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Pinetree Peripherals

Providing superior quality depot and on-site service since 1991 for a wide range of data interchange and backup tape drives, autoloaders and libraries. Initially focused on legacy data equipment from StorageTek, Fujitsu, M4 Data, Overland Data, CDC, and Quantum, we have expanded our services to support many of the tape automation systems in use today. Our customer portfolio includes multinational OEM's, system integrators, Fortune 1000 end-users in the seismic, banking, telecom, financial and manufacturing sectors as well as third-party maintenance companies worldwide.

Our over 150 person-years of experience in data storage customer service allows us to offer you the confidence of "done right the first time" without exception. In fact, in the year 2000 we processed over 42,000 items and had only 38 returns – and those were typically corrected the same day. That's a 99.999% reliability of service and this year we are out to improve even on that.

At Pinetree, your calls get answered during normal business hours by the first available team member – and usually by the second ring. We value your business so much that we take your personal satisfaction with us, well, personally. Strategically headquartered in our 13,000 square foot facility in Longmont, Colorado, we also staff offices in Dallas, Texas, Worcestershire, UK and Frankfurt, Germany and have an affiliate operation in Seoul, Korea.

Over the years we have served customers in over 38 countries with our diversity of services including depot repair, sourcing of discontinued items, product refurbishment, technical support, on-site service and custom-build projects. Our latest expansion of product and service offerings now include complete hardware and software data storage solutions encompassing high performance tape and RAID technologies for NAS, SAN and as well as SAS applications. We are your one-stop source for all data storage requirements from Megabyte to multi-Terabyte.

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