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storage news - 2007, July weeks 3 - 4,

Bridgeworks Launches iSCSI to SAS Bridge.......................................
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Christchurch, UK - July 31, 2007 - Bridgeworks announced today that it is launching an iSCSI to Serial Attached SCSI protocol bridge.

The Potomac ESAS2800 supports up to 8x 3Gb SAS channels and has 2x Gigabit Ethernet ports with multipath and fail-over capabilities. It's available in rack mount or OEM custom configurations and will ship in Q3. ...Bridgeworks profile, iSCSI, Serial Attached SCSI, SCSI converters

Seagate Wins Certification for Encrypted Hard Drive

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif - July 30, 2007 - Seagate today announced that the encryption chip built into its Momentus 5400 FDE.2 laptop drive has been certified by NIST.

The Seagate Momentus 5400 FDE.2 (Full Disc Encryption) hard drive uses AES to encrypt all hard drive information transparently and automatically. The hard drive also gives organizations an easy way to repurpose or retire laptops without compromising sensitive information and to comply with the growing number of data privacy laws calling for the protection of consumer information using government-grade encryption. ...Seagate profile, article:- Adding Trust to Storage Drives

CoreVault Chooses ONStor to Replicate Online Backup

CAMPBELL, Calif - July 30, 2007 - it was announced today that CoreVault has chosen ONStor's Bobcat NAS Gateway as the foundational disaster recovery solution for its customers.

CoreVault purchased one high availability cluster of ONStor Bobcats for their primary production site and one single node for their secondary site, thereby establishing a disaster recovery centre that provides failover capabilities to protect their online backup and recovery business. The company implemented ONStor Mirror software to replicate data from their primary data centre to their secondary facility, approximately 150 miles away, via a Gigabit Ethernet connection. CoreVault needed to replicate data to a secondary site far enough away from the primary site to meet or exceed their customers' demands for security and disaster protection. ...CoreVault profile, ...ONStor profile

Editor's comments:-
in the UK this month - the widespread flooding caused by the wettest July in over 300 years showed that backup strategies have to include more than just media choices. In the following weeks many companies will have to turn to Data Recovery companies to wring data from drowned servers and backups if they didn't have online backup. Downgrades Sun Storage

Editor:- July 30, 2007 - Sun Microsystems will be dropped from the next edition of's long range 2011 forecast of the 10 biggest storage companies - which will be published in the fall.

The timing of the announcement was in reaction to Sun's financial results today. For more about this see Sun, SPARC, Solaris news. ...Sun Microsystems profile

Open-E Upgrades iSCSI NAS Modules

Redwood City, Calif - July 30, 2007 - Open-E today announced changes in the delivery of its iSCSI and NAS software.

The company is ending the feature differentiation between its old SOHO, SMB and Enterprise versions. In future the products will be delivered consistently with all features. Customers can upgrade to more supported capacity by license keys. ...Open-E profile

Qsan Ships iSCSI-SAS RAID Controllers

Taipei, Taiwan - July 27, 2007 - Qsan announces the general availability of 2 new single-board RAID controllers - the P200C and S500C.

These are available in 8 / 12 / 16 / 24 bay rackmount models depending on different form-factor requirements.

P200C is a high performance iSCSI-SAS RAID controller built around Qsan's RAID/iSCSI stack. With 4x GbE ports connected to the host, either working independently, trunking, or MPIO together, Qsan lab data shows up to 120,000 IOPS (512 byte block-size). P200C can achieve up to 600MB/sec including both read and write. The P200C supports upto 80 drives (128T) via expander JBODs.

Other included features are:- RAID 6, on-line migration, web-based management and QSnap snapshot. Qsan has certified P200C with VMware ESX server based on many customer requests.

"P200C is the strong and unique answer to the iSCSI doubters in the market: those who think iSCSI is slow, those who think iSCSI is low-end, and those who does not believe server-based iSCSI is reliable." said Eric Kao, sales & marketing VP in Qsan.

S500C is a SAS-SAS RAID controller built upon Intel's IOP341. Qsan lab data shows up to 1GB/sec maximum performance. ...QSAN profile, RAID systems

WD Grows Revenue 26%

LAKE FOREST, Calif - July 26, 2007 - Western Digital Corp. today reported its financial results for its fiscal year ended June 29, 2007. Revenue grew 26% to $5.5 billion. Net income was $585 million. The desktop PC market represents a smaller part part of WD's hard drive business - 54% of Q4 revenue compared 66% in the year before quarter. ...Western Digital profile

Editor's comments:-
2 years ago desktop PCs accounted for 77% of WD's revenue. The company has maintained high revenue growth in the interim by expanding into other markets for hard disks.

IDC Says SSDs Poised to go Mainstream

FRAMINGHAM, Mass - July 25, 2007 - a new report from IDC predicts that Solid State Disk revenues will grow 71% annually to reach $5.4 billion in 2011.

"For many years SSDs have sat on the fringe of the digital universe, but a tremendous opportunity is ahead for SSD storage," said Jeff Janukowicz, research manager, Solid State Drives. "Today, SSDs are about delivering a premium solution. In the future, SSDs will be about delivering the right solution to the right market as technology advances and requirements converge." ...IDC profile

Editor's comments:-
4 years ago you could fit all the world's SSD analysts onto a bike. As I predicted back then - there's now a flurry of market researchers parachuting in to peddle advice to the wannabe SSD giants of the future. It would be hard to squeeze today's SSD soothsayer crowd into a bus. Although most predictions are going to be wrong - the volume of vultures circling around this subject doesn't signal the death of the whole hard disk industry. It's not that simple - as you'll see in forthcoming articles.

LSI Outsources Manufacturing

MILPITAS, Calif - July 25, 2007 - LSI Corp today reported 2nd quarter 2007 revenues of $670 million. These results reflect the recent integration of the former Agere Systems. LSI also announced today it will transition the worldwide assembly and testing of its semiconductor and storage systems products to contract manufacturers. The initiative is expected to achieve greater cost efficiencies and will eliminate approximately 2,100 production positions worldwide. ...LSI profile, SAN

Editor's comments:- LSI looks like it's on on course to become a $3 billion / year company.

RBS Doubles Size of Online Backup HQ

Memphis, TN - July 25, 2007 - Remote Backup Systems Inc. is doubling the physical space of its international headquarters and doubling its staff of developers and backup support personnel.

The company says this follows the most successful quarter in the company's history with record shipments of its RBackup online backup software. Founded in 1987, RBS has shipped its online backup software solution to more than 1.5 million clients in 68 countries. ...Remote Backup Systems profile, online backup

EMC Reports Record Q2

Hopkinton, Mass - July 24, 2007 -EMC Corp today reported record 2nd quarter revenue of $3.12 billion, 21% higher than Q206.

GAAP net income for Q207 was $334 million. Revenue breakdown is:- Systems 43%, Software 41%, and Services 16%. 2nd quarter storage business momentum was led by double-digit year-over-year revenue growth in EMC CLARiiON networked storage systems and solid customer demand for EMC's disk backup offerings. ...EMC profile, RAID systems, Disk to disk backup

Editor's comments:-
recent results from EMC and Seagate (23% growth) may mislead you into thinking that everything in the storage market is rosy. But Qimonda today reported a 24% revenue decline from the year ago quarter. Qimonda's CEO Kin Wah Loh attributed this to "a sharp price decline for standard DRAM products, where PC contract prices dropped almost 60% quarter over quarter."

Expert Panel will Discuss SSDs at Flash Memory Summit

Aliso Viejo, Calif - July 24, 2007 - SiliconSystems' VP of Product Planning,Gary Drossel will participate in a panel of experts discussing the merits of solid-state storage at the 2nd Flash Memory Summit next month in Santa Clara.

Rounding out the panel are speakers from industry leaders Dell, Intel, Microsoft and Samsung. In his panel presentation, Drossel will identify market dynamics, trends and technology improvements that have enabled solid-state drives to become viable and cost-effective replacements for hard drives in many applications. ...SiliconSystems profile, Storage Events

Western Digital does that Green Drive Thing

LAKE FOREST, Calif - July 23, 2007 - Western Digital Corp. today announced its GreenPower family of desktop, enterprise, CE and external hard drive products.

The new GreenPower family will ship in capacities from 320G to 1T and will save up to 40% in hard drive power consumption, or as much as $10 per drive per year (compared to other manufacturers' terabyte drives). ...Western Digital profile, Green Storage

New Flash Baby Christened "Numonyx"

GENEVA - July 19, 2007 - Intel, STMicroelectronics and Francisco Partners unveiled today the company name of Numonyx for the pending independent semiconductor company announced on May 22.

Numonyx, being created from the key assets of businesses that last year generated approximately $3.6 billion in combined annual revenue, will focus on supplying non-volatile memory solutions for a variety of consumer and industrial devices including cellular phones, MP3 players, digital cameras, computers and other high-tech equipment.

Playing off the word "mnemonics" - the art of assisting or improving memory - Numonyx (with no web site yet) is expected to complete its transaction, subject to regulatory approvals and customary closing conditions, in the second half of 2007. ...STMicroelectronics profile, ...Intel profile, ...Francisco Partners, ...Numonyx profile, article:- the Naming of Names

Seagate Reports 23% Revenue Growth

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif - July 19, 2007 - For the 12 months ended June 29 - Seagate reported revenue of $11.4 billion (up 23%), GAAP net income of $913 million and disc drive unit shipments of 159 million.

"Our results for the year as a whole as well as for this quarter demonstrate the continued strength of the digital storage industry and the positive impact of several important strategic steps we have taken to secure and extend our industry leadership," said Bill Watkins, Seagate CEO. ...Seagate profile, Hard disk drives

Index Engines' Partners Can Process 13,000 Tapes/ Month

Holmdel, N.J. - July 19, 2007 - Index Engines today announced that its partners can today perform information discovery on 13,000 backup tapes a month.

Responding to the growing need for rapid legal discovery response times, Index Engines and its Litigation Ready partners are helping companies comply with increasing corporate governance requirements to have prompt corporate data access and retrieval. ...Index Engines profile, Data Recovery

Kanguru Launches Eco Drive

MILLIS, Mass - July 19, 2007 - Kanguru Solutions today launched "the most environmentally friendly and energy efficient external hard drive on the market" - the Kanguru Eco Drive.

With 3 built in Power Saving modes, the Kanguru Eco Drive automatically gauges hard drive usage to reduce power consumption by up to 75% and extends the life of the hard drive itself. The USB drives are available in capacities of up to 750GB. SATA support will be available soon. ...Kanguru profile, Squeak! - Green Storage

ONStor Sustains Fast Sales Growth

CAMPBELL, Calif - July 19, 2007 - ONStor today announced sales growth of 354% in Q207 compared to Q206.

"We're at an exciting time in our business, and robust sales are always an important indicator," said Bob Miller, CEO of ONStor. "ONStor's product lines are mature and our enterprise customers are embracing the stability and scalability of our storage solutions." ...ONStor profile, Squeak! - the Fastest Growing Storage Companies

Solid Data Launches Terabyte Fibre-Channel SSD

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - July 17, 2007 - Solid Data Systems, Inc. today StorageSPIRE solid-state disk arrays providing up to a Terabyte of high-speed, non-volatile storage.

StorageSPIRE utilizes Solid Data's patented SSD technology, capitalizing on the company's 15 years experience in solid-state disk solutions. With immediate response to read or write commands, SSDs eliminate large server queues; thus, dramatically improving server stability and response times during peak periods.

StorageSPIRE's advanced design provides persistent, non-volatile data retention and easy configuration with no special device drivers required. Designed with 4 Gigabit data paths and up to 12 Fibre Channel connections, StorageSPIRE supports direct-connect, arbitrated loop and switched fabric mode configurations with 500G to 1T of high-performance data capacity per enclosure.

StorageSPIRE complements existing SANs and NAS by presenting a high volume of LUNs to servers and serving data 10 to 50x faster than mechanical disks, eliminating I/O bottlenecks. The StorageSPIRE solution deploys transparently in the data center to preserve current infrastructure, applications, file systems, and storage management software. ...Solid Data Systems profile, RAM SSDs

Asigra Summarizes Typical Online Backup Service Needs

Editor:- July 17, 2007 - Asigra Inc. today published a market model which summarizes the typical online backup needs of customers segmented by company size.

This is the most useful classification of online backup needs I've seen. ...Asigra profile, online backup

SanDisk's SATA SSDs Selected for IBM BladeCenter

MILPITAS, CALIF - July 17, 2007 - SanDisk Corp today announced that IBM has selected SanDisk's SATA 5000 2.5-inch solid state drive as an option within the IBM BladeCenter HS21 XM.

Using the SSD, power savings can be up to 18 watts per blade, 252 watts per chassis and 1,512 watts per server rack. MTBF is approximately 6x better than conventional hard disks and IOPS performance is more than an order of magnitude faster. ..SanDisk profile

See also:- article:- Solid State Disks: Pushing the Envelope in Blade Server Design

QLogic's InfiniBand HCAs SPEC Fastest

ALISO VIEJO, Calif - July 17, 2007 - QLogic Corp today announced that its InfiniBand adapters are the fastest based on a new benchmark suite just released by SPEC.

The SPEC MPI2007 suite measures the performance of message-passing interface applications and can be used to compare different hardware architectures, inter-connects, processors, memory hierarchy, compilers, and MPI implementations.

"Unlike micro-benchmarks, SPEC MPI2007 is very real-world, measuring performance based on a suite of actual end-user applications," said Amit Vashi, VP of marketing, QLogic Host Solutions Group. "HPC customers now have further validation that our InfiniBand HCAs outperform competitive products, hands down." ...QLogic profile, InfiniBand, Storage ORGs, Record Breaking Storage

Yosemite Supports LTO-4 Encryption

San Jose, CA - July 17, 2007 - Yosemite Technologies, Inc. today announced that its Yosemite Backup 8.5 supports the recently added encryption features in the LTO-4 tape format.

"Given the portable nature of tape backups, and the fact they are often stored at off-site locations, the device-level encryption feature of LTO-4 is critical in preventing unauthorized data access," said Arun Taneja, founder Taneja Group.

Yosemite Backup 8.5 offers customers a choice between software or hardware encryption and takes advantage of the multi-stream capability of LTO-4 by offering up to 8 concurrent data streams at no additional cost. With its built-in, no-cost Virtual Tape Library capability, Yosemite Backup 8.5 can even maintain the same policies used for tape backup when deploying a disk-based backup solution. ...Yosemite profile, Tape Libraries

LSI Passes 1 million SAS RAID Chips Milestone

MILPITAS, Calif - July 17, 2007 - LSI Corp today announced it has shipped more than 1 million SAS RAID-on-Chip ICs.

"Reaching this volume so quickly (in just 18 months) validates our strategy of entering the SAS market from its inception and being one of the first companies to deliver a solution," said Dan Roehrich, LSI's VP of marketing.

IDC estimates that SAS hard disk drive shipments to enterprise storage and server applications in 2007 will be more than triple 2006 shipments. IDC predicts SAS will achieve 26% enterprise market share in 2007, out-shipping all other drive interfaces. ...LSI profile, RAID systems, storage chips

EMC Improves iSCSI Support

Hopkinton, Mass - July 16, 2007 - EMC Corp today introduced new iSCSI capabilities for its CLARiiON family of networked storage systems.

Dual-protocol EMC CLARiiON CX systems support both Fibre Channel and iSCSI connectivity. EMC's FLARE storage operating environment now includes native iSCSI remote replication capabilities. ...EMC profile

In-Stat Predicts Low SSD Takeup in PC Market

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz - July 16, 2007 - Although solid state drives will penetrate no more than 6% of the PC market by 2011, they are poised for extraordinary growth in this market from nearly nothing in 2006 to 24 million units in 2011, reports In-Stat.

"There are few compelling reasons for most PC purchasers to pay more money for less storage than they can get using an HDD, so In-Stat expects HDDs and Hybrid Drives to continue to outweigh SSDs in these applications for at least the next several years," says Jim McGregor, In-Stat analyst. "Nevertheless, SSDs' advantages in lower power, higher reliability, lower noise, and faster access than HDDs, in an extremely durable unit, make for rapid growth in some markets, especially in military and industrial Ultra-Mobile Device."

Recent research by In-Stat indicated the higher price of an SSD will limit its acceptance until it approaches parity with HDDs. In-Stat's report "Will Solid-State Drives Revolutionize PCs?" costs $3,495. ...In-Stat profile, Market research, Solid State Disks

Editor's comments:-
In one respect this is compatible with STORAGEsearch's own SSD Market Penetration Model published a few years ago - because we saw no good reasons for the desktop PC market to switch to SSDs. But I disagree with "price parity" with hard disks being necessary before users make the switch to SSDs. That's a narrow simplistic view which has already been invalidated by what users have been doing in many key SSD market segments.

Arkeia Equity Funding for Disk Backup Appliance

CARLSBAD, Calif - July 16, 2007 - Arkeia Software announced today that it has received a $3M Series B equity funding.

Arkeia also announced the hiring of storage industry veteran Philippe Tiennot in the newly created role of chief operating officer, and the promotions of Frederic Renard to EMEA sales director and Dave Elliott to general manager, Americas and Asia Pacific. Proceeds from the new funding will be used to expand product research and to strengthen its operations, sales and marketing functions as it scales its new EdgeFort disk to disk backup appliance in the market. ...Arkeia profile, Venture Capital Funds in Storage

Editor's comments:-
it's 3 years since we reported Arkeia's earlier funding round. The storage software market (worth $10 billion in 2006) accounts for only 5% of all dollars spent on storage worldwide and with over 200 storage software publishers growth prospects are limited. Arkeia's recent switch to selling hardware backup systems is risky - but less risky than staying in the stagnant software pond.

New Articles Give Clear Views Over the SSD Maze

Editor:- July 16, 2007 - has recently published 2 new SSD articles.

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