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storage news - June 1-7, 2004

storage history
the Top SSD Companies
Fibre-Channel SAN History - the First Decade - 1994 to 2004
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the Top 10 Company Profiles - May 2004
The top 10 most popular companies (out of more than 1,000 storage companies listed on visited by our readers last month were as follows... Figures in brackets (n) indicate rank the month before.
  1. Dell Computer (1)
  2. Ingrasys Technology (3)
  3. M-Systems (5)
  4. Texas Memory Systems (2)
  5. LSI Logic (4)
  6. Curtis (6)
  7. BakBone Software (8)
  8. Adaptec (7)
  9. Intelligent Computer Solutions (9)
  10. Rave Computer (11)
The new entry to the top 10 list this month was Rave Computer at #10.

Silicon Image dropped one place to #11.

From a historical perspective based on looking at this page over a decade later - it's interesting to note that already in mid 2004 - 3 out of the top 10 companies being followed up by my readers were in the SSD market. (M-Systems, Texas Memory Systems and Curtis).
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The SSD market has managed to accrue an imaginative body of literature which includes truths, half truths, mysticism, misunderstandings. myths, legends - and in some cases - downright balderdash - when it comes to the subject of SSD costs, pricing and justifications.
Exiting the Astrological Age of Enterprise SSD Pricing
StorCase Launches 16-Bay 3U SATA RAID Enclosure
Fountain Valley, CA - June 7, 2004 - StorCase Technology today announced it is now shipping the InfoStation 16-bay 3U RAID enclosure, supporting the newest Serial ATA (SATA) drive technology and SCSI Ultra320 host connections.

RAID systems
With the release of the earlier 12-bay InfoStation, StorCase was the first company to ship an enclosure designed specifically for SATA hard drives. The new InfoStation 16-bay 3U, with its additional drive density per rack space, was built upon that previous product experience combined with a long-held StorCase reputation for SCSI design expertise.

By incorporating SATA drives, a fully-integrated InfoStation 16-bay RAID system can be purchased for approximately a third the price of a traditional SCSI system. In performance tests, this SCSI-to-SATA enclosure has demonstrated comparable results to that of traditional SCSI enclosures. StorCase SCSI-to-SATA products have also already been proven in the field as critical components in demanding data access applications such as HD video editing.

The 3U rack mount model has been added to the StorCase InfoStation line of SCSI backplane enclosures specifically to support up to sixteen (16) SATA drives for a variety of RAID applications. Each 3U enclosure includes an integrated high-performance RAID controller and supports two SCSI Ultra320 (LVD/SE) host channels. Unique features are included, such as the Data Master GUI for basic management functions with options for remote access, email event notification and multiple enclosure management functions, and an integrated SAF-TE processor with StorCase SAFTEmon web-based management software. ...StorCase profile, Rackmount Storage, Serial ATA

Gartner Names CommVault a Backup Leader

OCEANPORT, NJ - June 7, 2004 - CommVault Systems today announced that it has been positioned in the "Leaders Quadrant" in the Enterprise Backup/Restore market by Gartner, Inc. in its most recent Magic Quadrant assessment.

Leaders are performing well today, have a clear vision of market direction and are actively building competencies to sustain their leadership position in the market. Gartner recently assessed nine vendors that offer an enterprise backup/restore software solution. Each vendor was assigned to one of four quadrants: Leaders, Visionaries, Challengers or Niche Players. The Magic Quadrant assesses a vendor's ability to execute and the completeness of its corporate vision, the ability to scale and to address the heterogeneous backup requirements of the Business Week Global 2000. ...CommVault profile, ...Gartner profile

Isilon Named as "2004 Venture All Star company"

SEATTLE, Wash. – June 7, 2004 – Isilon Systems today announced it was selected as a top private company by the Investment Forum, a non-profit organization that promotes promising new companies to the business and investment community.

This marks the second time Isilon has been honored with the Venture All Stars award, recognizing the company for its growth achievements to date, market potential, management strength, and financial backing.

The 2004 Venture All Star companies were selected from more than 125 nominations and judged by a 40-member selection committee comprising representatives from the region's top venture capital funds and investors. As a 2004 Venture All Star company, Isilon is seen by the local investment community as having demonstrated the ability to follow in the footsteps of the region's most successful growth businesses, such as Microsoft, Starbucks, Costco, and Immunex. ...Isilon Systems, Venture funds in Storage

The Fastest Growing Storage Companies in 2004

Editor:- June 7, 2004 - the 4th annual edition of the Fastest Growing Storage Companies is published today on STORAGEsearch.

The top two companies had over 120% year on year revenue growth. This is always one of the most popular articles seen by our readers. Don't delay:- the article

McDATA Launches SAN Security Assessment Service

BROOMFIELD, Colo. - June 7, 2004 - McDATA Corporation today announced the availability of SANtegrity Security Services to help customers of all sizes to determine the risks related to their storage infrastructure.

The solution begins with an industry-leading SAN security assessment and threat evaluation. Then, McDATA's team of technical experts will identify and document the threats and weaknesses of the SAN and provide the customer with a complete overview of the company's storage network security posture. Once the SAN's security posture is documented, McDATA Security services personnel will show the customer how to align it with corporate policy and industry practices.

"Security in the storage network is a major enterprise concern. The 'out of sight, out of mind' mentality no longer holds true - security of stored data is moving to the forefront as companies become more aware of the plethora of issues facing stored data, including legal ramifications or penalties, that arise when it comes to the loss or alteration of a data," said Bob Passmore, senior analyst, Gartner. ...McDATA profile, SAN, Storage Security

InfiniCon Shatters HPC Cluster ing Benchmarks

King of Prussia, PA - June 7, 2004 - InfiniCon Systems announced today that its InfinIO family of InfiniBand-based solutions has attained more than 80% average efficiency and up to 88% peak efficiency for scaling CPUs in benchmarking performed on a 144-node, AMD Opteron processor-based computer cluster at the AMD Developer Center.

The cluster consists of InfiniCon's InfinIO 3000 Switch Series and InfiniServ software providing the interconnect for Appro's HyperBlade and Rackable Systems' C1000 Series servers running on SuSE Linux Enterprise Server. This performance shatters typical performance marks rendered by alternative interconnect technologies used for building high performance computing clusters. ...InfiniCon profile, InfiniBand

Network Appliance is Biggest iSCSI Company

Sunnyvale, Calif. - June 4, 2004 - Network Appliance, Inc. today quoted an IDC report which independently confirms NetApp's leadership in the iSCSI market.

According to IDC, NetApp maintained a strong lead in the iSCSI storage market for first quarter 2004 with 48.4% of the market of the iSCSI disk storage systems market, as measured by market share in factory revenue and 65.2% of the market in terabytes shipped. ...Network Appliance profile, iSCSI

Broadcom's RAID Software Hides Data from Viruses

IRVINE, Calif. - June 3, 2004 Broadcom Corporation today announced that it has enhanced the IT security and virus/worm protection capabilities of its XelCore RAID software.

The XelCore RAID software stack features highly effective techniques to significantly enhance enterprise data security through a combination of data redundancy, secure backup, and the ability to hide a copy of customer data from malicious attacks against the enterprise and the network on which the data resides. This combination of data integrity and enterprise-class storage features is built within an easy-to-use format that enables businesses, regardless of IT expertise, to protect their data completely and affordably.

Broadcom's XelCore stack is the only RAID solution available that provides comprehensive data integrity and security to fend off these attacks through the implementation of N-way mirroring, array splitting and array hiding. Broadcom is at the forefront of this data integrity technology, which allows customers to create several copies (or mirrors) of their data with N-way mirroring and then protects the data by splitting off a mirror and hiding it from the operating system. This hidden copy of data, available for use by trusted IT personnel only, is kept secure from these types of virus and worm attacks and is, therefore, a protected backup of business-critical data that can easily be retrieved in case of a disaster or attack.

"N-way mirroring and array hiding are features that businesses will be scrambling to put into practice as a means to enhance enterprise data security," said Jon Oltsik, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Storage Group. "It is our opinion that data storage and data integrity need to go hand in hand, but developing that combination of capabilities without sacrificing usability and affordability has typically been difficult to engineer. With the feature set incorporated within the XelCore software stack, Broadcom is well ahead of the technological curve and at the leading edge of this trend." ...Broadcom profile, RAID controller cards, RAID systems, Storage Security

10K RPM SATA Drive Trounces SCSI Rivals

LAKE FOREST, Calif. - June 3, 2004 - The high performance capabilities of SATA hard drives were validated recently, when WD Raptor 10,000 RPM SATA drives from Western Digital Corp. outperformed 10,000 and 15,000 RPM SCSI drives from two competitors in separate independent, head-to-head comparison tests conducted by and published in the June issue of Maximum PC magazine and the upcoming July issue of Custom PC magazine (UK).

"Going into this test, we thought Western Digital's 10K WD Raptor would hold its own; instead it actually dominated," said Maximum PC staff. "(WD Raptor) ate a couple of SCSI drives for lunch! Point, set, and match to the Serial ATA camp."

Maximum PC magazine tested 3 hard drives for its recent performance comparison between SATA and SCSI: WD Raptor and Maxtor's 10,000 and 15,000 RPM SCSI drives. The magazine's journalists used Simplisoft's HD Tach 2.61 benchmarking software. In a separate review, Custom PC magazine (UK) compared the WD Raptor 74 GB drive to a 15,000 RPM Seagate SCSI drive, with the Western Digital drive outperforming the competitor in a Paint Shop Pro imaging editing test.

"These comparisons prove that the performance of hard drives is defined by hard drive platform mechanics, electronics and firmware, and not by the SCSI or SATA interface," said Richard E. Rutledge, vice president of marketing for Western Digital. "WD Raptor has an enterprise-class mechanical platform comparable to SCSI, is the first and only SATA drive to spin at 10,000 RPM, and Maximum PC's and Custom PC's results verify WD Raptor as one of the fastest hard drives available, regardless of interface." ...Western Digital profile

LightSand Demos 1,000 km (600 miles) SAN Mirroring

Paris - June 2, 2004 - LightSand announced today that it has successfully deployed a precedent-setting long distance synchronous mirroring system with partners HP and FLE.

A pair of LightSand S-2500 storage extension gateways served as the bridges between two SANs. These gateways were linked through DWDM switches that directly drove the long distance connection across 1,000 kilometers (600 miles) of fiber optic cabling. HP provided the SAN equipment, which consisted of an HP EVA storage system, HP Continuous Access mirroring software, servers and PCs to simulate a large multi-user environment and Brocade switches to form the SAN fabrics. The entire system was integrated and managed by FLE, a leading French storage systems integrator, with assistance from LightSand and HP. All testing took place at HP Facilities under the supervision of the HP France's Storage Division.

To demonstrate the capabilities of the system, the SAN was configured to provide synchronous mirroring of Microsoft Exchange e-mails bursts to 2560 recipients and simultaneous Oracle 9i R2 database operations. Despite the high transmission requirements and long distance involved the connection provided 90% of the global application system performance of a similar system that operated locally with no long distance interconnect. ...LightSand profile, storage routers, Storage Area Networks

ARIO's Chips Will Simplify Disk Array Interconnects

SAN JOSE, CALIF. - June 2, 2004 - ARIO Data Networks today announced a complete family of SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) external storage controllers that provide OEMs the essential tools for the creation of modular, cost effective SAS external storage subsystems.

ARIO Data's SAS controller board products will be available beginning in the fourth quarter of 2004 and will roll out throughout early 2005. With over 10,000 SATA I products shipped to date, ARIO Data's SAS family leverages ARIO Data's Serial I/O experience and architecture.

Separately, ARIO Data also announced today a family of SATA II (Serial ATA) external controllers designed to allow OEMs to create modular, available, and scalable SATA II-based external storage solutions that substantially reduce the cost and complexity of subsystems.

Industry analysts project that SAS will comprise up to 32% of multiuser and subsystem deployments by 2007. This shift will substantially change the network storage marketplace.

"The interoperability between SATA and SAS brings new flexibility to IT managers in terms of price and performance," said Mike Karp, senior analyst for Enterprise Management Associates. "ARIO Data is capitalizing on this need for flexibility and on the demand for 'good enough' storage, while offering the performance and manageability required in more mission critical data environments."

ARIO Data's Fibre Channel to SAS, SAS to SAS, and iSCSI to SAS controllers support 16 SAS disk channels and provide compatibility with SAS expanders. ARIO Data's SAS products incorporate a modular philosophy that results in 80% of the hardware, firmware, and software being common across the product line. ARIO Data's modular approach gives OEMs maximum flexibility in creating subsystems that can connect to hosts via a number of different interconnect technologies - 4 Gb Fibre Channel, iSCSI, or SAS - allowing OEMs to choose their preferred host connectivity chip supplier on any ARIO Data solution. With ARIO Data's unique approach OEMs can use one board, firmware, and software package for both JBOD and RAID implementations - substantially simplifying the qualification, design, and test processes. ...ARIO Data Networks profile, SAS, SATA

Editor's comments:- even if you're only interested in storage systems and not chips, this story gives you an idea of how future disk array systems from companies like Engenio (who are designing with Ario's chips) are going to be built.

ADIC Extends Relationship with IBM

Redmond, Washington - June 2, 2004 - ADIC today announced it has expanded its relationship with IBM by signing an additional agreement to license part of IBM's tape automation technology.

The companies also signed a patent cross-licensing agreement covering their respective patent portfolios in the area of storage.

"This agreement opens up a new range of options, which we expect will help IT departments solve their growing data storage problems more effectively" said Chuck Stonecipher, ADIC Executive Vice President, Product Development and Strategy. ...ADIC profile, ...IBM profile, Tape drives

IBM to Manage Worldwide Support for Intransa

ARMONK, N.Y. and SAN JOSE, Calif. - June 2, 2004 - Intransa Inc. today announced a contract with IBM Global Services to provide technical support and warranty repair for Intransa customers, first in the U.S., then worldwide as the company expands into new markets.

"IBM's global service delivery resources will help us provide our customer with exceptional service, including next business day or 24/7 expedited repair services," said Udi Paret, vice president, Global Operations, Intransa. "IBM Global Services, the quality standard for product support services, will provide tremendous benefits to Intransa's customers." ...Intransa profile, iSCSI, Network Attached Storage, Services

APTARE StorageConsole 4.0 Enables Proactive Backup

Campbell, CA - June 2, 2004 - APTARE, Inc. today announced the release of APTARE StorageConsole 4.0, which proactively avoids data loss through advanced forecasting and analysis capabilities.

While current software solutions solely provide passive historical reporting, APTARE StorageConsole enables users to obtain enhanced management and usability of their enterprise-wide VERITAS NetBackup environment by providing an intelligent, Web-based interface for the collection, display and notification of backup and recovery processes from three active vantage points: historical, real-time and predictive.

The historical view from APTARE StorageConsole 4.0 includes the centralized and customizable display of capacity, performance and utilization data for tape media, drives and libraries, as well as file-level detail and charge-back capabilities on all backups/restores. The software's real-time intelligence includes up-to-the-minute backup operations dashboards and active management features such as point-n-click restores. Utilizing a customer-tunable revolutionary algorithm, StorageConsole 4.0 additionally provides detailed predictive media information by collaborating past, present and future backup volumes, usage trends, media expiration statistics and failure rates to accurately forecast media consumption and availability, and pinpoint media shortages before they impact data recoverability.

"We consistently hear from our customers the growing concern about the inefficient and unpredictable utilization of their tape media, drives and libraries, especially because of high media costs and complex underlying backup software," states Richard Clark, APTARE President and CEO. "APTARE StorageConsole 4.0 directly solves these issues by providing consolidated, adaptable and automated backup resource management dashboards to illuminate media shortages and proactively identify future media consumption." ...APTARE profile, Backup software, Tape drives

Diligent Joins Nexsan's Strategic Solutions Program

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif. - June 2, 2004 - Nexsan Technologies and Diligent Technologies are partnering to provide customers with an enterprise-class disk-based data protection solution that achieves high availability, rapid recoverability and a higher degree of data protection at a very attractive price point.

With this announcement, Diligent becomes a member of Nexsan's Strategic Solutions (S2) Program. Diligent's Virtual Tape Facility for Open Systems with Nexsan InfiniSAN ATA solutions enable customers to implement disk instead of tape in their backup and recovery operations without changing existing policies, practices or procedures of the existing backup application. The combination of Diligent's VTF Open software and Nexsan ATA disk arrays create an enterprise virtual tape solution that appears to the backup application as one or many physical tape libraries. This solution eliminates much of the burden, complexity and difficulty of using tape for backup and restore, providing users with shorter backup windows and faster and more reliable recovery of their data.

"We welcome Diligent Technology into our family of S2 partners," said Brendan Kinkade, Vice President of Marketing at Nexsan. "In addition to providing our disk-to-disk products, teaming up with Diligent adds virtual tape solutions to our offerings, which allows our customers to augment or replace their existing tape-based solutions thereby improving reliability, performance and availability of their enterprise-class data." ...Diligent Technologies profile, ...Nexsan profile, Disk to disk backup

SiS656 is Only Chipset to Support DDR2-667 Memory

Taiwan, Taipei - June 1, 2004 - Silicon Integrated Systems Corp (SiS) today announced its next-generation DDR2-667MHz chipset SiS656 - featured at Computex Taipei - the only core logic chipset on the market that supports high-speed DDR2-667 memory.

The SiS656 is a high-end chipset that supports the Intel platform. Meeting DDR2-667 and PCI Express x16 specifications, it can be used on various computing platforms, including desktops, notebooks, workstations and servers. Dual channel DDR2-667 delivers transfer bandwidth of up to 10.6GB/s as compared to the 8.6GB/s rate of DDR2-533, which means 2GB more data per second is transferred for a nearly 20% increase in memory bandwidth.

So far, DDR2-667 memory modules from Samsung and Micron have both successfully passed SiS' compatibility test. Other brands, such as Infineon, Hynix and Elpida, are currently undergoing compatibility testing and are expected to complete the testing process shortly.

Compared to previous generation DDR memory, high-speed DDR2 memory offers the advantages of lower power consumption, higher performance and faster speeds. DDR2 thus meets the high-speed transmission requirements of next-generation PCI Express products and effectively enhances the overall operating performance of peripheral interfaces, such as graphic cards, LAN cards, SATA HDD and video capture cards. ...SiS profile, Megabyte's Storage Dictionary

Network Software for CopyDisc CD/DVD Duplicators

Aldershot, UK - June 1, 2004 - Verity Systems, today announced it is shipping TrueNET 2, an advanced networking software solution for their CopyDisc range of auto loading duplicators and printers.

This sophisticated and versatile management system allows multiple users to send images and print files to any CopyDisc, sitting on their network, remotely from their own PC. It is possible for an operator to produce CDs or DVDs with a different name/number printed on each one. Job status is reported back to the user in real time. Remote copying and printing of discs is highly reliable and efficient, since the CopyDisc can be viewed from a PC instead of having to physically supervise the unit in operation. Users can publish either unique "one-off" CDs or multiple disc duplication runs of up to 1,100 discs at a time.

Easy to use disc labelling software is built-in so that you can quickly design professional-looking disc that print directly onto printable-surface CDs or DVDs via your CopyDisc printer. The software runs on virtually any server/client network under Windows 2000/XP and is available as a free upgrade to existing customers using Verity Systems TrueNET. ...Verity Systems profile, CD & DVD duplicators

LSI Logic Unveils the Fastest DDR-2 SDRAM Interface

MILPITAS, Calif. - June 1, 2004 - LSI Logic Corporation today introduced a physical layer memory interface that can save customers months of development time while improving product performance with the industrys highest speed DDR-2 SDRAM technology.

LSI Logics new DDR-2 ASIC core is the first physical layer interface and I/O buffer to support 333MHz/667Mbps data speeds, enabling manufacturers of data storage, communications, multi-function printers, industrial and medical equipment to take advantage of the memory technologys superior density, bandwidth and lower cost.

"LSI Logic has been highly successful with two generations of memory interface cores" said Jean Bou-Farhat, vice president, CoreWare Division, LSI Logic Corporation. "The DDR-2 cores allow our customers to take advantage of the performance and cost benefits offered by DDR-2 SDRAM memory products. This new addition to the CoreWare library, combined with existing connectivity solutions, helps our customers design systems efficiently and quickly while also reducing risk." ...LSI Logic profile, RAM, Record Breaking Storage, Storage ICs

Atempo Appoints Rick Wojcik as CEO

PALO ALTO, Calif. - June 1, 2004 – Atempo, Inc. today announced the appointment of Rick Wojcik as the company's chief executive officer.

The appointment of Wojcik is part of Atempo's global growth strategy, enhancing the company's leadership with industry veterans as the market increasingly adopts Atempo's Time Navigator data protection solution. Wojcik has been a board member at Atempo since early 2003.

Wojcik is a well-respected storage industry veteran who rose through the ranks at EMC. His 16-year career with EMC included a number of key positions integral to the company's outstanding performance during the 1990's. These positions included vice president of EMC's EMEA and Asia Pacific operations, where he built EMC's highly productive indirect and direct sales channels. In this role he managed over 2,000 employees and combined revenues of $1.3 billion. ...Atempo profile, Backup software

Dot Hill Announces SANnet II SATA Storage

CARLSBAD, Calif. - June 1, 2004 - Dot Hill Systems Corp. today introduced its enterprise-class SANnet II SATA storage solutions.

SATA is a new high-speed interface standard for hard drives based on serial signaling technology. This latest addition to the SANnet II family of products can provide businesses with more capacity at a significantly lower cost. Dot Hill plans to begin volume production shipments of SANnet II SATA to all customers in June, including a major OEM customer.

"SANnet II SATA delivers very cost- effective storage without sacrificing robustness or redundancy" said Dana Kammersgard, Dot Hill's chief technology officer and co-founder. "This is a full-featured, fault-tolerant enterprise-class product line. SANnet II SATA will easily integrate into the tiered storage model that businesses are adopting in order to more efficiently manage information based on its value. Compared to some of the recently introduced SATA products, the SANnet II SATA is significantly more scaleable in terms of capacity, host connections and performance. It is also much more rugged as measured by independent NEBS Level 3 and MIL-STD-810F certifications."

SANnet II SATA storage systems offer 12 drive bays providing a capacity of up to 3TB in just 2U of rack space and can scale up to 16TB of usable RAID 5 storage by adding drives and expansion systems. In addition, the SANnet II SATA supports RAID 0, 1, 0+1, 3, and 5. Customers have the option of single or dual RAID controllers and AC or DC power. With dual redundant, hot-swappable components including controllers, power supplies, fans, event management units and battery-backed cache memory, the SANnet II SATA provides enterprise-class availability. Multiple Fibre Channel host ports enable the direct connection of up to 12 servers (6 redundant) without the use of external switches, providing a lower cost networked storage solution while maintaining high availability.

"This concept of a 'switchless SAN' is something we pioneered back in 1999 with our first generation of SANnet products," explained Omar Barraza, Dot Hill's director of marketing. "It is a much simpler and cheaper approach to installation, configuration and management of networked storage, which are important factors to the SMB and department level customer." ...Dot Hill profile, Disk to disk backup

Systex launches ExpreStor 4000 series of SAN / DAS

Taipei, Taiwan - June 1, 2004 - Systex today announced the launch of its family of high-performance RAID based Disk Arrays - the ExpreStor 4000 series.

Available with multiple host and disk protocols, the ES 4000 series is bringing scalability and flexibility to storage network topologies at an aggressive price. Initially, the ES 4000 range will be 3U, 16-bay devices, with 2U, 12-bay units scheduled for launch in October.

The ES 4300 range offers dual Fibre or dual SCSI to Serial ATA, with a maximum capacity of 4TB. The Fibre Channel version is equipped with 2Gb Fibre ports, whereas the SCSI version offers Ultra 320 SCSI. The device is scalable up to 32 TB, by simply adding additional JBOD expansion units.

The ES 4500 is a powerful, SCSI-based RAID disk array, available with an option of four or six Ultra 320 SCSI ports. Offering data transfer speeds of over 200 Mbps, it is a high-performance, scalable storage device with up to 2.3 TB capacity. An optional JBOD expansion unit allows the ES 4500 to be scaled up to 4.6 TB.

The flagship product in the series is the ES 4700, Fibre-Channel based RAID disk array. Offering aggregate data throughput speeds of up to 1.4 Gbps, it is capable of handling over 100,000 I/O's per second, and with optional redundant RAID controller, the ES 4700 offers the ultimate in data backup.

"We see the market needs for fast, reliable data backup and restoration, but not just at any cost," continued Mr. Chiang, "which is why we are going in with extremely aggressive pricing. Our strategy is simple - the complete ExpreStor range is high-performance, reliable and affordable storage solutions."

ExpreStor's ES 4000 series will be shipping internationally from July, available from all global distribution partners. ...Systex profile, RAID systems, SAN

Silicon Image Samples SATA Port Multiplier

SUNNYVALE, Calif. - June 1, 2004 - Silicon Image, Inc. today announced the availability of the SiI 3726 Serial ATA (SATA) port multiplier, the latest in Silicon Image's SATALink family of SATA storage IC products.

The SiI 3726 SATA II-compliant port multiplier connects one SATA host to up to five SATA hard disk drives. Its read/write aggregation technology delivers the highest performance available, effectively utilizing the additional bandwidth unleashed by the new 3Gbps SATA II signaling speeds. The SiI 3726 is compliant with the SATA specification for either command-based switching or FIS-based switching host controllers. The SiI 3726 is currently sampling, and volume production is scheduled in the third quarter of 2004. The SiI 3726 port multiplier is packaged in a 364-pin BGA and priced at $15 each in 10K quantities. ...Silicon Image profile, ICs, SATA

Sun Announces Pay-for-use Storage

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - June 1, 2004 - today Sun Microsystems, Inc. announced new storage software, systems and highly flexible utility pricing options which the company claims will fundamentally alter and simplify the management of data throughout its lifecycle.

Under Sun's new "pay-for-use" storage scheme, customers pay only for storage capacity consumed so large up-front capital IT expenditures for both hardware and software are eliminated, and additional cost benefits are realized through the asset management provided by this solution. Customers using the storage utility pricing model will spend up to three times less versus the costs normally associated with either leasing or purchasing and maintaining the physical storage asset over the course of a three-year period. Addressing the high-end with this initial pay-for-use model, Sun also plans to deliver similar programs for its low-end and midrange environments.

Sun also said it would offer breakthrough manageability in the soon-to-be-released enterprise-class Sun StorEdge data services platform based on technology from Pirus Networks which was acquired by Sun in 2002. Sun StorEdge SAM-FS and Sun StorEdge QFS software Version 4.1 adds the capacity to scale the file system to 1PB, 4 times greater than the previous version and over 100x greater than VERITAS File System.

Two new cost-efficient Sun StorEdge systems that provide simple, adaptable and expandable storage options; one based on SATA technology, the other a universal boot device. ...Sun profile

Announcing the SSD Buyer Market Survey

Editor:- June 1, 2004 - ACSL, publisher of, announced today it will conduct a major market research project later this year to measure buyer perceptions, budgets, intentions and other factors related to the solid state disk accelerator market.

The web based survey will be run in September and most of the results will be published as a reference article on in October/November. The survey results will help buyers and vendors get a better understanding of the opportunities and problems facing the solid state disk market.

SSD vendors who are interested in taking part in the survey should contact me by email. There are various levels of co-operation we are seeking ranging from help in compiling a useful set of questions, to help in promoting the survey questionnaire and finally the results. SSD survey FAQs, ...ACSL profile, Market research, Solid state disks

Swissbit Announces New Low Profile SDRAM

Bronschhofen, Switzerland - June 1, 2004 - Swissbit today announced immediate availability of its new "Helios" low profile SDRAM module with integrated ECC.

The SO-DIMM compatible memory module is equipped with 18 chips 16Mx8. Despite the additional error correction chips the module height is a low 1.05 inches. The integration of ECC technology into the smallest space is a technological advantage Swissbit offers using their unique COB technology. The memory silicon chips, all produced by renowned suppliers, are directly stacked to the PCB. This ensures optimal heat abstraction by the PCB, better circulation of air and excellent signal quality. After production the modules are fully tested with ADVANTEST Systems. So they are suitable for industrial applications. Furthermore the modules are offered for the use in extended temperature ranges. The new 144 pin ECC SO-DIMM "Helios" is available with a capacity of 128Mbytes and 256Mbytes in the specifications PC100 to PC333 and runs with a voltage of 3,3 volts. It is compatible with the current JEDEC standard. The new high performance memory module is deliverable now.

Also today, Swissbit announced its 1Gbyte "Mars" SDRAM module designed for notebook and industrial applications. The new 144 pin "Mars" SDRAM module is available for speeds from PC100 to PC333. ...Swissbit profile, RAM

Engenio Beefs Up Back Up with Alacritus

MILPITAS, CA - June 1, 2004 - Engenio Information Technologies, Inc. today announced that both Alacritus Software's Securitus virtual tape library and Chronospan time addressable storage recovery solutions have achieved compatibility certification with the company's SATA storage systems.

This certification will enable users to leverage faster backup and recovery cycles on cost-effective secondary storage devices for an ideal data protection solution in the data center. The Engenio Certified Compatible process requires six weeks of extensive testing to components and systems to assure stability, interoperability, and fault tolerance using heavy loads typical of high performance enterprise computing environments.

Alacritus' Securitus virtual tape library solution creates backup appliances that use arrays of inexpensive disk, a streamlined file system and inexpensive controllers to make the performance of disk economical for large-scale backup environments. Alacritus' Chronospan any-point-in-time recovery solution eliminates the backup window by enabling customers to instantly recover their most valued files from any point in time. ...Alacritus Software profile, ...Engenio profile, Disk to disk backup, Tape libraries

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