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Procom Technology

Irvine, Calif.-based Procom Technology has designed and produced innovative storage solutions since 1987 and is a value leader in enterprise-class NAS appliances that deliver industry-leading performance, manageability and availability. This value leadership is based on a unique combination of innovative appliance software, industry-standard hardware platforms, and proven high-availability and mirroring software. More information is available, toll free, at 800-800-8600; via e-mail at; or on the Web at

  • May 9, 2005 - Sun Microsystems today announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to purchase all intellectual property rights of Procom Technology, Inc. relating to Procom's NAS offerings.
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The vaporware at 40,000 feet smelled clean
and fresh. Megabyte's personalized balloon
was the last remaining asset from his VC
funded "lighter than air" storage company.
article by Engenio
Disk to Disk Backup versus Tape - War or Truce? - article by Engenio

Will disk to disk backup make tape backup obsolete? That's a question that's been debated hotly here on STORAGEsearch for many years.

At the extreme polarized ends of the argument are tape media makers like Sony, who in an article here made a case for the long term survival of tape, and at the other end of the argument are disk to disk supporters like STORAGEsearch whose editorial view has been that tape doesn't have a viable role the midsize market any more. In the middle of this argument are the moderates who say that maybe tape and D2d can co-exist. This article by Steve Gardner at Engenio takes the middle course line - and says why he thinks there's still a place for both. See if you agree. the article, ...Engenio profile, RAID systems, Disk to disk backup

profile from featured press January 11, 2005

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