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SSD & storage news - December 2009, weeks 3 - 4

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InnoDisk Enters PCIe SSD Market

Editor:- December 22, 2009 - InnoDisk entered the PCIe SSD market with a new model called the Matador with upto 800MB/s read and 550MB/s write speeds and upto 1TB capacity (MLC).

SLC versions are also available - but are slower - R/W upto 700MB/s and 500MB/s respectively. Retail pricing for 256GB is $999.

It has an internal RAID allocation function enabling users to trade between capacity between data protection and performance (over-provisioning). Its Power Guard protection ensures data will be written into flash when power is interrupted unexpectedly.

Editor's comments:- Although it sounds remarkably similar to the type of products that Fusion-io was shipping a year ago - InnoDisk says it's an original design based on their own firmware and IP.

Need SSD Acceleration ASAP? - new article on SSD ASAPs

Editor:- December 18, 2009 - today published a new article which discusses the pros and cons of using SSD ASAPs - Auto-tuning SSD Accelerated Pools of storage.

How can server users easily decide if they should ignore these products - or spend more time looking at them? It's going to be a huge market. the article

LSI Samples 600k IOPS ROC for SSD Servers

Editor:- December 16, 2009 - LSI announced it is sampling the LSISAS2208 - a dual-core 6Gb/sSAS RAID-on-Chip IC to OEM customers.

It's intended to support the forthcoming PCIe 3.0 specification, currently under development and provide performance levels that meet the needs of next-generation server platforms based on flash SSD storage (up to 600,000 IOPS).

the Problem with Write IOPS - in flash SSDs

Editor:- December 16, 2009 - today published a new article - the Problem with Write IOPS - in flash SSDs.

Flash SSD "random write IOPS" are now similar to "read IOPS" in many of the fastest SSDs. So why are they such a poor predictor of application performance?

And why are users still buying RAM SSDs which cost 9x more than SLC? - even when the IOPS specs look similar. This tells you why the specs got faster - but the applications didn't. And why competing SSDs with apparently identical benchmark results can perform completely differently. the article

State of North Carolina chooses NearPoint to archive 1 million daily emails

Editor:- December 16, 2009 - Mimosa Systems today announced that the State of North Carolina has selected Mimosa NearPoint to archive emails for 41,000 state employees.

Mimosa was selected as the archiving vendor of choice from a pool of 29 other archiving vendors who responded to an open state bid.

A-DATA Joins "SandForce Inside" SSD List

Editor:- December 15, 2009 - A-DATA announced today it has joined the growing roster of SSD makers using SSD SoCs from SandForce.

A-DATA says products are now in the final testing stage and will be previewed at CES next month.

Editor's comments:- I had earlier commented on A-DATA's weaknesses in the enterprise SSD product space. This collaboration with SandForce is intended to fill product gaps in this strategic market.

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