity from one generation can cheerfully be taken for granted as the average kid's plaything in the next. And so it will go for storage too. But on the way - businesses will still have to manage their customers, web sites will still have to deliver the right content. The road will be messy and criss crossed with false turns and blind alleys. That'll be interesting... Stay tuned to STORAGEsearch. You ain't seen nothing yet!

See also:- article:- Predicting the Long Term Future of Hard Disks, Tape and Optical Storage, CD-RW & DVD-RW drives, Hard drives
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Prior to LightSand, Black was a managing partner at the storage consulting firm IN_Fusion, the CEO of storage systems manufacturer Box Hill/Dot Hill and the founder and CEO of telecommunications equipment provider Tekelec. He took Dot Hill public in 1997 and Tekelec public in 1986. Black has also been a key proponent behind SNIA's ILM Initiative and currently serves as a co-chair of the Data Protection Initiative under SNIA's Data Management Forum.

"I look forward to the continuation - and acceleration - of Nexsan's leadership in the network storage space," said Black. "Nexsan has long been known as a company with exciting products, excellent management and satisfied customers. I will enjoy the challenge of further pushing the threshold of success while maintaining the high standards that everyone expects from Nexsan."
news image Nexsan's new CEO
Black takes the lead of a company best known for its InfiniSAN line of disk-based storage solutions and the ATABeast, the first true online disk vault with a TCO less than tape....Nexsan profile, Disk to disk backup

Atempo's Time Navigator for Itanium 2

PALO ALTO, Calif. - August 3, 2004 - Atempo, Inc., today announced that its Time Navigator is optimized for Itanium 2 processors on Red Hat's Linux AS and HP UX operating systems.

The certification was performed on the following platforms: SGI Altix, Bull NovaScale and NEC. As a member of Intel's Early Access Program, Atempo has been able to expedite testing and optimization of Time Navigator's high-performance backup and restore software with the most popular operating systems used in today's enterprise environments.

"Data protection is a critical function in enterprise networks today, said Mel Laird, general manager of Intel's Solutions Enabling Division. "We are delighted to be working on Time Navigator with Atempo through our Early Access Program to help deliver a comprehensive solution for data protection to the industry." ...Atempo profile, Backup Software

Come Home to Wireless Networked Storage

SANTA CLARA, Calif. and LAKE FOREST, Calif. - August 3, 2004 - NETGEAR, Inc. and Western Digital Corp. today announced the companies will jointly promote a complete, affordable wireless LAN solution with network-attached storage for home networks.

In a co-marketing effort between NETGEAR and WD, an affordable, wireless networked storage solution is available for under $200.

NETGEAR's Wireless Media Router incorporates a USB 2.0 port that enables connection to external storage devices such as WD's USB 2.0 external hard drives. Combined with WD's USB 2.0 external hard drive, NETGEAR's ultra-fast wireless router provides consumers a new, simplified way to install a networked storage system, enabling storage of all files, including multimedia digital content, for easy shared access among multiple PCs and centralized data backup for data protection. WD's USB 2.0 external hard drive has been certified compatible with the NETGEAR Super G 108 Mbps Wireless Media Router. Other certified compatible WD products include WD's FireWire/USB 2.0 Combo external hard drives.

"The introduction of network-attached storage technology to high-performance home routers signals the beginning of the third wave of networking technology for the home," explained Mike Wolf, principal analyst at In-Stat/MDR. "As converged home networks are already beginning to emerge, media client and server products that deliver true end-user applications, such as multimedia content sharing, are coming to market. As users seek to accumulate, store and distribute large amounts of digital content throughout the home network, network-attached storage will quickly become a critical component in the connected home." ...Western Digital profile, USB storage

Ace-Disk Drive Targets Extreme Temperatures

Fremont, California - August 3, 2004 - BiTMICRO Networks today announced the introduction of its Ace-Disk IDE/ATA 2.5" Series solid-state flash drives.

It is fully compatible with the IDE/ATA interface, making it a suitable drop-in replacement for standard 2.5-inch IDE/ATA hard disk drives in military and industrial environments where ruggedness, reliability and system compatibility are of utmost importance.

The Ace-Disk IDE/ATA 2.5" Series supports PIO Modes 0-2, allowing burst read/write rates of up to 8.3 MB/sec and sustained read and write rates of 2.5 MB/sec and 1.2 MB/sec, respectively. It is available in a variety of densities ranging from 64 MB to 2 GB of pure solid-state storage. This Ace-Disk series has an MTBF of 300,000 hours and operates dependably in harsh environments that include extreme temperature (-40 to +85ºC), shock (1,000 Gs) and vibration (15 G). ...BiTMICRO profile, Solid state disks, industrial SSDs

John Magill Joins I-TECH as East Coast Sales Rep

Eden Prairie, MN - August 3, 2004 - I-TECH announced today the addition of John Magill to the I-TECH sales team as a Technical Sales Representative for the East Coast.

He is responsible for the growth and expansion of I-TECH products in this region of the U.S. John is based in Merrimack, New Hampshire.

"We trust that our East Coast customers will be in good hands with John. As a direct employee of I-TECH, he will be concentrating solely on I-TECH test solutions and I-TECH customers. Combining John's extensive background and training with his ability to respond quickly to his customers' needs, we are sure our customers will receive the care and attention they need to select the I-TECH test solution that's right for them," said I-TECH CEO Steve Bucher.

Magill brings to I-TECH over 25 years of experience selling storage solutions. For most of those years he was a Senior Sales Executive, and for the last 10 years, he has been selling SCSI, Fibre Channel, and Gigabit Ethernet storage solutions for Ciprico . He has a B.S. degree in math and physics and M.S. degrees in applied math and computer science. ...I-TECH profile, test

SPARC Trivia Quiz

Editor:- August 3, 2004 - a SPARC Trivia Quiz is published today in the SPARC Product Directory.

Whether you love them or loathe them it's hard to ignore Sun Microsystems and its hype machine. Test your knowledge of Sun's technologies and marketing strategies (or lack of them) in this light hearted and yet serious quiz. ...SPARC Trivia Quiz, ...Sun profile

SANRAD Secures $8 Million in Funding Round

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. - August 2, 2004 - SANRAD Incorporated today announced that it has closed a funding round of $8 million with leading venture capital firm Sequoia Capital as the principal investor.

The capital raised in SANRAD's latest funding round will mainly be used to continue the company's aggressive market expansion with its IP storage networking solutions into computing environments throughout the world. In addition to expanding sales, marketing and support, SANRAD will also use a portion of the funds to bring future products to market and to facilitate its previously announced development of worldwide headquarters in California's Silicon Valley.

iSCSI technology facilitates the creation of SANs based on IP and simplifies storage management over distance. Analysts are forecasting that the iSCSI market will grow from $216 million in 2003 to slightly over $1 billion by the end of this year. By 2007, the market is expected to reach almost $5 billion.

"The iSCSI market is one that will help solve the storage and networking problems faced by real-world customers needing a better method of managing their ever-expanding corporate data," said Haim Sadger, Sequoia Partner. "Our investment in SANRAD underlies our core belief that businesses will search out and buy iSCSI products because they can actually solve the pain that many are feeling in trying to stay out from under this avalanche of information." ...SANRAD profile, iSCSI, Venture funds in Storage

Snap Appliance Improves WAN Synchronization

SAN JOSE, Calif.- August 2, 2004 - Snap Appliance today announced a powerful new software application for its GuardianOS-powered departmental and enterprise Snap Servers called Server-to-Server (S2S) Synchronization v2.

A full-featured data replication and distribution solution, S2S v2 is an affordable and easy-to-use solution for synchronizing data between Snap Servers across a distributed network. S2S v2 is an asynchronous, byte-level replication application that can transmit data or files in a one-to-many, many-to-many, or many-to-one fashion over a WAN. The byte level replication functionality improves performance and reduces the amount of data being sent over the network by copying only the changed bytes of large files, not the entire file, keeping network resources available for increased productivity. S2S efficiently and cost-effectively synchronizes data between Snap Servers and, before the end of the year, any Windows, Unix, or Linux application server in the enterprise. ...Snap Appliance profile

Coraid Signs Up VAR in Germany

Moscone Center, San Francisco - August 2, 2004 - Coraid Inc. and BASIS Advanced Information Technologies GmbH announced today at LinuxWorld that the companies have entered into a reseller agreement concerning Coraid's innovative networked storage product EtherDrive.

BASIS, a major player in European storage system integration will now sell EtherDrive to end users throughout Germany and neighboring countries.

"A reseller agreement with a leading European storage integrator like BASIS provides a wonderful opportunity for Coraid" said Jim Kemp, CEO of Coraid Inc. "This establishes a foothold for EtherDrive in and around Germany and will help Coraid reach its goal of global presence. We know that the Linux/Open Source movement is alive and well overseas and are confident that EtherDrive will be recognized as a smart choice for direct network attached block storage. We are pleased that BASIS will now offer this choice to its customers." ...Coraid profile, ...BASIS

LSI Logic's RAID PCI Express in Full Production

MILPITAS, Calif. - August 2, 2004 - LSI Logic Corporation announced today that MegaRAID PCI Express products powered by the Intel IOP332 Storage I/O processor are in full production to align with the launch of the Intel E7520 chipset.

Intel's first PCI Express based I/O Processor, the Intel IOP332 Storage I/O Processor, is a highly integrated system on chip solution ideal for use on high performance ROMB or PCI Express RAID applications, like LSI Logic's MegaRAID 320-2E and MegaRAID ROMB. The Intel IOP332 Storage I/O processor will use PCI Express to connect directly to the chipset, thereby reducing system power, latency and overall cost.

"The PCI Express architecture found in LSI Logic's MegaRAID SCSI RAID adapter and RAID on Motherboard products help to significantly amplify a system's storage I/O performance," said Jim Pappas, director of technology initiatives at Intel.

LSI Logic's entry into PCI Express delivers the first-to-market MegaRAID Ultra320 PCI Express RAID adapter and helps to enable a robust, effective and high-bandwidth server and storage solution. This dual-channel Ultra320 SCSI adapter supports an 8x PCI Express host interface and provides support for transportable battery-backed cache. ...LSI Logic profile, ...Intel profile, RAID controllers, ICs

Elpida in Production of 512 Mb Mobile RAM

TOKYO - August 2, 2004 - Elpida Memory, Inc today announced the availability of its high-performance 512 Megabit Mobile RAM devices designed to provide high-density and low-power consumption to cellular applications.

The 512 Megabit density is achieved by utilizing two 256 Megabit Mobile RAM devices in a Multi-Chip Package.

"As cellular applications become more advanced, the need for high-density DRAM with reduced power consumption becomes more critical," said Jun Kitano, director of Technical Marketing for Elpida Memory (USA). "Elpida's 512 Megabit Mobile RAM devices offer a low-power environment without sacrificing performance."

Elpida's new 512 Megabit single data rate Mobile RAM devices (Part number: EDL5132CBMA) are organized as 4M words x 32-bits x 4 banks and transfer data at a rate of 400MByte/sec. The devices are available in small 9 mm x 13 mm, 90-ball FBGA packages allowing for reduced board space. The 512 Megabit devices feature 1.8 volt operation thus providing low-power consumption in cellular applications. Elpida's Mobile RAM devices also offer advanced features such as Auto Temperature Compensated Self-Refresh which utilizes a temperature sensor built on the die to automatically change the refresh period eliminating the need for external operation. The devices also support deep power-down mode to further reduce power consumption and extend battery life. ...Elpida Memory profile, RAM manufacturers

WANSync 3.7 Adds AIX Support & Faster Sync

Burlington, MA - August 2, 2004 - XOsoft today announced that it has released an enhanced version of its WANSync and WANSyncHA software platforms, which provide disaster recovery and high-availability protection over local and wide area enterprise networks.

The new version - 3.7 - adds support for IBM's AIX platform. V 3.7 also provides higher performance. Greatly optimized core software protocols now ensure much faster replication and synchronization. ...XOsoft profile, Storage Software

Emulex PCI Express FC Adapters Available

COSTA MESA, Calif., - August 2, 2004 - Emulex Corporation today announced OEM availability of its PCI Express Fibre Channel HBAs.

The new Emulex LP10000ExDC and LP1050Ex HBAs are designed to provide a scalable and flexible SAN connectivity solution for new server platforms -- based on the Intel Xeon Processor, more powerful chipsets, PCI Express and Intel Extended Memory 64 Technology. ...Emulex profile, Fibre-channel adapters, PCI & cPCI cards

Exanet Supports SATA RAID

NEW YORK - August 2, 2004 - Exanet, Inc. today announced that ExaStore now supports low-cost, high-capacity SATA RAID arrays.

With this new compatibility, companies have a real choice in creating cost effective, yet highly available storage solutions.

Michael Chazot, Vice President of Sales at Exanet, said, "Exanet's unique, hardware-independent architecture allows customers to quickly take advantage of new hardware, such as SATA arrays, to reduce their cost of ownership while maintaining enterprise class reliability."

ExaStore's unlimited scalability, based on its grid architecture, complements the scalability of the SATA hardware, allowing customers to build an almost infinitely expandable storage system. Additionally, ExaStore on the SATA solutions is OS transparent. ExaStore supports virtually every system platform, including Apple, Windows, UNIX, and Linux and provides the standard file system APIs: NFS, CIFS and AFP to applications. The SATA RAID solution complements ExaStore's real-time load balancing and dynamic coherent caching, optimizing system operations 24/7.

ExaStore is available in a wide range of configurations starting at a single terabyte and scalable to hundreds of terabytes. Complete ExaStore SATA solutions, including standard hardware, software, and full installation, start at $12,500 per terabyte list price in two-node, high-availability configurations. ...Exanet profile, InfiniBand, RAID systems, SATA

Top 10 Storage Companies in July

Editor:- August 2, 2004 - today published the Top 10 Storage Companies in July - based on readersearch volume. Figures in brackets () denote rank the month before.
  1. Ingrasys Technology (1)
  2. Silicon Image (10)
  3. M-Systems (2)
  4. Texas Memory Systems (3)
  5. Dell Computer (4)
  6. VERITAS Software (7)
  7. DataCore Software (194)
  8. Curtis (5)
  9. SMART Modular Technologies (21)
  10. LSI Logic (12)
There were 3 new entries to the top 10. The fastest climber was DataCore Software which moved up 187 places. Memory maker SMART Modular Technologies moved up 12 places to #9. LSI Logic was a reentry to the list at #10.

The biggest surprise was that Adaptec and BakBone Software, which have both featured in this list for many years, dropped out to #11 and #12 respectively.

STORAGEsearch tracks the top 1,000 storage companies, and the ranking is based on reader pageviews. It's a good way to track what's catching the eye of hundreds of thousands of storage readers. ...see research page

InfiniCon Systems Appoints New CEO

King of Prussia, PA - August 2, 2004 - InfiniCon Systems announced today the appointment of J.Russell Hawkins to the position of CEO.

Mr. Hawkins most recently served as Senior Vice President of Carrier Access Corporation, following its acquisition of Paragon Networks where he had served as President and CEO from 1996 to late 2003. At Paragon, a manufacturer of broadband access technologies, Mr. Hawkins built a profitable business by developing and selling transport and access equipment to major wireless carriers worldwide. Mr. Hawkins previously held executive positions at Lucent, AT&T, and New England Telephone. He replaces Charles Foley, who has stepped down to pursue other interests. Mr. Foley will have a continuing role with InfiniCon, serving on its advisory board. ...InfiniCon profile, InfiniBand

Editor's comments:- watching the InfiniBand market take off - has been like watching grass grow in the desert. In comparison the iSCSI market has been a runaway success. Big server makers have been very slow getting InfiniBand based products to commercial end users - although most manufacturers have announced such intentions. The reason for this caution? InfiniBand should result in cheaper mainframes - and the slower this happens - the better - because of the vested interests involved.

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