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Plexistor, founded in 2013 and headquartered in Mountain View (with its R&D in Herzliya, Israel) has built a new Software-Defined Memory (SDM) platform to leverage volatile DRAM and emerging persistent memory, such as NVDIMM-N and 3DXPoint, with large capacity, persistence of storage and performance of memory.

Plexistor's solution upgrades infrastructure to ultra-low latency converged primary storage that enables in-memory applications to run large data sets at memory speeds. 100x faster than flash SSD.

Plexistor's SDM supports next-generation applications such as relational databases, in-memory databases, NoSQL, big data analytics, and complex event processing that challenge traditional compute and storage resources.

The platform works across the data center to bring together in-memory and Enterprise storage paradigms, so conventional applications and business processes also benefit from SDM performance. For further information visit

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The industry will learn a lot about the "goodness" of new memory tiering products by stressing them in ways which the original designers never intended.
RAM disk emulations in "flash as RAM" solutions
editor's comments:- December 2015 - Plexistor (currently emerging from stealth mode) is an SSD software company focusing on one of the big SSD ideas which emerged in 2015 - retiring and retiering enterprise DRAM.

The company's multi-tiered solution - which has been developed first for Linux - will provide software defined memory which can be implemented by combinations of physical memory such as DRAM, flash, and alternative nvms.

Investors include Battery Ventures and Lightspeed Ventures.

Competitors include:- Levyx, SanDisk among others.
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The DRAM market's new clothes had long been invisible.

But the SSD market was too preoccupied with lower hanging storage fruit.
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NetApp acquires Software-Defined Memory
In May 2017 - A report on said that Network Appliance has agreed to buy Plexistor for $20 million.

Editor's comments:- Plexistor's claim to fame was Software-Defined Memory - with a chip agnostic approach to SCM DIMM wars and the memoryfication of the enterprise.

This acquisition will enable NetApp to play around with options on that adoption curve in speculative system offerings without risking too much wasted software in memory dead ends

We at Plexistor have already tested DDR4 NVDIMM-N cards from most current vendors and although it is not a plug & play technology yet, it is almost there.

Plexistor blog - Welcome to the Era of NVDIMM cards
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Plexistor demonstrated its persistent memory over fabric software can deliver millions of remote writes per second at latencies as low as a few microseconds in a 100GbE setup.
SSD news - August 2016
The size of the business opportunities represented by retiring and retiering DRAM have become apparent by analyzing the gains made possible by earlier generations of enterprise SSDs - in particular PCIe SSDs...
SSD year 2015? - the 4 big ideas
Plexistor aims to bind factions in SSD DIMM wars
Editor:- December 15, 2015 - Plexistor (an SSD software company emerging from stealth in stages) announced today that it is on track for beta release of its Software-Defined Memory (SDM) platform for next-generation data centers in Q1 2016.

Plexistor says that SDM will support a wide range of memory and storage technologies such as DRAM and emerging nvm devices such as NVDIMM-N and 3D XPoint as well as traditional flash storage devices such as NVMe and NVMe over Fabric, enabling a scalable infrastructure to deliver persistent high capacity storage at near-memory speed.

See also:- A File System for Use with Emerging Non-Volatile Memories (pdf) - Plexistor's presentation at last summer's FMS - which summarizes the value proposition thus - "Application developers can focus on business logic, not storage".