Clarifying SSD Pricing - where does all the money go? - click to read the article
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Clarifying SSD Pricing - where does all the money go? - click to read the article
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QNAP Includes Enterprise Features in 4 Bay NAS

Taipei, Taiwan - January 21, 2008 - QNAP Systems, Inc. today unveiled its 4-bay TS-409 Pro Turbo NAS for business users.

The TS-409 is a hot-swappable HDD design with RAID 0/ 1/ 5/ 6/ 5+spare disk redundancy and remote replication functions.

According to QNAP's VP Shawn Shu, "The hot swap design and the advanced RAID are the dominant features of TS-409 Pro that are rarely provided by other entry-level NAS suppliers. The RAID 5 and RAID 6 support, Online RAID Level Migration and Capacity Expansion features are an important breakthrough in NAS for business and SOHO users." ...QNAP Systems profile

the Top 10 SSD OEMs in Q4 2007

Editor:- January 18, 2008 - today published a new edition of - "the Top 10 Solid State Disk OEMs."

Covering the quarter ending December 31, 2007 - there's a new #1, and a newcomer to the list. The article also looks at market milestones and changes since the previous quarters.

If you're choosing SSD suppliers or strategic partners - this is the must-see predictive list of the top companies that matter - based on hundreds of thousands of readers searching for SSD content on the site rated most highly by SSD companies themselves. the article

Seagate Reports 14% Revenue Growth

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif.-January 17, 2008- Seagate Technology today reported 14% year on year revenue growth for the quarter ended December 28, 2007.

Seagate shipped approximately 50 million disk drives in the quarter. Revenue was $3.4 billion and GAAP net income was $403 million.

"During the quarter, Seagate achieved record shipments and experienced some capacity constraints..." said CEO Bill Watkins. "...We entered the March quarter in a position of strength. The storage industry remains one of the world's most important and exciting industries. We are confident Seagate's vision, technology, and operational excellence will drive us to continued strong financial and operating performance in the March quarter and double-digit year-over-year growth." ...Seagate profile

Elpida Doubles Mobile RAM Bit Width

TOKYO, JAPAN - January 16, 2008 - Elpida Memory, Inc. announced the release of a new x64-bit wide I/O 256-megabit Mobile RAM dubbed the "ECK2664JACN."

It achieves twice the bandwidth of existing 32-bit products while operating at an ultra-low voltage of 1.2V I/O (VDDQ). It features Elpida's unique product characteristics: enabling the highest possible performance for mobile phones and other mobile products and low-power consumption.

In recent years, mobile phones have gone beyond music downloads and Internet connections to offer video recording, video output and a number of other high-performance multimedia functions. Since HD video will be widely adopted soon, the need now exists for solutions that support the processing of high-resolution graphics and other high-density data in digital video cameras and other home electronic products. ...Elpida Memory profile

Disk Backup Pumps ExaGrid's 30% Quarterly Growth

Westborough, Mass - January 16, 2008 - ExaGrid Systems, Inc today announced record sales for the 4th quarter ending December 31, 2007.

4th quarter sales for the company increased 30% compared to the previous quarter. ExaGrid is targeting a 30% or higher quarter-over-quarter sales growth rate going forward. ...ExaGrid profile

Jim Wayda Joins iStor Networks

IRVINE, Calif - January 16, 2008 - iStor Networks, Inc. today announced that Jim Wayda, a 20 year veteran in the data storage industry, has assumed the role of VP of Software Engineering.

Prior to joining iStor, Jim (who has 12 patents pending in the areas of snapshot and data replication) held positions as Chief Software Architect and VP of Software Engineering with Dot Hill Systems. There, he was responsible for the architecture of high performance Snapshot, Volume Copy, Data Replication and Disaster Recovery services. In this role, he managed the delivery of embedded and host-based storage subsystem software to OEM customers such as Sun Microsystems. Wayda was also responsible for the delivery of SVApath multi-path fail-over software to StorageTek.

Jim's experience also includes senior level positions for the architecture of storage products for DEC, Distributed Logic Corp, Plessey Peripheral Systems, and Transitional Technology.

"I'm excited and honored to be joining iStor as the company is well recognized in the industry as one of the leading iSCSI storage vendors," said Jim Wayda. "IT managers are faced with real challenges in managing their storage environments and I am looking forward to building the next generation of network and storage management capabilities for iStor's integraStor product family." ...iStor profile, Storage People

Introducing the 1.3" Hard Drive

January 15, 2008 - LaCie and Samsung announced today the end results of their collaboration in implementing 1.3 inch hard disk format for LaCie micro storage devices.

Available in 30GB or 40GB USB versions, LaCie will be offering its smallest Little Disk yet. The devices come preloaded with LaCie's '1-Click' Backup Software for PC and Mac and SilverKeeper Backup Software for Mac to regularly back up data. ...LaCie profile, ...Samsung profile, 1 inch drives

SeriTek Ships 5 Bay Hot-Swap SATA PM Enclosure

San Francisco, Calif - January 15, 2008 - FirmTek, LLC announced availability of the SeriTek/5PM SATA enclosure with port multiplier technology.

Housing up to 5 hot-swappable 3.5" drives in a $539.95 desktop aluminum enclosure it can deliver aggregate hard drive performance beyond 220MBps with just one cable. When configured with 3 additional SeriTek/5PM enclosures (for a total of 20 drives), RAID 0 performance can exceed 700Bps. An interesting feature is a front-panel power switch that carries a multi-second delay to prevent accidental power-down. The enclosure is system independent, and will work with any Mac or Windows PC with a controller that correctly follows the eSATA II specifications for Port Multiplication. ...FirmTek profile
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