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storage history - 2006, August week 3

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Intel will Bundle Diskeeper with Motherboards..............................................
EAST GRINSTEAD, UK - August 21, 2006 - Diskeeper announced that Intel will ship a full version of Diskeeper's automatic defragmenter on their next-generation motherboard CDs to an estimated 4 - 6 million system builders worldwide.

In the white paper entitled, The Impact of Disk Fragmentation, storage expert Joe Kinsella found that heavy fragmentation can cause applications such as Microsoft Word to slow down by 15x, Internet Explorer by 2x, anti-virus scanner by 3x and Outlook by 3x. With such performance hits taking their toll on computers, the benefit from adding Diskeeper to Intel's motherboard CDs is a significant offering to their system builder base. ...Diskeeper profile, Storage Software

Exabyte Introduces User Upgradeable Tape Library

BOULDER, Colo. - August 21, 2006 - Exabyte Corp. today introduced the Magnum 448 LTO tape library.

Starting at $7,950, the Magnum is available with 1 to 4 drives and scales upto 38TB. Each library comes standard with a barcode scanner, Ethernet-based remote management, dual Import/Export media drawers, and a rackmount kit. The Magnum's drives and cartridge magazines are customer-replaceable and can be easily exchanged, or extra drives can be added, in a matter of minutes while the unit is still in the rack. Tapes can be easily inserted or removed through the two Import/Export doors without removing an entire 12-cartridge magazine.

The Magnum 448 LTO will be available from September 1. Pricing starts at $7,950 for the base configuration with four magazines for 48 cartridges and a single LTO-2 half-height drive. A similar configuration with four magazines and one LTO-3 full-height SCSI drive is available for $9,950, or with one LTO-3 FH FC drive for $11,500. Additional 12-cartridge magazines will be available for $350. ...Exabyte profile, tape libraries, disk to disk backup

Verity Systems Announce 16x DVD Duplication

Aldershot, UK - August 21, 2006 - Verity Systems today announced genuine 16x DVD recording speeds on many of their CopyDisc duplicators.

CopyDisc Platinum auto-loading duplicators can now copy up to 8 x 4.7G DVDs simultaneously in just 7½ minutes and 220 DVDs in under 4 hours. ...Verity Systems profile, DVD duplicators

FalconStor's Wendy Petty in Women of the Channel List

Melville, NY - August 21, 2006 - FalconStor Software, Inc. today announced that Wendy Petty, VP of North America Sales, will be honored alongside 49 other IT industry luminaries in VARBusiness magazine's first ever "Power 50 Women of the Channel."

The list appears in today's edition of VARBusiness magazine. ...FalconStor Software profile, Storage publications, Storage People

Sun's Focus on Processor Chips Blinds it to Storage OS

Editor:- August 18, 2006 - an article in the SPARC Product Directory explains why Sun may lose the race for the next big OS advance to Microsoft - and thereby the enterprise server market.

Sun has been so focused on packing the maximum amount of SPARC processors into a single chip that it has lost sight of the need to accelerate its storage architecture. the article, ...Microsoft profile, ...Sun Microsystems profile, SPARC Product Directory

Inquirer Interview with Online Backup Company

Editor:- August 18, 2006 - an article in the Inquirer looks at the future of the online backup market.

Based on an interview with Josh Coates, founder of, the article looks looks at how the market has split into two - the free and premium (paid) segments. In a market which has seen many flaky business models since it started over 7 years ago - it will be hard for vendors to operate in the gaps left between big name free service providers and relatively unknown companies who charge prices which are unattractively high for most SMBs. the article, online backup and storage

Tek-Tools Announces StorageProfiler for Clariion/CX

DALLAS, Texas - August 17, 2006 - Tek-Tools Software today announced the availability StorageProfiler for the EMC/Dell Clariion/CX line of storage arrays.

Profiler's Clariion module reports on volumes, RAID groups/storage pools, disks, initiator and target ports, operational status for the array, processors, and all the associations between each entity. Customers gain valuable insight into storage utilization across the enterprise, can identify the impact of a failure, and can trend and forecast for capacity planning and business continuity decisions, all from a single pane-of-glass view. ...Tek-Tools profile, Backup Software, Storage Analyzers

Ontrack Data Recovery Warns of Tape Backup Problems

MINNEAPOLIS, MN - August 16, 2006 - Ontrack Data Recovery has compiled a list of the top tape failures.

Companies often find that backup data on tape has become corrupted when accessed later to retrieve critical business data. This can be due to operational error or even mishandling of the tape itself. Accidental overwrites due to inserting or partially formatting the wrong tape are not uncommon. Just because you perform a regular process to back up your systems doesn't mean that your data is safe. If it was good one day, it might not be good the next. Companies must check tapes regularly by accessing and viewing the data to ensure it is available in the event of a disaster.

Storing backup tapes offsite is one of the most basic requirements of any disaster recovery plan but, like any business, these sites can also be hit by disaster, natural or otherwise. Hurricane Katrina in the US and the Buncefield oil depot explosion in the UK go to show how disasters can affect large parts of a country, jeopardizing both central data and offsite backups. The best plan for offsite storage is to utilize multiple storage locations that are as far away from the main office as logistically feasible.

Problems with broken tapes, dirty drives and using tape past its "sell by" date can lead to data being inaccessible. Without specialist in-house expertise, often the only option is to approach a data recovery expert to restore lost data in order to get the business back up and running.

Upgrades in business software and systems can leave backed up data irretrievable. If you've changed your systems, check that the data stored on tape can still be accessed given that it may have been created by different applications or servers.

"Many businesses have blind faith that their backup routines work and will save them in the event of a problem and, as a result, few bother to check the accessibility of their data until a disaster occurs," said Jim Reinert, senior director of Software and Services for Ontrack Data Recovery. "This leaves them unprepared and can put them out of business for days or even weeks." ...Ontrack profile

Editor's comments:-
every time there's a looming hurricane online backup companies issue Cassandra like warnings about what might happen if you don't use their services. Also disk to disk backup companies like Asigra have web sites stuffed with stories about users who failed to restore all their data from tape backups. Unlike the backup software industry which sells you preventative products (which don't always work) the data recovery industry - supplies salvage expertise to get you out of the mess after something has gone wrong.

NetApp Reports Achieves 39% Revenue Growth

Sunnyvale, Calif. - August 16, 2006 - Network Appliance, Inc. today reported results for the first quarter of fiscal year 2007.

Revenues for the first fiscal quarter were $621.3 million, an increase of 39% compared to the same period a year ago. For the full fiscal year 2007, Network Appliance estimates that revenues will finish in the range of 32% to 33% higher than fiscal year 2006. ...Network Appliance profile, NAS

Editor's comments:- NetApp was one of the fastest growing storage companies in 2005 and looks like it will make this list in 2006 too. In contrast laggardly HP reported that its networked storage revenue grew a mere 5% in the quarter ended July 31.

WD Honored by VARBusiness

LAKE FOREST, Calif. - August 16, 2006 - Western Digital Corp. has been recognized by readers of VARBusiness magazine for outstanding customer satisfaction levels and has been lauded in the Annual Report Card award program.

WD received the Company of the Year award in the Enterprise Disk Drives category from the biweekly magazine at a ceremony held yesterday at the XChange '06 Conference in St. Louis. ...Western Digital profile, VARBusiness Awards

New Name for Open Source Storage

San Francisco - August 15, 2006 - today at LinuxWorld - Open Source Storage announced it has changed its name to Open Source Systems, Inc.

"We believe changing the company name to Open Source Systems was necessary to align ourselves with the open source movement and better reflect the changes in the industry," explained Jared Giles, Director of Marketing for Open Source Storage. "While Linux is obviously still very important open source software, we have also seen Open Solaris become significant and Java becoming more open source, as well. There are also twice as many open source middleware applications as there was this time last year." ...Open Source Systems profile, Linux Portals

Editor's comments:- generic names like, InfoStore or DataStoreX work well for publications, but with a few exceptions, such as StorageTek, these technology style brands don't last long when they are adopted by storage manufacturers. Our renamed and gone away storage companies page is littered with examples. I predict that the new name "Open Source Systems" won't last long either.

See also:- article:- Marketing Nomenclature, and the Naming of Names

Coraid Publishes Linux RAID Disk Recovery Tool

San Clemente, CA - August 15, 2006 - Eliminating vendor lock-in and proprietary RAID storage strategies, Coraid today released the SRCAT RAID recovery tool.

This provides Linux users an open source way to read their stored data on Coraid storage appliances. While other RAID controllers use proprietary methods to store data on disks that are part of RAID sets, Coraid is making access to data freely available in the spirit of open source. By unlocking the mysteries of RAID-based storage, Coraid is ensuring users that data retrieval does not have to be costly or tied to a single vendor.

"Using SRCAT, RAID disks can now be put in any Linux system and the stored data can be reassembled without using the Coraid EtherDrive RAID controller." said Jim Kemp, Coraid's CEO.

SRCAT can then disassemble RAID-stored data from each disk in a RAID group and output the recovered data to a single contiguous file using standard Linux. SRCAT is critical for emergency data recovery operations from an otherwise unrecoverable RAID group. ...Coraid profile, Data Recovery

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the fastest SSDs
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Nibble Re Storage Acquisitions

Editor: - August 15, 2006 - nearly $4 billion of storage company acquisitions have been announced in the past 3 weeks - making it the most significant month for mergers and acquisitions since the Sun / StorageTek deal last year.

I expect to see more before long. Here's where I predict the hot spots to be:-

In the storage software segment (where being acquired is the established business model for most startups).

In the tape backup segment (which has seen a lot of consolidation recently due to the tape market slowing down - and where Exabyte is reviewing this option for itself).

In the fast growing solid state disk market (where flash companies and server companies will cherry pick technology companies to give them quick access).

And also in the iSCSI market (which is now generating real revenue and where many of the leading companies in this segment can probably be picked up for mere hundreds of millions of dollars).

Here are some highlights of recent acquisitions in the past month.

$1.6 billion - FileNet - to be acquired by IBM

$1.35 billion - M-Systems - to be acquired by SanDisk

$713 million - McDATA- to be acquired by Brocade

$undisclosed - Aprilis - assets acquired by Dow Corning

$undisclosed - Mainstar Software - acquired by Rocket Software

See also:- 400 acquired, renamed or dead storage companies

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