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Storage news - May 22 - 30, 2004

SSD market history
SPARC server history
SATA Raids the Datacenter
Fibre-channel and SAN History - the First Decade 1994 to 2004
Why Sun should Acquire an SSD Company ASAP

Editor:- May 28, 2004 - a new article published today in the SPARC Product Directory is called - Why Sun will Acquire a Solid State Disk Company ASAP.

Most analysts agree that Sun is just not as good at designing processor chips (at today's 30 million transistor level) as semiconductor companies like Intel and AMD who can recruit the best chip talent, and optimize silicon better than a fabless designer. But computer architectures are changing...

Sun may be able to leapfrog its server competition not by cranking up the GHz on its SPARC CPUs, but by embedding solid state disk support in its Solaris OS. By the way, that would also make Sun's AMD servers faster than the Linux competition. ... read the article, ...Sun profile, SPARC Product Directory, Rackmount SSDs

Cybernetics Tape Library Packs 15TB Backup into 4U

Yorktown, Virginia - May, 27 2004 - Cybernetics has announced the immediate availability of SAIT tape library models. SAIT is the newest in the 'super' class of tape backup drives with the highest single tape capacity, excellent transfer rate performance, and the highest removable media storage density in the industry. Each single tape stores an incredible 500GB to 1.5TB at a rate of 108 to 324GB/hour. With automated access to ten tapes within the library, total unattended backup capacity is 5 to 15TB in just 4U rack space.

As disk storage capacities grow exponentially, adequate data protection becomes more difficult to achieve. Budget and space constraints force many small to medium network enterprises to compromise on data backup and recovery strategies. Cybernetics CY-TLS-0110 SAIT tape library overcomes the obstacles and outperforms the closest competing technology with 150% improvement in cost per gigabyte value, and 250% improvement in rack space density.

Cybernetics offers SAIT libraries as direct SCSI attached models, as well as iTape models attaching directly to the Ethernet network to support direct access for multiple hosts across a network. Cybernetics iTape models are free from the distance and location limitations of direct attached devices, so these performance backup solutions can be located locally or remotely for backup across the LAN, WAN or MAN. ...Cybernetics profile, Rackmount Storage, Tape libraries

StoreAge in Award-Winning Customer Application

IRVINE, CA - May 27, 2004 - StoreAge Networking Technologies today announced that it is part of an award-winning solution to provide better backup, disaster recovery and 24x7 data protection for the Venetian Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In cooperation with one of its premiere resellers, West Coast Technology, StoreAge provided the heterogeneous SAN platform for solving the Venetian Hotel's most vexing data protection problems. The Venetian Hotel and Casino installation won the "Enterprise Best in Show Award" from Computer Reseller News at CAWorld 2004 on May 25th in Las Vegas, NV.

"We have reduced our backup time from 18 hours per day to only 2 hours per day - an 800% increase in backup speed," said Steve Vollmer, IT Director for the Venetian Hotel and Casino. ...StoreAge profile, Disk to disk backup

LSI Logic Leads Entry into Serial Attached SCSI

TAIPEI, TAIWAN - May 27, 2004 - Customers and OEMs will see the first fully-functional Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) expander silicon in LSI Logic product demonstrations this week at the Computex tradeshow.

The LSI Logic SASx12 expander builds on five-generations of development expertise and industry-recognized SAS expander technology standards leadership.

Showcased at Computex will be the first, fully-functional SAS RAID adapter card and a SASx12 expander IC in configurations now available and actively being demonstrated to OEMs worldwide. The SAS RAID adapter product family will feature LSI Logic's MegaRAID technology products, utilizing Intel XScale technology based processors (code name Dobson) and the LSI Logic SAS1064 controller IC, aimed at supporting OEMs and the channel in enterprise and low to midrange server markets. LSI Logic is delivering products to OEMs worldwide to advance development of next-generation SCSI interface devices.

Boasting features that liberate SCSI from its parallel predecessor, and providing SATA compatibility, SAS delivers new levels of breakthrough speed and connectivity while retaining the functionality and reliability. SAS technology uses the proven SCSI command set and leverages a common electrical and physical connection interface compatible with SATA devices. ...LSI Logic profile, SAS, SATA

Dell Says SMBs Can Afford New SAN

London, UK - May 26, 2004 - In a news conference here today, Dell announced the Dell/EMC AX100, which the company claims is the first SAN specifically designed to be easy-to-use and easy-to-afford for small organizations and workgroups.

Produced through the unique partnership of Dell and EMC, this new storage solution greatly reduces the cost and complexity of implementing network storage. The Dell/EMC AX100 array is available in a direct-attached (SAN-ready) configuration for less than $5,000, as well as in a complete, scalable SAN configuration for less than $10,000. Both configurations offer advanced features such as software for snapshots, provisioning, and array management normally found in higher-cost, enterprise-class systems. ...Dell profile, SAN

LaCie Launches Double Density DVD Burners

PORTLAND, OR - May 26, 2004 - LaCie announced that it will ship its LaCie d2 DVD±RW Double Layer Drives with new double layer DVD recording technology in June.

This new technology gives users almost twice the capacity of current recordable DVDs on a single-sided disc. LaCie's new drives also feature the fastest speeds available - 8x DVD±R and 4x DVD±RW - for high-speed, dual-format recording. With the new drive users can store and archive as much as four hours of high-quality DVD video, up to 16 hours of VHS video or up to 8.5GB of data, music or photos. Using the same technology as Hollywood film studios, this drive creates video DVDs that are compatible with standard DVD players. Prices begin at $249.

Drives with FireWire and Hi-Speed USB 2.0 interfaces ship with recording software for Windows and Macintosh operating systems, including Roxio Easy Media Creator 7 and Toast 6.0 for CD/DVD recording and double layer DVD recording. Includes video editing, DVD authoring and DVD playback software from Roxio. Through LaCie's exclusive offer, LaCie d2 DVD±RW Double Layer Drives are also available with Roxio Toast 6.0 Titanium software or CaptyDVD 2.0 software for Macintosh users. ...LaCie profile, DVD drives

Data Domain Aims to Sell 100% Through Resellers

Palo Alto, Calif. - May 26, 2004 - Data Domain today announced its new SalesEDGE Program, a channel partner program designed to streamline the purchase and support process for resellers of the Data Domain DD200 Restorer. The DD200 Restorer, an award-winning storage recovery appliance featuring massive Global Compression (20:1), is sold exclusively through reseller partners.

"The market for Data Domain Restorer products is very large and requires a sophisticated reseller channel to meet growing customer demand. We have made a strategic commitment to the global reseller community to drive 100% of our business through the channel," said Frank Slootman, CEO and president of Data Domain. In addition, we have optimized our pricing, logistics and business processes to be very channel friendly." ...Data Domain profile, US Storage VARS

EMC's New 2U Rackmount SAN Costs Under $6k

Hopkinton, Mass. - May 26, 2004 - EMC Corporation today introduced the EMC CLARiiON AX100.

Based on a unique EMC patent-pending design and technology, the CLARiiON AX100 is a customer-installable networked storage system capable of storing up to 3TB of information with integrated functions for simple management and advanced protection. The CLARiiON AX100 extends EMC's reach into the market for small-to-medium size businesses and will be delivered primarily through distribution, reseller and OEM partners. Incorporating the unique data integrity, availability and RAID technologies from the CLARiiON CX family, the new CLARiiON AX100 delivers high-capacity, cost-effective ATA storage in a compact 2U rackmountable enclosure with integrated storage management. Available in both single and dual controller configurations, all system components are customer-replaceable. The CLARiiON AX100 is available at prices starting under $5,999. Supports Windows, Linux and NetWare operating environments. ...EMC profile, Rackmount storage

ACSL Announces New IA Solaris Server Directory

Editor:- May 26, 2004 - ACSL announced today that it will publish a new directory of Intel Architecture Solaris computers, suppliers and hardware products on June 7th.

The new directory will help readers who want an independent source of information about IA/Solaris systems and suppliers. ACSL published the first independent directory of SPARC systems in 1992. ...ACSL profile, SPARC Product Directory

Flash Memory Market Report from Web-Feet Research

Monterey, CA - May 25, 2004 - Web-Feet Research has released the Q2/2004 issue of the quarterly study that analyses the Flash memory production capacity, the Flash market demand, and the relation between the demand and production capacity.

In addition, the study examines the installed and future DRAM production capacity and explores the correlation between the Flash and DRAM production capacities. The objective of the study is to forecast the way the Flash industry will respond to a continuously increasing demand for Flash memory for the coming 12 quarters.

At the end of the forecast period, an additional 9 new capacity points will be on the market. This will increase the number of commercially available component capacity points from 22 to 31.

The consecutive yearly demand bit growth rates for 2004, 2005 and 2006 over 2003 are forecast to be 209%, 191% and 150% respectively. Throughout the forecast period, the highest contribution to the production bit growth will be the added production capacity, followed by the transition to 300mm wafers, the transition to 90nm manufacturing node and the increase of the multi-bit cell components. ...Web-Feet Research profile, Flash

Maxell Launches World's First 5X DVD-RAM Media

FAIR LAWN, NJ - May 25, 2004 - Maxell Corporation of America today introduced the world's first 5X DVD-RAM disc - the fastest rewritable, high-capacity DVD media currently available.

Maxell's latest DVD-RAM media is based on its newly developed Bismuth Coupling Material recording layer, which improves signal to noise ratio for higher reliability during high-speed recording. The new media has a capacity of 4.7GB, which equates to up to six hours of video in extended play mode. It is also backward compatible, supporting recording at 2X and 3X in addition to its 5X speed. The single-sided disc is compatible with all DVD-RAM drives and recorders and RAM readable DVD-ROM devices and DVD players. The 5X DVD RAM media will be available in June. ...Maxell profile

HP Announces Entry Level NAS

SAN DIEGO - May 25, 2004 - HP today announced the immediate availability of the first NAS systems to consolidate Exchange Server 2003 data stores on Windows Storage Server 2003-based NAS systems. As a result, small- and medium-size business customers can consolidate the number of file, print and Exchange servers - enabling improved operational efficiency and reduced costs and management complexity by consolidating storage by as much as 50%. Also, HP announced an expansion of the "Easy-as-NAS" program, a joint initiative with Microsoft designed to assist channel partners in accelerating sales of HP's volume NAS devices targeting SMB customers. Base model pricing begins at an estimated U.S. street price of $5,800 for the 2000s model and $2,495 for the 1200s. ...HP profile, NAS

Transtec Acquires Stake in UK RAID Company

Banbury, UK - May 25, 2004 - As part of an ongoing expansion of its activities in the storage segment, Transtec has acquired a 44% equity share in Leeds, UK based Lapistor Ltd. The enhanced research-and-development know-how resulting from the Lapistor participation will reinforce Transtec's "three-pillar strategy" resting on OEMs, system vendors and direct customers. Recently, Transtec acquired the German firm Triple Stor which specialised in storage, one of Transtec's strategic business areas. This allowed Transtec to bolster its storage activities and also to expand the indirect business activities. Whereas Triple Stor sold resellers and system vendors servers RAID systems through its indirect business, Lapistor produces its own branded RAID systems for OEMs, among them Transtec. ...Lapis Solutions profile, ...Transtec profile, RAID systems

LightSand Completes HP Compatibility Testing

Milpitas, Calif. - May 25, 2004 - LightSand has successfully completed HP compatibility testing and can now be used to provide remote access to HP EVA Storage Arrays.

"HP's EVA Storage Arrays provide customers with a high performance, high availability "virtual" RAID storage solution that removes the time, space and cost boundaries of traditionally architected storage," said LightSand CEO Philip Black. "Through our partnership with HP our mutual customers can now additionally remove the distance boundaries of traditionally architected storage. This capability enables them to deploy remote disaster recovery sites that can help ensure business continuity and to centralize storage operations to increase efficiency."

All testing was conducted by HP personnel using various configurations of LightSand and HP equipment. As a result of this testing, the LightSand storage extension gateways are now approved for use with EVA Storage Arrays in a continuous access configuration. ...LightSand profile

Dell'Oro Reports on SAN Switches and HBA Market

Redwood City, CA - May 25, 2004 - According to a recently published report from Dell'Oro Group, sales of Storage Area Network Fibre Channel Switches and Host Bus Adapters declined 3% Q/Q in 1Q04 to $488 million.
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RAID systems
Megabyte found that tying lots of barrels together to cross the data stream worked well. And if one of them got punctured, the raft didn't sink.
the Top 10 Company Profiles - May 2004
The top 10 most popular companies (out of more than 1,000 storage companies listed on STORAGEsearch) visited by our readers last month were as follows... Figures in brackets (n) indicate rank the month before.
  1. Dell Computer (1)
  2. Ingrasys Technology (3)
  3. M-Systems (5)
  4. Texas Memory Systems (2)
  5. LSI Logic (4)
  6. Curtis (6)
  7. BakBone Software (8)
  8. Adaptec (7)
  9. Intelligent Computer Solutions (9)
  10. Rave Computer (11)
The new entry to the top 10 list this month was Rave Computer at #10.

Silicon Image dropped one place to #11.



Fibre-Channel SSDs - market timeline

Can you trust SSD market data?

SSD software

For most manufacturers, sales were flat or down sequentially with the exception of Cisco's sales which increased 18% during the quarter.

The sales cycle for SAN Switches, particularly at the high end, can be 12 to 18 months - which is approximately the time that Cisco's products have been available in the market place.
FC Switches & HBA Market Revenue Q104 ($488 million total)
Market Leaders - source DellOro Group
rank vendor Q/Q growth
1 Brocade 2%
2 McDATA -7%
3 Emulex 5%
4 QLogic -11%
"I believe the company is now beginning to realize results from the larger contracts that the sales force has been working on over the past year," commented Tam Dell'Oro, Founder and President of Dell'Oro Group.

Dell'Oro Group's SAN Report provides in-depth information on market shares, manufacturer revenues, units and/or ports shipped, and average selling prices by technology segment: SAN Switches and HBAs. To purchase this report, contact Julie Learmond-Criqui at 650-622-9400 ext. 223 or via email at ...Dell'Oro Group profile, Fibre-channel adapters

New IBM Storage Virtualization Software

ARMONK, NY - May 25, 2004 - IBM today announced the next generation of its storage virtualization software that helps customers easily share millions of data files through a software layer. The new storage software includes support for IBM and non-IBM systems to simplify the management and complexity of mixed environments. The IBM TotalStorage SAN File System V2.1 has been enhanced to support IBM and a wide range of non-IBM SAN attached storage devices, including devices from EMC, HP and Hitachi. The software is designed without inherent limitations on the amount of storage that can be supported. The SFS is targeted at transforming the economics of SAN storage by allowing customers to better use existing hardware investments through a software virtualization layer.

Built with autonomic technologies from IBM Research, the software is designed to help reduce the overall amount of storage required in a customer's infrastructure by allowing storage resources to be shared more efficiently across servers and by reducing the need for duplicate copies of files. The IBM TotalStorage SAN File System also has the ability to help clients improve application availability by reducing application downtime for storage and data management tasks. The software also features a number of availability and security enhancements, including improvements to the administrative user interface that make data easier to manage.

Operating systems supported include:- Red Hat Linux Enterprise Server 3.0 and Sun Solaris 9. The IBM TotalStorage SAN File System Version 2.1 will be available on June 29th. ...IBM profile, Backup software

Computer Associates Certifies Storactive LiveServ

CAWORLD, LAS VEGAS - May 25, 2004 - Storactive Inc. today announced thatComputer Associates International, Inc. has certified its LiveServ for Exchange product as interoperable with CA's BrightStor ARCserve Backup. LiveServ has received the ca smart seal of excellence, which is awarded to solutions that integrate seamlessly with CA products, enabling customers to take advantage of best-in-class enterprise technologies while minimizing cost, time-to-benefit and risk. LiveServ for Exchange reduces the amount of time it takes organizations to recover whole Exchange Servers and individual messages and mailboxes from hours and days to minutes and seconds. LiveServ eliminates Exchange data vulnerabilities with the continuous protection of Exchange data, ensuring availability and business continuance. ...Computer Associates profile, Storactive

Alera Technologies offers DVD/CD Repair Tool

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - May 25, 2004 - Alera Technologies announced today its revolutionary DVD/CD Disc Repair Plus, a complete disc repair kit including a motorized system with buffing, cleaning and repair wheels, and specialized liquid solutions for the disc restoration processes. The DVD/CD Disc Repair Plus is a patented, motorized system that can repair up to 99% of all scratched DVDs, CDs, Game Discs, VCDs, DVD+Rs, DVD-Rs, DVD+RWs, DVD-RWs, CD-Rs, and CD-RWs. It is also very useful in repairing scratched source discs for use in Alera Technologies Duplicators.

"Our DVD/CD duplicator customers are continually looking for ways to read and duplicate source discs that have been scratched or damaged. Searching for the best way to help them solve this problem, we have developed DVD/CD Disc Repair Plus. The successful repair results achieved with the simple and effective DVD/CD Disc Repair Plus are truly amazing, especially considering the DVD/CD Disc Repair Plus has a low Estimated Street Price of only $29.99," stated Perry Solomon, President and CEO. "The quality and readability improvements achieved with this simple tool are proving to be impressive to even our most discerning Prosumer users."

The DVD/CD Disc Repair Plus motorized disc repair kit includes everything you need for effective disc restoration. Included are the motorized unit, an AC adapter, a repair kit, a cleaning kit, 2 extra repair wheels, 2 extra buffing wheels, a super buffing tool, repair and cleaning solutions, both specially formulated, and an anti static cleaning cloth. Everything is included for 30 super repair cycles (for deep scratches) and 50 regular repair cycles (for minor scratches). ...Alera Technologies profile

Quantum Enhances Relationship with Novell

SAN JOSE, Calif. - May 25, 2004 - Quantum Corp. announced that it has expanded its relationship with Novell and extended its membership in Novell PartnerNet and DeveloperNet programs, laying the groundwork for enhanced marketing and technical development cooperation with Novell as the company expands its Linux initiatives. Novell customers can now leverage the complete integrated line of DLTtape technology for their tape backup and recovery needs. ...Novell profile, ...Quantum profile

SanDisk Card Combines Flash and WiFi

NEW YORK, NY - May 24, 2004 - SanDisk Corporation announced today the availability of the SanDisk 256MB + Wi-Fi SD Combination card, the world's first card to include both memory and WLAN (802.11b) communications in a single SD card.

The new card is compatible with handheld devices that feature an SDIO-enabled slot and use Microsoft Pocket PC 2002, PC 2003 or Windows Mobile 2003 operating environments. Availability of the SanDisk Combination SD card, with shipping planned in the next 30 days to worldwide markets, was announced at the Digital Experience media conference in New York.

"The SD Combination card makes the best use of the handheld's SDIO slot by combining two important features into a single, small-sized card - wireless connectivity and storage," said Dave Smurthwaite, product marketing manager for mobile card solutions at SanDisk. "In addition to the freedom and flexibility of wireless access, the 256MB of memory conserves precious internal memory of the handheld device by allowing the user to save files directly to the card without first saving them to the internal memory of the device. Without storage on the card, handheld users cannot download large files to their devices because the available internal memory of the device is too small. The introduction of this card will meet demand of next generation wireless applications such as the download of large streaming media files from public and private networks for personal use."

The low-power device is designed to minimize battery drain, a key consideration for handheld computer users. The 256MB+Wi-Fi SD Combination card has a suggested list price of $129. ...SanDisk profile

Voltaire Speeds InfiniBand-Powered Oracle 10g Grids

BEDFORD, Mass. and WALTHAM, Mass. - May 24, 2004 - Voltaire and Demantra, a global provider of collaborative marketing and supply chain solutions, today announced that the companies are working together to provide advanced enterprise planning solutions based on the Demantra Spectrum Suite and Voltaire InfiniBand-powered Oracle Database 10g grids.

The joint grid computing solution enables retail and consumer products customers to analyze and respond to market data collected at point-of-sale at greater speeds and at a lower total cost of ownership than ever before. The grid solution is based on the Demantra Spectrum Suite, which is used by leaders in the food service and manufacturing industries including, Dunkin Donuts, Wendy's International, Welch's and Unilever, and on Voltaire's high performance InfiniBand solutions, which are used by advanced computing facilities and enterprise data centers to provide high speed connectivity for server grids.

Leveraging the high speed networking and clustering capabilities of Oracle Database 10g, the solution unites pools of low cost servers, storage and networks into one large system that dynamically allocates resources to address changing computing needs such as raw data collection and processing, and in-depth analysis and reporting. The combination of Demantra's Distributed Processing Agent technology, Voltaire InfiniBand and Oracle 10g delivers high-end analytical and data processing scalability critical to advanced marketing and supply chain solutions, specifically for retail, quick serve restaurants and high-end manufacturing. ...Voltaire profile, InfiniBand

Intransa's IP SAN Earns Solaris Ready Certification

JOSE, Calif. – May 24, 2004 – Intransa announced that the company's IP SAN IP5000 platform has passed Sun Microsystems' "Solaris Ready" certification process and the company has become a Sun iForce partner. The certification along with Intransa's participation in Sun's iForce go-to-market program makes it easy for network managers to integrate Intransa's native IP storage solution into current and future Solaris-based networks.

The IP5000 has been certified for both Solaris 8 and Solaris 9 on Sun's UltraSparc 64-bit processor. Intransa is also participating in the Early Release program for Solaris 10. With the support of Solaris 8 and Solaris 9, Intransa continues to broaden its platform offerings for IP5000 customers. Among the core features tested were Volume Virtualization, Dynamic Volume Expansion, and Snapshot.

"As the only native IP storage solution on the market, we are able to deliver a far richer palate of end-user benefits than any other IP-based storage vendor," said Linda Arens, Director Business Development of Intransa. "With this Sun certification, Intransa now extends IP5000's full range benefits to Solaris end-users."

Intransa's IP SAN IP5000 introduces a sophisticated architecture and management software that enables customers to easily add storage capacity from 2 to 24 terabytes and consolidate high volume e-mail and collaborative environments such as Microsoft Exchange, databases, backup and restore applications and other mission-critical data management and disaster recovery applications. The IP SAN provides IT administrators an attractive alternative to expensive Fibre Channel components since the Intransa IP SAN leverages network infrastructures that already exist in the data center. ...Intransa profile, iSCSI

Emulex Ships 2 Millionth Storage Switch Port

COSTA MESA, Calif. - May 24, 2004 - Emulex Corporation today announced it has now shipped over 2 million ports of InSpeed switches. During the first quarter of 2004, Emulex's InSpeed port shipments exceeded the combined Fibre Channel Fabric and Chassis switch port shipments of all vendors by more than 25%, as estimated by leading industry market research firm Dell'Oro Group. Initially introduced 2 years ago, InSpeed was the very first technology to bring high performance switching inside the storage array. Leading storage providers such as HP, Network Appliance, Fujitsu, Xyratex, Apple, Quantum, BlueArc and NEC have already deployed solutions with InSpeed and, at present, eight of the world's top ten storage OEMs are either designing InSpeed into new solutions or are in formal test and evaluation phase with the technology. ...Emulex profile

Engenio Unveils New SATA Secondary Storage

MILPITAS, CA - May 24, 2004 - Engenio Information Technologies, Inc. today introduced a new entry-level, enterprise-class SATA storage solution that utilizes the company's new 2822 storage controller and SANtricity Storage Manager software.

The 2822 storage controller offers an affordable enterprise storage entry point without sacrificing scalability or high-end functionality. A 2822-based storage system combines SATA controllers, robust storage management software and 3.5 TB of capacity in a single 3U enclosure. The 2822 can scale to 28 TB and 112 SATA drives and provides the same robust functionality as Engenio's high-end 5884-based SATA storage systems. The 2822 storage system is ideally suited for the specific workload, capacity and cost requirements of secondary storage. Its ability to cost-effectively store large amounts of information online, such as reference data, fixed content, disaster recovery and backup, brings tremendous value to the data center. And the 2822 storage system enables data that would otherwise be archived on tape, to be cost-effectively brought online - improving access rates, reliability and service levels. ...Engenio profile

Broadcom Samples 4 Gbps Fibre Channel Switches

IRVINE, Calif. - May 24, 2004 - Broadcom Corporation today launched the enterprise storage industry's first 4Gbps Fibre Channel fabric switches.

These new devices fulfill the demand for an affordable storage and server Fibre Channel fabric interconnect for the rapidly growing SMB segment and for embedded applications. In addition, they are designed to enable the replacement of traditional loop-switch architectures in high-density enterprise storage arrays.

Through the introduction of these products, Broadcom is squarely positioned to take advantage of two major trends in SANs: the rapid growth of Fibre Channel for SMB and the transition to 4 Gbps Fibre Channel. With the goal of increasing the overall size of the Fibre Channel market, Fibre Channel manufacturers are pushing their technology, previously deployed mainly in large enterprise networks, down into the widely untapped and growing SMB segment. The second major trend is that of storage OEMs introducing higher performance products at price points previously associated with lower data transmission speeds, to increase end-customer value and preserve overall average sale prices. The industry adoption of 4 Gbps Fibre Channel products at 2 Gbps price points is expected to duplicate the highly successful and similar transition to 2 Gbps from 1 Gbps Fibre Channel.

IDC projects that Fibre Channel SMB port sales will grow at a nearly 80% compound annual growth rate through 2008. According to Gartner/Dataquest, 4 Gbps Fibre Channel will grow at a CAGR of nearly 300% through 2007 and become the dominant speed for new Fibre Channel products in two years' time. ...Broadcom profile, ICs

HP and Microsoft Expand Security Solutions

SAN DIEGO, Calif. - May 24, 2004 - At the Microsoft Tech Ed 2004 conference here today, HP and Microsoft Corporation expanded their long-standing relationship by announcing an agreement to market and produce a hardware security solution built on technology from the two companies.

The HP ProLiant DL320 Firewall/VPN/Cache Server running Microsoft Internet Security & Acceleration Server (ISA) 2004 addresses network and perimeter security. In addition, the companies announced the availability of the HP ProtectTools Suite for Microsoft software, which adds to the security functionality provided by standard Microsoft products - such as Microsoft Exchange Server, Outlook and Windows Mobile. Available in Q3 2004, the HP ProLiant DL320 Firewall/VPN/Cache Server will have a starting price around $3,000. ...HP profile, ...Microsoft profile, Security
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