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Proximal Data

Proximal Data is the leading provider of server-side caching solutions specifically designed for virtualized environments. Proximal Data's AutoCache™ software can dramatically increase virtual machine density by eliminating I/O bottlenecks with adaptive I/O caching. When coupled with PCIe flash cards or SSDs from our partners, Proximal Data's fast virtual cache significantly improves the efficiency and performance of virtualized servers without disrupting IT operations or processes. For more information, go to

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  • editor's earliercomments:- August 2013 - Proximal Data is one of many companies in these markets:- SSD software and SSD ASAPs (Auto-tuning SSD Accelerated Pools of storage).
Proximal Data mentions in SSD market history

In July 2012 - Proximal Data announced availability of its first product - a software based SSD ASAP - designed to work with PCIe SSDs - in particular - products from LSI and Micron.

In August 2012 - at the Flash Memory Summit - Proximal Data was acclaimed joint Best of Show award winner in the category of most innovative flash memory technology for its AutoCache VMware accelerating (SSD ASAP software).

In August 2013 - Proximal Data announced the release of version 2.0 of AutoCache (SSD ASAP software). Pricing starts at $999 per host for flash caches less than 500GB.
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As the efficacy of successive product generations and new architecture efficiencies improve - customers don't need to buy so many SSDs. The result can a revenue crash - such as we saw happening at Fusion-io.
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Samsung acquires Proximal Data
Editor:- November 3, 2014 - Samsung announced today it has acquired Proximal Data.

Editor's comments:- Why did Samsung need to acquire another SSD ASAP / caching company?

Samsung's earlier purchase - NVELO (acquired in December 2012) - operated in the consumer market - whereas Proximal's caching technology was designed to work with enterprise PCIe SSDs - a market in which Samsung is a relative newcomer - and in which Samsung stood out from other leading vendors in that market in having no caching software it could cal its own.
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