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Plextor LLC is a leading developer and manufacturer of high-performance digital media equipment for professionals, consumers and enterprises. In 1990, Plextor established a U.S. operation in Silicon Valley with dedicated sales force for serving North and South America. Since then, the Plextor brand has been continually recognized as high-quality product, receiving numerous awards for its optical drives. Plextor will continue to deliver generations of award-winning products, including CD-R/RW, DVDR/RW, & Blu-ray optical disk drives, digital video converters and multimedia products. The Plextor brand of optical disc drives and multimedia products are owned by Shinano Kenshi in Japan.

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what's the market for Plextor's PCIe SSD?

Plextor consumer PCIe SSDEditor:- April 7, 2014 - I asked Plextor's virtual marketing representative in the US - Andrew Erickson at Alaniz Marketing to tell me more about Plextor's thinking about routes to market for their entry level (Gen2) PCIe SSD market offering - the M6e.

He said - "The M6e is marketed directly to consumers as an end-user upgrade and mostly via newegg and major e-tailers."

Andrew went on to say - "Plextor is definitely moving into the enterprise space and we're expecting to see a couple of read intensive and multi-use ssd products later this year. It sounds like some of the enterprise firmware advances may already be evident in the M6e - though it's not being marketed in that way. I have seen some Plextor drives sold in high end gaming rigs, but I'm not aware of current plans to sell OEM at this time."

editor's earlier comments:- February 2011 - Plextor entered the SSD market with a range of 2.5" SATA SSDs in March 2010 based on SSD controllers from Marvell.

When Plextor signalled this intention in January 2010 the company said it would like to achieve 10% market share in the SSD notebook market. I said at the time - "This is driven by the need (common to all late market entrants) to make waves in the SSD Market Bubble."

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is life really better with Plextor?
Editor:- May 20, 2014 - The paucity of serious marketing ideas in the consumer SSD market nowadays can be judged by the fact that Plextor America today launched a marketing program - "Life Is Better With Plextor" - which involves consumers signing up for a weekly lottery in which one person each week can win a free SSD.

Editor's comments:- I only mentioned it here because it can be amusing to witness the silliness of technical companies when they're engaged in consumer markets.
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SSD Pricing - where does all the money go?
SSDs are among the most expensive computer hardware products you will ever buy and comprehending the factors which determine SSD costs is often a confusing and irritating process...
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