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2006, December week 2, storage history

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Santa Barbara, California - December 13, 2006 - A recent end-user survey conducted by Peripheral Concepts, Inc. reveals that 37% of the 5,000 surveyed sites have implemented an iSCSI-SAN, compared to less than 20% a year ago. This important market penetration involves all business tiers, challenging the early belief that iSCSI would more specifically attract small and medium sites. 20% plan to purchase an iSCSI capability or extend its utilization in 2007. iSCSI-SAN is now being used by more open system IT operations than the much longer established FC-SAN, but there is still more data stored on Fibre Channel. The Report "iSCSI and SANs Users' Perspectives and Plans" costs $4,950 and will be issued by the end of January. 2007. ...Peripheral Concepts profile

Boulder, CO - December 12, 2006 - Incentra Solutions, Inc. today announced the opening of a new southern regional office in Dallas. Incentra Solutions now has 13 office locations throughout the United States and United Kingdom. "The continued demand for our complete mid-market solutions and the rapid growth of the storage service industry has enabled us to expand our presence in the southern part of the US" said Chris Wilkes, Senior Vice President, Incentra Solutions South. "We are excited to bring our depth of solutions to the area and we look forward to becoming an integral part of the business community." ...Incentra Solutions profile, Storage Services

Editor's comments:- Incentra is a fast growing storage company.

Houston, Texas - December 12, 2006 - Texas Memory Systems, Inc. announced that Fox River Financial Resources has successfully accelerated its Oracle database with a RamSan solid state disk to gain a competitive advantage in the highly competitive stock trading arena. Fox River electronically trades equities, options and futures for top-tier institutional investors. Fox River promises clients trade executions at a set price that is better than they can obtain themselves, thus increasing the profit on trades. To trade competitively Fox River depends on its proprietary Oracle-based software system to rapidly gather and analyze market data. This computing system maintains in excess of 20T of data.

"The RamSan has greatly improved our transactional ability so we can deal with more customers and a lot more transactions," said James Moskalik, Director of Technology Services at Fox River. "Without it it wouldn't be possible to capture rapidly incoming options tick data. Overall, Fox River has gained significant competitive advantage thanks to its investment in a Texas Memory Systems solid state disk."

Solid state disks are typically used alongside traditional storage to allow IT managers and database administrators to increase the number of concurrent users and simultaneous transactions without adding servers, RAM, or monolithic RAID. The Texas Memory Systems RamSan-400 used by Fox River can deliver 400,000 I/Os per second and sub-15 microsecond response time.

"Technology is used as a weapon," added Mr. Moskalik. "We are pitting our technology against our competitors. In this business, you really do live and die by how good your technology is. Milliseconds make a difference here. For example, one of our batch processes went from over 3 hours to under 20 minutes when we moved to the RamSan." ...Fox River, ...Texas Memory Systems profile

Sunnyvale, CA - December 11, 2006 - Fujitsu today launched 2.5" hard disk drives with 300GB capacity. The MHX2300BT series has a SATA or ATA-8 interface, spins at 4,200 RPM and has a typical track to track seek time of 1.5mS . It will begin shipping in the first quarter of 2007. ...Fujitsu profile, Hard disk drives

Diamond Bar, Calif. - December 11, 2006 - Advanced Media, Inc. is adding to its RIDATA EZ Drive lineup with the addition of 5 uniquely designed USB Flash Drives. Each of the elephant, monkey, bookmark, puzzle and uniform designs includes two additional USB ports, which allow users to combine each USB drive into a USB HUB and add on more mobile devices. The versatile drive has its own storage up to 4GB. ...Advanced Media profile, USB storage, Flash storage, Squeak! - Animal Brands and Metaphors in the Storage Market

San Francisco - December 11, 2006 - Scientists from IBM, Macronix and Qimonda today announced joint research results that give a major boost to a new type of computer memory with the potential to be the successor to flash memory. Working together at IBM Research labs on both U.S. coasts, the scientists designed, built and demonstrated a prototype phase-change memory device that switched more than 500 times faster than flash while using less than one-half the power to write data into a cell. The device's cross-section is 3 by 20 nanometers in size, far smaller than flash can be built today and equivalent to the industry's chip-making capabilities targeted for 2015. A concern for flash's future is that it may become difficult to keep its current cell design non-volatile below 45 nanometers. ...IBM profile, ...Macronix profile, ...Qimonda profile, storage chips, Flash Storage

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. - December 11, 2006 - IDC says the worldwide storage software market grew 10.7% year-over-year in the third quarter of 2006 with revenues of $2.5 billion. Storage replication demonstrated year-over-year growth of 22.5% in 3Q06. Meanwhile, the smaller but fast-growing archive and HSM market posted a 30.8% year-over-year growth rate. ...IDC profile, Market research, Storage Software

Editor's comments:- there are plenty of other product segments with much higher growth rates - as we shall be reporting later in our end of year storage market roundup.

Editor:- December 11, 2006 - December 11, 2006 - the National Data Awareness Project was launched today. The NDAP says it will help businesses of all sizes develop a systematic approach to evaluating their current data protection and DR capabilities, look for weak spots in those existing plans and choose the optimal data protection products, technologies and services to minimize or eliminate their exposure to potential data loss. Storage Industry Trade Associations

PARSIPPANY, N.J. - December 11, 2006 - RELDATA today announced that it has dramatically expanded its worldwide headquarters. "Our continued success has prompted us to triple our worldwide headquarters in New Jersey and to establish it as a center of innovation for our family of universal IP storage solutions," said Boris Anderer, president and CEO of RELDATA. "The capital expenditure we are making in increasing our physical infrastructure and human resources is an investment in the future of our company and a firm commitment behind our industry-leading universal IP storage solutions." ...RELDATA profile

.Editor:- December 11, 2006 - today revealed that the Product Category of the Year in 2006, ranked according to reader pageviews in the 2nd half of the year was Disk to disk backup. "I could not have predicted this result in the first half of the year." said Zsolt Kerekes, editor

"In the first few quarters of 2006 it looked like hard disk drives would be the top subject rated by reader pageviews overall - and this view was supported by high revenue growth in the leading HDD manufacturers (25% for Western Digital, and 34% for Seagate or 18% excluding the contribution from the acquisition of Maxtor.) But in the past quarter there has been a surge of interest in D2D - which now accounts for more reader pageviews than the next two subjects added together, despite annual pageview growth over 50% in those subjects too. Based on my 15 years as an IT directory publisher - these results predict a stunning growth year for the disk to disk backup industry in 2007."

In previous years, the "subjects of the year" were as follows:- See also:- article:- a Short History of Disk to Disk Backup, storage history, Market research

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