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Kanguru Fingerprints USB Flash

MILLIS, Mass - November 7, 2006 - Kanguru Solutions announces the release of the Kanguru Bio Slider II, their new and improved USB 2.0 secure flash drive made complete with biometric fingerprint technology.

The Kanguru Bio Slider II has taken the hassle out of remembering passwords in order to keep your information secure by using a biometric sensor that will recognize your fingerprint. Since an individual fingerprint or thumbprint is the password, the password to your secure drive can never be stolen, forged, or forgotten! It offers storage capacities ranging from 256MB up to 4GB, connects via USB and operates on Windows 98/98SE/ME/2000/XP. ...Kanguru Solutions profile, Storage Security, Squeak! - Animal Brands and Metaphors in the Storage Market, SSD security

Infortrend's New Chip Speeds FC SATA RAID

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - November 7, 2006 - Infortrend today announced the EonStor A16F-R2431 array, a 16-bay, redundant controller, Fibre Channel to SATA-II subsystem.

This new RAID array uses Infortrend's ASIC400 chip which delivers a 25% performance boost over its previous generation products. End-to-end RAID5 performance is as follows:- Sequential Reads - 779MBps, Sequential Writes - 462MBps.

"This SAN-ready subsystem provides the best of both worlds by combining cost-effective SATA drives in a high availability 4Gbps Fibre Channel array," said Infortrend's president Tony Chu. ...Infortrend profile, storage chips

PeerSync Provides "Internet-Enabled" Synchronization

Ronkonkoma, NY- November 7, 2006 - Peer Software, Inc. today announces the newest release of PeerSync, the company's flagship backup/synchronization tool.

The new version features WAN TCP Connector, facilitating file transfer to and from any IP-addressable device. The new version of PeerSync is ideal for enterprises with multiple locations, as well as SMB's looking to implement - and own -- their own online backup and synchronization system. ...Peer Software profile

SiliconSystems Signs SSD Distributor in Canada

Aliso Viejo, Calif. - November 7, 2006 - SiliconSystems, Inc. today announced that it has signed a distribution agreement with Electro Sonic.

The agreement establishes Electro Sonic as an authorized distributor of SiliconSystems' complete line of SiliconDrive and SiliconDrive Secure products in Canada. ...SiliconSystems profile, storage reliability

UDO-DMD Drives Now Shipping

Cambridge, UK - November 6, 2006 ­ Plasmon today announced that initial shipments of their new Ultra Density Optical ­ Digital Master Disk drives have begun.

First generation DMD30 (30.2GB) is designed for the distribution and archive of new HD DVD and existing DVD content. Second generation DMD60 (60GB) is scheduled to launch in mid 2007 and will also support Blu-ray. ...Plasmon profile

D2d is #1 with Storage Searchers

Editor:- November 6, 2006 - STORAGEsearch.com reports that in October readership grew 20% compared to the year before period.

The top 3 subjects viewed by storage searchers were:- (1) - Disk to disk backup, (2) - Hard disk drives, and (3) - Solid state disks. Pageviews in the top 10 subjects grew 40% compared to the year before period. "This is the first time that D2d has held the #1 slot since we first created a dedicated D2d page over 6 years ago" said editor Zsolt Kerekes. For more information on the top subjects, articles etc see Market research, article:- a Short History of Disk to Disk Backup

Western Digital Reports 25% Revenue Growth

LAKE FOREST, Calif. - November 2, 2006 - Western Digital Corp. today reported 25% revenue growth to $1.3 billion for its first fiscal quarter ended Sept. 29.

The company, which shipped 22 million units in the recent quarter, has reduced its dependence (and vulnerability) on desktop PC related sales from 75% a year ago down to 65% now. ...Western Digital profile

Overland Seeks New CEO

SAN DIEGO, CA - November 2, 2006 - Overland Storage, Inc. today announced that its board of directors has named chairman of the board Scott McClendon as the company's interim president and CEO, replacing Christopher P. Calisi who served in those positions since 2001.

The board is initiating a search for a permanent CEO. ...Overland Storage profile, Storage People

Editor's comments:- last week Overland reported that revenue had declined 29% from the year ago quarter. And a few weeks earlier the company disclosed that Dell had cancelled plans to resell its tape libraries.

EMC Acquires De-dupe Company

Hopkinton, Mass. - November 1, 2006 - EMC Corp today announced the signing of a definitive agreement to acquire Avamar Technologies, Inc. in a cash transaction valued at approximately $165 million.

Avamar's software utilizes patented data de-duplication technology to backup data once - and only once - on a global basis. Avamar identifies redundant data segments at the source, thereby reducing the amount of network bandwidth used and data stored. Using this and other patented Avamar technology, customers can achieve an industry leading 300:1 daily data reduction in real-world applications. ...Avamar Technologies profile, ...EMC profile

Editor's comments:- Avamar is sandwiched between Avail Solutions and Banderacom in our list of 394 acquired / renamed storage companies. Seriously though - deduplication and data compression are hot technologies - because even if you can afford the cost of wasted storage - anything that reduces your physical data storage is good for reliability.

New Storage Intelligence Briefing on NAS Consolidation

Broomfield, Colo - November 1, 2006 - Silverton Consulting has published a new report on NAS consolidation.

Many NAS users find that installing more NAS boxes - while an easy solution to storage growth needs - doesn't make administering the storage any easier. Sooner or later whether after the 20th NAS box or the 200th... storage administrators begin to consider NAS consolidation alternatives as a better choice than just adding more boxes. Silverton Consulting's Storage Intelligence briefing on NAS consolidation can help storage admin's choose their consolidation path better.

Ray Lucchesi, President of Silverton Consulting has revised his NAS Consolidation StorInt briefing to include the latest performance benchmarks for the most recent NAS product releases. A NAS product taxonomy is identified and explained which can help you determine which way to go when considering alternatives. NAS product features are explained with an eye to what's needed to provide the best consolidation solutions. StorInt features a proven and effective way to gain a quick introduction into NAS consolidation alternatives available on the market today. ...Silverton Consulting profile, Storage Events, storage market analysts

SANBlazter Takes the Pain Out of SAN Testing

Maynard, Mass - November 1, 2006 - SANBlaze Technology, Inc. today introduced the SANBlazter Initiator Emulation system for Fibre Channel, adding initiator and host emulation capabilities to its growing family of storage emulation systems.

The SANBlazter is available in 2, 4, 12 or 24 port configurations. It provides storage development and test engineers an environment to simulate initiators for a fraction of the cost, space, power and management overhead associated with the racks and racks of PC's that it replaces. The patent pending Blazter mode allows for all ports to run at full Fibre Channel speeds. The SANBlaze product is in Beta test right now, and scheduled to ship next month. Pricing begins at $24,995. ...SANBlaze Technology profile, Storage Analyzers

Samsung Promises Denser Solid State Storage

Seoul, Korea - November 1, 2006 - Samsung announced today that it has developed the industry's first process to enable innovative production of a 16 chip multi-chip package of memory.

The new MCP technology supports the industry-wide demand for small form factors and high-densities that will accommodate multimedia-intensive user applications. Samsung's new 16-chip MCP technology, when applied to 8Gb NAND flash chips, can enable up to a 16 gigabyte MCP solution. Samsung's new 16-chip MCP was developed just a year after the first 10-chip MCP. ...Samsung profile, storage chips

Hitachi Promises 200GB 2.5" HDD

SAN JOSE, Calif. - November 1, 2006 - Hitachi has unveiled plans to ship a 200G 2.5" 7,200 RPM hard drive and a hybrid flash/magnetic drive next year.

By 2010, industry analyst firm IDC predicts 2.5-inch hard drive annual shipments will double to 224 million units from 118 million in 20063. At that time, Hitachi believes the highest-capacity 2.5-inch product may be in the 750GB range. In the second half of 2007 Hitachi will offer a flash memory / hard drive hybrid for enhanced battery life, greater performance and increased reliability. ...Hitachi profile, Solid state disks, Hybrid Storage Drives
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Many of the important and sometimes mysterious behavioral aspects of SSDs which predetermine their application limitations and usable market roles can only be understood when you look at how well the designer has dealt with managing the symmetries and asymmetries which are implicit in the underlying technologies which are contained within the SSD.
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