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RAID controller market's days are numbered (ended)
Editor:- in my 2009 article storage market outlook to 2015 I explained why the hardware RAID controller market for HDDs would soon come to an end - as users switch to enterprise SSDs to accelerate apps speeds and increase storage reliability - while alternative software based data dispersion schemes using cloud technologies will provide better data survivability than RAID in HDD based arrays.

I also predicted that the legacy RAID controller vendors would either have to migrate to SSDs (PCIe SSDs or SSD ASAPs) or go our of business.

Some RAID concepts have moved inside SSDs. (This is process which started in the late 1990s.)

As a result of these various market changes this resource page about RAID controller chips and HBAs - which was once very popular in the 1990s - is now obsolete and joins floppy drives, optical drives and tape libraries as part of storage history.

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