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OnStream Data BV was incorporated in May 2001 to deliver affordable, high-capacity removable storage solutions for PC servers, workstations, and power desktops. Onstream Data BV is a privately owned company employing approximately 150 people, having its head-office in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. OnStream has a strong focus on EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Asia) and the USA. The reliable Advanced Digital Recording (ADR) technology, originally developed by Philips Electronics, is protected by 67 patents, including pending. With a storage capacity of up to 240 GB the products are particularly suitable for the backup of servers and workstations in the SoHo and SME segment as well for larger enterprises. More information about OnStream Data B.V. can be found at:

  • OnStream appears to be bust, its web site has been taken by another company

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