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OakGate Technology

OakGate Technology, founded in 2008 and based in Loomis, Calif., is a leading provider of test, validation and benchmarking products and services to the storage industry. The company is a recognized leader in test and validation tools for solid state storage. OakGate's highly capable and flexible platforms support all popular storage protocols and are based on advanced, proprietary software and industry standard hardware. OakGate's turnkey system platforms are available in desktop, rack-mount or integrated configurations and support PCIe, SAS, SATA and FC protocols.

See also:- Key Attributes and Tools for Testing PCIe Based Solid State Storage (pdf) (OakGate paper at the Flash Memory Summit - August 2013)

Editor's comments:- September 2013 - Vipul Mehta, Marketing & Business Development OakGate Technology told me recently "We count almost all major SSD suppliers as our customers and have taken a leadership position in test & validation of PCIe based flash storage, including NVMe, AHCI and SCSIe."
selected OakGate mentions from SSD market history

In March 2010 - OakGate Technology was mentioned as the benchmark and validation services provider in a press release about the performance of 3.5" SAS SSDs in arrays - by Pliant Technology.
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