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storage news - March 2010, week 3

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reaching for the petabyte SSD

Editor:- March 16, 2010 - previewing the final chapters in the long running SSD vs HDD wars - today published an industry changing new article - SSDs - reaching for the Petabyte.

What will the PB SSD look like? When will it appear? What technology problems do SSD designers have to solve to get there? What about the storage architecture that the PB SSD fits into? How much electrical power will it consume? And... you may be curious - how much will it cost?

All these questions and more - are discussed and answered in this article which - I anticipate - will inspire product managers and company founders to create completely new types of SSDs. the article

San Francisco's KPIX Deploys SAN Solutions' Video Production SAN

Editor:- March 16, 2010 - SAN Solutions today announced that its Video Production SAN is being used by San Francisco television station KPIX to enable file-based production of its Emmy Award-winning HD news magazine show, "Eye On The Bay."

Pliant's SSD benchmark video

Editor:- March 15, 2010 - Pliant Technology today published benchmark results to illustrate the capability of its 3.5" SAS SSDs when used in arrays.

The measurements performed and validated by OakGate Technology were performed on an array of 16 SSDs and are summarized in a video.

"We tested Lightning EFDs under conditions that closely mirrored the data throughput demands of today's mission-critical data centers..." said Bob Weisickle, CEO and founder of OakGate. "..even more impressive was the fact that these phenomenal performance numbers remained stable and consistent over time, which is a critical requirement for today's mission-critical 24x7 data centers."

Editor's comments:- when (like me) you're used to seeing SSD IOPS that look like telephone numbers, and IOPS that have a lot of GB/s in them you have ask yourself - what is this vendor really saying?

I think the point Pliant is making is that if you are an oem who wants to design a rackmount flash SSD which has the performance potential of a proprietary architecture such as Texas Memory Systems, or an array of PCIe SSDs such as Fusion-io, but you want to stay in the comfort zone of SAS SSDs while avoiding the "EMC use it so it must be expensive" feel associated STEC - please take a look another look at their products. The tag line on their home page says "Do more for less." (I've seen worse.) I've seen better SSD videos though. It was another 6 minutes of my life wasted (compared to reading the text).

SSD market history

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Megabyte settled down to watch some videos on his favorite subject -
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Megabyte settled down to watch some
videos on his favorite subject - SSDs.
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