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Princeton Softech - circa 2004

Princeton Softech (, the market leader in database archiving, delivers comprehensive enterprise data management software solutions for the leading applications, databases, operating systems and hardware platforms. Princeton Softech's Active Archive™ Solutions enable companies to manage and store data, based on its business value, critical for information lifecycle management (ILM). Our Relational Tools provides test data management capabilities that improve application quality and reliability. Companies can maximize application performance and availability, while reducing their total cost of ownership. Princeton Softech's products are used by more than 2,100 of the world's largest companies across industries in more than 30 countries. Princeton Softech is financed by Apax Partners, Inc. and LLR Partners.

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In August 2007 - IBM announced an agreement to acquire Princeton Softech.
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"The rapid growth of the Internet and eBusiness, the increase in online transaction processing and the expansion of large databases that support customer-facing applications have contributed significantly to the data explosion. This unprecedented growth is driving increasing demand for data storage and data management solutions. Additionally, there is an increasing need to maintain easy access to historical information for business or regulatory requirements."
Enterprise Active Archiving (pdf)
white paper by Princeton Softech (2002)
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