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storage history - 2005, November week 1

Megabyte's selection of storage news
Megabyte loved reading news stories
about the storage market
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EMC Supports Microsoft 's SQL Server 2005

San Francisco, Calif. - November 7, 2005 - EMC Corp today announced a suite of new solutions, professional services and software support designed to help customers optimize their storage for the new Microsoft SQL Server 2005 database platform.

EMC is showcasing its portfolio of ILM offerings for SQL Server 2005 to thousands of Microsoft Corp. customers and industry partners as a Gold sponsor of today's launch event for SQL Server 2005. ...EMC profile

Flash Market may hit $20 billion in 2005

MONTEREY, Calif - November 7, 2005 - Web-Feet Research says the Flash memory market in 2005 is approaching $20 billion.

This year's Flash memory market for NOR and NAND is forecast to be $19.6 billion, nearly 13% higher than the $17.3 billion recorded last year. The NOR market having faced pricing difficulty for most of 2005, declined -17% to $8.3 billion. NAND revenues are expected to grow 53% to $11.3 billion this year. Samsung will finish in first place with total Flash revenues of $6.2 billion and a 31.7% market share for 2005. On a quarterly basis however, Samsung has been steadily losing revenue share due to its discounted pricing for Apple. Samsung's share of NAND revenue was also down slightly and should finish just under 50%. ...Web-Feet Research profile, Analysts - SSD market

Seagate Appoints Marketing Director North Asia

TAIPEI, Taiwan - November 7, 2005 - Seagate Technology today named Kevin Lee as its new Sales and Marketing Director for North Asia.

In this role, Lee will be based in Shanghai, China and is responsible for managing Seagate's team of sales and marketing professionals in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Lee and the team will be responsible for relationships with channel partners such as distributors, channel OEMs and resellers, with the goal of growing Seagate's business in both traditional and new market segments.

Lee has been in the IT industry for 16 years and brings with him a rich experience in channel sales, marketing and entrepreneurship. Prior to joining Seagate, Lee worked for several multi-national companies, including Motorola, AT&T, Intel, and Iomega. He has also pioneered the establishment of two software companies in China. ...Seagate profile, Storage People

Atempo Delivers "Trusted ILM'"

PALO ALTO, Calif. - November 7, 2005 - Atempo today unveiled Time Navigator Security and Compliance Manager.

Time Navigator SCM is a new storage security solution integrating multiple layers of security technologies to protect 'in-flight' and 'at-rest' digital information, securing it against eavesdropping, tampering and impersonation. Time Navigator SCM is built with regulatory compliance in mind. It provides templates for Sarbanes-Oxley, SEC-17a, HIPAA and other regulations. By intelligently applying the appropriate layers of security to different classes of data, organizations can establish distinct data retention periods, encryption methods, certificate management and security policies for different departments, users, applications or even specific data files. ...Atempo profile, Backup Software, Storage Security

Editor's comments:-
it's over 5 years since STORAGEsearch first ran ads for "storage security" products. In 2000 vendors and analysts had high hopes for this segment of the storage industry. But instead of a cohesive unified storage security market, what we've seen develop instead is a confusing patchwork of solutions and a market fabric which contains as many holes as antique lace. Although individual products can play a part in this - patching up the security holes is a never ending task - and for some users - the complexity is so daunting - and the results so uncertain - that the process never starts.

Storage Visions Announces New Corporate Sponsors

San Jose, CA - November 7, 2005 - The Storage Visions Conference, which focuses on digital storage and the entertainment content value chain, today announced 6 new corporate sponsors.

These are:- Marvell (Gold); NetCell (Silver) as well as Hitachi Global Storage Technologies, NeoPath Networks, and SanDisk (Bronze). Imation is our conference bag sponsor.

Other corporate sponsors are Maxtor and Seagate (Platinum); Denali Software, M-Systems, Samsung (Gold); Agere Systems, Atmel, GS Magic, STMicroelectronics and Toshiba (Silver); as well as InPhase Technologies and Silicon Image (Bronze). Fujitsu is exhibiting at the 2006 Storage Visions Conference.

Media and organization sponsors include Blu-ray Disc Association; The Santa Clara Valley IEEE Consumer Electronics Society; The Diffusion Group; InfoStor; Park Associates, Westworld Publishing, publisher of Computer Technology Review; Reverse Logistics Trade Shows;; Mass Storage News; Jobstor; SCSI Trade Association; Storage Week; Fibre Channel Industry Association;; and the Interactive Television Alliance....Storage Visions Conference, Storage Events, Storage Manufacturers

NetPro Publishes Guide to Active Directory Recovery

Phoenix, AZ - November 7, 2005 - NetPro Computing, Inc. today released A Definitive Guide to Active Directory Disaster Recovery.

This free technical guide is authored by Gil Kirkpatrick, CTO of NetPro, and Guido Grillenmeier, Senior Consultant of Enterprise Microsoft Services for HP. Both Active Directory experts and Microsoft MVPs, Kirkpatrick and Grillenmeier collaborated to deliver a complete guide that is packed with more than 60 pages of real-life disaster scenarios, plus tips and techniques to help administrators plan for and recover from directory disruptions.

"Disaster recovery is a critical topic for administrators, and many don't realize the need for advanced skills until it's too late," says Kirkpatrick. "A full recovery involves not just restoring the lost objects and services, but also their pre-defined attributes. This new guide includes detailed steps on how to perform a complete recovery - inside and out - and helps companies to maintain Active Directory service continuity when failures occur." ...sign up to read the guide, Backup Software

Editor's comments:-
alternatively you can see 40+ articles about backup and disaster recovery planning which you can read without signing up for inboxware.

QSAN Puts Data Rollback in the RAID

Taipei, Taiwan - November 7, 2005 - Qsan announced it is supporting Windows VSS in its Snapshot-on-the-box feature offered in both S series (SCSI U320) and P series (iSCSI) product lines of storage controllers.

Qsan Snapshot-on-the-box is a point-in-time volume replication. It makes consistent & instant copies of data volumes without any system downtime. It can keep up to 32 snapshots for all data volumes. Rollback feature is provided so users can easily restore the previously-snapshoted data easily while continuing using the volume for further data access. The data access is just regular as before including read & write without any impact on end users. The "on-the-box" terminology implies the fact that it does not require any proprietary agents installed at host side. The snapshot is taken at volume level. It will not consume any host CPU cycles thus the server is dedicated to the specific application. The snapshot copies can be taken manually or by schedule such as hourly and daily.

In a typical setup following a virus induced server data crash the IT department can easily rollback the data volume in 25 minutes with only 15 minutes data loss.

"What we are trying to accomplish here at Qsan is to evolve traditional RAID products by adding new flavors, why small & medium businesses are not able to enjoy EMC-class of storage features/benefits?" said Eric Kao, Director of Sales & Marketing at Qsan. ...QSAN Technology profile, iSCSI

Alfred McAlpine Chooses StoreAge

London, UK - November 7, 2005 - StoreAge Networking Technologies today announced that Alfred McAlpine (a UK company employing 9,000 people) has completed its initial disaster recovery architecture by deploying StoreAge SVM technology into its SAN environment.

The new SAN implementation was designed and installed by Alfred McAlpine's IT Services business who engaged with StoreAge's value add distributor Zycko. Alfred McAlpine found itself in the situation, where due to acquisitions and growth the company had a number of sites, each containing its own IT deployment, but no provision for performing inter-site backups. StoreAge SVM was selected because it proved to be the most functional SAN management and disaster recovery solution. The multiMirror product was used for mirroring data between multiple sites from high-end EMC arrays at the source site, to mid-range Dot Hill arrays at the destination site. ...StoreAge profile

Fujifilm Technology Behind Sun's New Tape Drive

Valhalla, NY - November 4, 2005 - Fuji Photo Film U.S.A., Inc. today introduced a new enterprise-grade tape media - to provide 1.5TB (with 3:1 compression) of capacity on a single cartridge - designed for Sun's new T10000 (launched earlier this week).

This new Sun StorageTek T10000 media is based on the same innovative NANOCUBIC technology found in other Fujifilm media products. Fujifilm was the first Japanese domestic producer of computer tape in 1965, and has 40 years of experience in manufacturing back-up tape for the computer industry. Its ATOMM technology, introduced in 1992, resulted in such breakthrough products as Zip disks, DLTtape IV, Super DLTtape and LTO tape. With its higher recording density and superior performance and reliability, Fujifilm NANOCUBIC technology is enabling a host of next-generation products for consumer, mid-range and enterprise applications. ...Fujifilm profile, Storage Media

LSI Logic to go Fabless

Editor: - November 4, 2005 - having been involved in the electronics industry since before the invention of the microprocessor I'm rarely surprised by technology announcements, but news buried in a recent financial report by LSI Logic did make me pause and think awhile. The news is that LSI Logic is planning to adopt a fabless manufacturing model.

If you're unfamiliar with the term "fabless" - when it's used by a semiconductor company - it means that the company doesn't have its own wafer fabrication plant, but designs chips which will be manufactured using the production capacity of a 3rd party company. The term "wafer" - is because hundreds of integrated circuits are produced on a slice of silicon which in the old days used to be the shape and size of a (Catholic) communion wafer but wafers have now expanded to the diameter and appearance of a 12 inch CD. After adding layers of toppings, cooking and processing - the wafer is cut into individual chips. We used the pizza metaphor on our storage chips page - because there is some similarity with that industry. But Pizza tastes better and modern wafer fabs, can cost billions of dollars to build and commission.

Many storage semiconductor companies today are fabless - so why was I so struck by the news from LSI Logic? And why should you care? I suppose it brought back memories of an earlier age in the industry - and the dawn of technologies which we now all take for granted.

Back in the late 1980s the availability of workstations and CAD tools powered a revolution in custom chip design. Electronics engineers in thousands of companies got the tools to design their own ASICs (Application Specific Integrated Circuits) even if they didn't know very much about chip technology. LSI Logic was the most visible leader at the forefront of that revolution in which ASIC companies created gate arrays of lego like chip building blocks - which designers could connect and test in virtual form on their desktops (or mainframes). ASIC technology also enabled Sun and other minicomputer makers to design their own custom RISC processors. Those were exciting days in the computer market when it seemed that almost anything could happen.

The creativity unleashed in the computing world by the ASIC technologies was similar to the effect that the world wide web had on the publishing industry. It meant small companies - making specialized products could use the same kind of chip technology that previously was only available to the biggest computer manufacturers.

I first came across the term "fabless" in 1986 or thereabouts when my wife Janet was working as a product manager in an ASIC startup. A few years later, she was headhunted back into Intel to market their ASIC capability which had been acquired in a technology swap with IBM. I think IBM got the rights to manufacture the 8086 in return - which was a good deal for them. I remember thinking at the time that Intel was culturally an unlikely company to be offering such a service and their claim that they would "always reserve fab space for their ASIC customers" rang hollow. I thought they would probably pull out of ASIC as soon as there was an upturn in their core microprocessor business - and that's what happened.

Coming back to the storage market. In recent years LSI Logic has gone through a lot of soul searching:- first deciding to spin off their systems business, which also involved renaming it to Engenio (from the previous "LSI Logic Storage Systems") then changing their mind about that, and now breaking away from their original roots as a chipmaker.

Industries change. Over 300 storage companies have disappeared in the last 5 years, but the total number of storage companies keeps growing and it's heading towards being an $80 billion market. But whatever happens in the bright future of storage, LSI Logic has played a significant part in developing the shape of the whole computer industry, and I thought it was worth more than a footnote in a financial press release. ...LSI Logic profile, storage history

Micron Supports Agreement on Tariffs

Bosie, Idaho - November 3, 2005 - Micron Technology, Inc., announced its support for today's finalization of a draft agreement to eliminate duties on multi-chip package (MCP) integrated circuits - a semiconductor device that includes more than one silicon chip inside the package.

The draft Agreement on Duty-Free Treatment of Multi-Chip Integrated Circuits was announced today at the Governments/Authorities Meeting on Semiconductors (GAMS) in Seoul, Korea. The agreement was finalized by representatives of the governments and authorities from the United States, Korea, Japan, Chinese Taipei and the European Commission, who will now return home to complete their respective approval processes. It is foreseen that the GAMS members will eliminate duties on multi-chip package integrated circuits beginning on January 1, 2006.

"Mobile handset manufacturers are increasingly adopting MCPs as their package solution for form factor improvement and, by offering NAND flash memory and mobile DRAM, Micron is well positioned to offer the industry a total MCP solution," said Steve Appleton, Micron Chairman, President and CEO. "We are pleased to see governments around the world recognize the need for these products to be duty free, and we're particularly appreciative of the USTR's work on this agreement." ...Micron profile, RAM

Microsoft Acquires Vaulting Company

REDMOND, Wash. - November 3, 2005 - Microsoft Corp. today announced it has acquired FolderShare, a leading service in the emerging space of file synchronization and remote access technology that helps customers access information across multiple devices.

FolderShare customers will continue to be able to enjoy the service. Financial details of the acquisition were not disclosed. Launched in 2002 and owned and operated by Austin, Texas-based ByteTaxi Inc., the award-winning FolderShare service saves customers the hassle of sending large files via e-mail, burning them to CDs or DVDs and mailing them, or uploading them to a Web site. Instead, it allows customers to sync important information, making it well suited for personal or small-business use. The FolderShare service also enables private, remote access to customers' own files from any Web browser. ...Microsoft profile, ...FolderShare, Backup Software, online backup, Acquired storage companies, article:- What are Digital Vaults?

M-Systems Reports 55% Revenue Growth

KFAR-SABA, Israel - November 3, 2005 - M-Systems today announced financial results for the third quarter ended September 30.

Revenues for Q305 were $132.6 million, representing an increase of 55% compared to Q304. Net income was $13.9 million an increase of 128% compared to Q304.

"End market demand is growing at a remarkable pace, with new technological requirements, such as increased capacity and security in mobile handsets, continually emerging" said Dov Moran, President and CEO of M-Systems. "We believe our value-added technology, strong IP, solid market position and partnerships with industry leaders will enable us to capitalize on the multitude of opportunities that lie ahead. We are increasing our full year 2005 guidance, which previously called for revenues of at least $450 million to revenues of at least $490 million. With our excellent team, strong core group of products and additional planned initiatives, we believe that we have a sound platform for continued growth and profitability." ...M-Systems profile, Solid State Disks, Flash

ProStor Unveils New Backup Technology

BOULDER, CO - November 2, 2005 - ProStor Systems made its public debut today by introducing the firm's RDX removable disk backup technology.

The RDX removable cartridge uses the same 2.5" hard disk media platters found in notebook computers and provides initial capacity upto 400GB (compressed). That will will increase in line with conventional hard disk technology. But the difference is that RDX uses a new patent-pending error correcting format, which makes the data 1,000 times more recoverable than in a standard hard drive. ProStor says this means that RDX-stored data will be readable even after the cartridge has been archived and non-operating more than a decade.

Leading the ProStor team as CEO and president is industry veteran Steve Georgis, who brings more than 28 years of data storage experience from Exabyte, StorageTek and Data General, and holds 15 technology patents. ...ProStor Systems profile, Removable Storage, Disk to disk backup, Storage People

Editor's comments:-
the reliability of embedded storage modules and components such as disk drives, tape drives and optical disks will become an important issue for users in the next 7 years.

These products rely on inbuilt error correction algorithms which were designed over a decade ago - when storage capacities were much smaller. All those "ten to the minus something" numbers which you see quoted for error rates sound good - except that when your enterprise is managing Petabytes of data, at every higher connection speeds, then you will start seeing uncorrectable data failures occurring every year - inside the storage, and beyond the scope of your RAID or other protection scheme to correct. ProStor is one of a new generation of storage manufacturers addressing this problem, and we'll soon publish a directory section dedicated to storage reliability issues such as this.

Seagate's 120GB Hard Disks Used in Notebooks

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif. - November 2, 2005 - Seagate Technology today announced that its 120GB, 2.5" hard drives are being used in new Alienware notebooks.

Users can order Alienware notebooks with either the 7,200 RPM or 5,400 RPM Momentus disc drives and add a second Momentus drive to the high-end models for greater performance, storage capacity and robust data protection (RAID 1). ...Seagate profile, ...Alienware, Solaris notebooks, hard disk drives

Sun Introduces T10000 Enterprise Tape Drive

Washington, D.C. - November 2, 2005 - Sun Microsystems today introduced its T10000 enterprise tape drive at FORUM 2005.

Delivering the industry's highest native tape drive throughput rate (120MB/second), and capacity of up to 500GB uncompressed (or 1TB compressed) data on a single cartridge - and Fibre Channel and FICON dual-port connectivity, the T10000 delivers a 250% increase in density and 400% increase in throughput speeds over the earlier StorageTek T9940B drive. Future generations of the T10000 will feature expanded capacity up to 1TB uncompressed on a single cartridge.

CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, is currently testing the T10000. CERN houses 1% of the entire world's digital data collection, and by 2007, intends to collect 15 petabytes of data per year.

"We are currently in the midst of a 10-year project that will produce huge volumes of data that needs to be captured and made available for processing immediately," said Charles Curran, storage consultant, CERN. "The data that is collected in these experiments will probably never appear again, so we need a high performance, reliable tape drive to ensure we don't miss anything. By more than doubling the storage capacity over Sun's prior tape drives, the new T10000 will enable us to use significantly less tape library space to do more work and helps mitigate risk and ensure near 24x7 drive operation." ...Sun profile, FORUM 2005, Tape drives

Atmel Announces Most Integrated DVD Chip

San Jose, CA - November 1, 2005 - Atmel Corporation announced today its DVD Single Chip, the industry's highest level integrated optical system based on 0.13 micron technology.

The AT78C4050 is capable of supporting Blue Laser and Red Laser technologies. Also available is an optional SATA IC. This product is aimed at DVD-storage OEMs developing mainstream PC DVD-storage, high-performance Set-Top Boxes and Recorder subsystems. The AT78C4050 is available now at $8 in 100 unit quantities. A hardware and firmware reference design is also available. ...Atmel profile, storage chips

MaXXan Secures SAN Switches

SAN JOSE, Calif. - November 1, 2005 - MaXXan Systems, Inc. today announced that it has added high-speed data-at-rest encryption support to its SAN Switches.

With the ability to scale from 16 to 256 ports, this solution is for enterprise users looking to encrypt data across disk or tape SANs. Adding encryption to a MaXXan switch is done by an add-in card.

"It was only a question of time before a vendor realized that security appliances could be totally integrated within an intelligent switch, allowing for smoother scalability and tighter integration. After all, encryption is just another application," said Arun Taneja, founder of the Taneja Group. "MaXXan's Secure Storage Application Platform can be deployed as a SAN switch with encryption or as an encryption appliance connected to existing SAN switches. This provides maximum flexibility to customers." ...MaXXan Systems, Storage Security, SAN, Fibre channel SAN switches

StorCase Slims Down Removable SATA Disk Boxes

Fountain Valley, CA - November 1, 2005 - StorCase Technology today announced it is releasing a new line of removable drive enclosures.

Designed to accommodate the growing variety of sleek or custom-sized PC peripheral bays, new Data Express 'Profile' models support the latest SATA 3Gbps interface technology while providing a durable product with a uniquely compact profile and price that meets the budgets of value-minded customers.

Recent efforts by industry leaders such as HP, IBM/Lenovo and Dell to present more compact, esthetically-pleasing computer designs have resulted in smaller and/or modified dimensions for PC chassis peripheral expansion bays. Data Express Profile enclosures ensure a perfect fit within a variety of today's unique and customized PCs by providing a CD-ROM form factor and centrally-located drive carrier. Each Profile DX115 is a compact drive carrier and receiving frame for internally mounting a low-profile, 3.5" drive into any half-height, 5.25" peripheral bay. StorCase will follow the DX115 release with the Profile DX55, a similar product designed for mounting 2.5" drives into 3.5" bays, early next year.

Data Express Profile models provide an industry-leading 50K frame-to-carrier mating connector rating, 12-year warranty and incorporate protective "Soft Start" circuitry to assure data integrity during spin-up and insertion. A mechanical key lock on the DX115 drive carrier provides additional system security. ...StorCase Technology profile, Storage Boxes, Removable Storage

STORAGEsearch Pageviews Grew 112% in October

Editor: - November 1, 2005 - STORAGEsearch reports on readers' changing interests in October.

The #1 subject viewed by readers (out of 70 storage categories on our home page) was hard disk drives. Pageviews grew 112% compared to the year ago period. Readership grew by 21% compared to the year ago period. For more information and full rankings see Market research

XOsoft Ships Exchange Migration Tool

Waltham, MA - November 1, 2005 - XOsoft today announced InMotion, a new solution that automates upgrades, maintenance and migration tasks for Microsoft Exchange Server.

With InMotion, IT organizations will be able to reduce system complexity, increase productivity and promote proactive management of Exchange; thereby lowering the risk of planned maintenance turning into unplanned downtime. InMotion is available immediately for Exchange and will soon support SQL. ...XOsoft profile

ADIC Introduces Intelligent Midrange Library

REDMOND, Wash - November 1, 2005 - ADIC announced today a major new tape library platform, the Scalar i500.

Scalar i500 base systems are available in three sizes: 5U, 14U, and 23U high. The 5U systems offer up to 2 drives and 36 tape positions; 14U systems offer up to 6 drives and 128 tapes; 23U systems can scale to 10 drives and 220 tapes. Expansion units, 9U in height with up to 4 drives and 92 tape positions, can be added to any base system to build an extended library of up to 18 drives and 404 tape positions. ...ADIC profile

Plasmon Seeks New VARs for Raidtec RAID

Cambridge, UK - November 1, 2005 - Plasmon today announced the launch of its channel partner recruitment campaign called "Operation RAID".

Plasmon is recruiting new reseller partners for its range of Raidtec Solutions and is offering a 20% discount incentive on all first orders. Interested resellers should call Paul Devine on +44 1763 262 963. ...Plasmon profile, RAID systems

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