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2007, April week 2, Storage news

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SAN JOSE, Calif. - April 11, 2007 - Alacritech Inc. today announced a broad family of 9 new "Scalable Network Accelerators" to offload TCP processing on Windows Server 2003 and Windows Storage Server 2003. Alacritech SNAs enable network servers to produce higher aggregate performance supporting more users, more storage and higher application performance. Alacritech's TCP Offload technology has been natively integrated with Microsoft's TCP Chimney Offload architecture, which is part of its Scalable Networking Pack for Windows Server 2003. Examples of applications which can benefit from these SNAs include:- File Serving, NAS, NFS, CIFS, web or HTTP traffic, video post production and backup. ...Alacritech profile

LUMBERTON, NJ - April 11, 2007 - IntelliPath Corp today announced that it is purchasing a family of enterprise-class physical layer network connectivity switches from Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. These products, now under the IntelliPath family name of Universal Connectivity System, help customers simplify their physical layer network infrastructure by automating end-to-end network path management of fiber and copper environments. The UCS family supports over 4,000 ports and LAN, SAN, MAN and WAN interfaces. The UCS product line has an installed base of over 1,000,000 connectivity ports. The user base includes over one-third of all Fortune 100 companies as well as important federal government agencies, with numerous installations around the world. ...IntelliPath profile, ...Brocade profile, Acquired, dead & gone away

Editor's comments:- if you look at our storage switch page of 5 years ago and compare it to today you'll see that over 50% of the vendors in this market have disappeared. But the market has also attracted new entrants.

ALISO VIEJO, Calif - April 11, 2007 - SiliconSystems, Inc. today announced that the company and its CEO, Michael Hajeck, have been named Outstanding Private Company and Outstanding Private Company CEO finalists respectively in the 14th Annual AeA High-Tech Innovation Awards. SiliconSystems has achieved exponential revenue growth since its founding in 2002, which is a key contributing factor to it being named a finalist for Outstanding Private Company. It was also recognized in October 2006, as the second fastest growing company in Deloitte & Touche's 2006 Technology Fast 500 North American Rising Star program.

The company's patented SiliconDrive technology is engineered to overcome the problems associated with traditional hard drives and flash cards, and its engineering team is well known for exceeding customer performance, reliability and total cost of ownership expectations.

The nomination for Hajeck acknowledged his tireless passion for success and his ability to inspire success in others as the driving force enabling SiliconSystems to become a leader in a rapidly-growing but previously untapped market segment. By recognizing a distinct need in targeted vertical markets, and having the vision to provide advanced storage technology that other companies did not, Hajeck created a new market that today, due to SiliconSystems' success, other global storage manufacturers are now attempting to enter. ...SiliconSystems profile, ...AeA, Storage People

Editor's note:- the AeA High-Tech Innovation Awards Finalists List includes several other storage companies too.

Santa Clara, Calif - April 10, 2007 - Sun Microsystems, Inc. today announced it is donating a significant set of storage technologies for storage developers within the OpenSolaris community. Some of the many items included are the ZFS dynamic file system, NFS v4.1 (also known as parallel NFS), Solaris iSCSI Target and some fibre-channel related drivers.

"Just as free and open source code has changed the way server and desktop operating systems are developed, evaluated and deployed, today marks a big step in repeating this model for storage software technology," said Rich Green, executive vice president, Software, Sun Microsystems. "Sun is taking the lead in changing the market by enabling the creation of compelling low-cost storage solutions via the free and open availability of open source software, including Solaris, on commodity hardware from a wide-range of vendors including HP, Dell, IBM, and Sun." ...Sun Microsystems profile, Sun, SPARC, Solaris news

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SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif - April 10, 2007 - Seagate today announced the launch of its do-it-yourself data recovery software. File Recovery for Windows is an advanced, easy to use application which recovers all file types including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook PSTs, databases, AutoCAD, Microsoft SQL as well as all popular photo formats. The software can also recover music and movie files such as MPEG, AVI, and MP3 files. File Recovery for Windows supports all FAT12/16/32 and NTFS file systems running Microsoft Windows, even if partitions are formatted, damaged or deleted.

File Recovery for Windows has been designed as an efficient, low-cost solution for logical data recovery situations if files are lost due to a virus, malicious hack attack or an operating system crash, in which a disc drive has not experienced physical damage. This inexpensive software solution is able to recover files from any brand of disc drive.

Clients are able to download the solution for free from Seagate's web site and preview their disc and file content in a simple hexadecimal viewer telling them if a successful recovery is possible . The risk in the purchase decision has been removed, and users know in advance exactly which files can be recovered before they purchase the software (which costs $129).

"I called a handful of drive recovery services and was given estimates ranging from $700 to $8,000 to restore my data with a wait of at least 4 days," commented Kevin Halladay, I.T. manager of the Sundance Ski Resort in Utah. "I called Seagate Recovery Services about sending the drive in for recovery, and their client service representative suggested that Seagate's D.I.Y. software was the ideal solution for my data loss situation. I downloaded the software and recovered all of my data, and Seagate saved me hundreds, if not thousands of dollars." ...Seagate Recovery Services profile, Storage Software, Data Recovery

GAITHERSBURG, MD - April 10, 2007 - Idealstor announced today the release of its Teralyte SATA connected disk to disk backup solution for SMBs. The Teralyte 1000 offers 1 removable drive bay that can accommodate any capacity/manufacturer Serial ATA disk on the market. The Teralyte 2000 offers two drive bays and up to 1.5TB (assuming 750GB SATA disks). Retail pricing for the Teralyte 1000 is $1,995 and the Teralyte 2000 lists at $2,995. The Teralyte differs from other removable disk backup systems that target the SMB by offering affordable and non-proprietary hard drives. 750GB SATA disks now average less than $300/disk. Each Teralyte system comes with Idealstor's rugged removable disk caddy and protective storage box. Additional caddies and cases can be purchased for companies looking to create an offsite rotation of disks. ...Idealstor profile, Disk to disk backup

LAKE FOREST, Calif - April 9, 2007 - Western Digital Corp today announced a new family of hard drives for audio and video recording products. WD has designed its new 3.5-inch WD AV hard drives with technologies that provide the increased reliability, cooler and quieter operation and low power consumption required for these demanding environments. The WD AV drives with EIDE and SATA interfaces are available in capacities ranging from 80GB to 500GB.

Quiet as a Mouse:- in addition to the sound-reducing properties of IntelliSeek and ramp load, WD utilizes multi-stage formed stainless steel top covers and precision-designed base castings that minimize sound levels for consumer sound-sensitive applications. The result is WD AV drives emit less than 1 sone, which is virtually below the threshold of human hearing. ...Western Digital profile

Waltham, MA - April 9, 2007 - AmeriVault Corp. today announced they have completed a SAS 70 Type II audit and received certification. Statement on Auditing Standards No. 70, specific to "Service Organizations," is an internationally recognized auditing standard developed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. It represents that a service organization has been through an in-depth audit of their control activities, including organization and management, physical security and logical, vault operations, client services team and software application. With a Type II SAS 70 audit completed, AmeriVault has reaffirmed its position as a proven and trusted online backup service provider that can help facilitate their client's compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley, Gramm Leach Bliley, and other regulations. ...AmeriVault profile, online backup and storage
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