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RunCore is now V&G

V&G (formerly known internationally as RunCore) is headquartered in Shanghai, China. The company has been designing and manufacturing SSDs for industrial and military markets since 2007.

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Editor:- September 30, 2015 - RunCore was ranked #23 in the Q2 2015 edition of the Top SSD Companies List which is researched and published by

RunCore's best previous position in this series was - #5 in 2009 Q1 when there were only 112 SSD companies actively engaged in the market (compared to over 700 now).

So - from a comparative and strategic business point of view - it's more significant for RunCore to be in the top 25 now than to have once been in the top 10 section of the list - 6 years ago.

RunCore SSD - what's the picture now?

by Zsolt Kerekes, editor - - March 18, 2015

RunCore first appeared on the pages of in 2008. At that time there were only 100 companies in the SSD market so it was easy for me to talk to them all.

Nowadays I'm more picky - and ration my time according to priorities which will I think will work best for my readers. Priorites set by several factors such as future trends in the market, popularity of articles and (most important of all) rankings in the visible and private regions of the Top SSD Companies List.

I hadn't heard from RunCore for a while so when Limuel Yap VP of Global Business Operations contacted me this month - I used the opportunity to refresh my understanding of how and where RunCore sees its strengths in the SSD market now.

Limuel said its strategic strengths were related to RunCore's strong technical focus and customer history.

RunCore has successfully adapted to being an important SSD supplier in niche applications despite there being so many other competitors in the wider market.

When I asked him to rank the relative importance of all the markets which RunCore was engaged in - Limuel said - "Right now, Runcore has gained more business in Embedded, Medical and Military markets."

And he gave me examples of some of the strongest products they had in each of those markets.

I wasn't surprised to hear that in the military SSD market - Runcore's secure erase, data encryption and physical destruction 2.5" SATA II SSD has been doing well. (That's a similar story to other vendors in this market.)

In smaller form factors - Runcore's rSSD (one-chip SSD) and miniDOM variants (launched in May 2012) have had some big design wins with good long term prospects in embedded applications.

And in medical markets - RunCore is continuing to see future demand for reliable PATA SSDs which have write protect and secure erase functions. (Other industrial SSD companies who also supply that option include Cactus and Virtium.)

Who's who in SSD? - by Zsolt Kerekes, editor - June 2013

RunCore - ranked #21 in the Top SSD Companies List in Q4 2013 - is the largest maker and supplier of SSDs in China and in past years has been one of the world's fastest growing SSD companies.

It was listed in the 2011 Deloitte Technology Fast 50 China List (pdf) - with a revenue growth rate of over 700%.

RunCore's SSD pedigree started out designing fast military SSDs. The company developed experience in designing secure and reliable SSDs using its own SSD IP. In recent years the company has also used SSD controllers from other companies, including SandForce (LSI) and more recently BiTMICRO.

RunCore offers products in a broad range of markets including:- military SSDs, industrial SSDs, PCIe SSDs, notebook SSDs market, 2.5" SSDs and SSDs on a chip.

For more info about RunCore take a look at the links above and RunCore editor mentions on

I currently talk to more than 300 makers of SSDs and another 100 or so companies which are closely enmeshed around the SSD ecosphere - which are all profiled here on the mouse site.

I learn about new SSD companies every day, including many in stealth mode. If you're interested in the growing big picture of the SSD market canvass - StorageSearch will help you along the way. Many SSD company CEOs read our site too - and say they value our thought leading SSD content - even when we say something that's not always comfortable to hear. I hope you'll find it it useful too.
RunCore milestones from SSD market history

In December 2008 - RunCore announced 1.8" PATA SSDs aimed at the notebook upgrade market. Available with capacity upto 128GB (retail price $389.99 ) an inbuilt slave USB port enables users to easily clone their internal hard drive using Acronis True Image (or similar) software. The SSD can then be installed in the notebook typically giving a 4x speedup. RunCore also launched its Hyper Speed - a 2.5" SATA SSD with 256GB with RW speeds of 230MB/s and 150MB/s respectively priced under $700

.In February 2009 - RunCore launched a mini PCI-e form factor, SATA interface compatible flash SSD with 16GB to 128GB capacity. R/W speeds are 125MB/s and 90MB/s respectively.

In May 2009 - RunCore's Pro IV 2.5" MLC SSDs was reviewed in an article in - which concluded...

"All things considered, the RunCore Pro IV is a hell of a drive that is able to cross over into several market segments; consumer, prosumer and enterprise. The Pro IV is fast, one of the fastest on the market, but that speed comes at a cost and that is really where our only issue sits."

In July 2009 - RunCore was listed #5 in the 9th quarterly edition of the - Top 10 SSD Companies. (Same as before.)

In November 2009 - RunCore announced availability of the Runcore Pro IV Light mini-SATA 50mm PCI-e SSD - a regular flash SSD design and small form factor - which is designed to accelerate netbooks. Capacity options include:- 16GB (32MB cache), 32GB and 64GB (64MB cache) with smaller capacity drives for oems available on request. Sustained R/W speeds are 125MB/s and 80MB/s. Random R/W speeds (4K blocks) are 18MB/s read and 5 MB/s respectively. RunCore says it's compatible with all major OSes and installs easily via its USB slave port.

Mobile computing blogger has created many videos about upgrading notebook PCs with SSDs - here's an example with an earlier model from RunCore.

In January 2010 - RunCore started shipments of the 1st SSDs aimed at the PXI Express market (a standard which brings PCIe performance and functionality into the robust modular form factor popular in automated instrumentation test systems). RunCore's 3U CPCIe\PXIe SSD card provides upto 768GB MLC or 384GB SLC capacity and has sustained R/W speeds upto 400MB/s. Available with industrial operating temperature range and MIL-STD-810F processing, the module provides a fast purge rate of 5GB/s.

Also in January 2010 - a benchmark review article in concluded that RunCore's upcoming Pro V 2.5" SSD - which uses SandForce's SF-1500 SoC is the fastest SATA 2 SSD they have tested.

In March 2010 - RunCore unveiled a new security feature for a consumer notebook SSD at CeBIT 2010. If your notebook is stolen you send a (cell-phone) text message to it - and it destroys the data. There's a video interview of RunCore's SSDs done by hexus tv here. It's very boring at the start - and I was just about to turn it off (even though RunCore is a customer of mine) - when I started to hear a lot of very significant stuff about their rugged and military technology and how some of that expertise was trickling down into consumer SSDs - like a waterproof SSD.

In April 2010 - RunCore's Pro-V SSD (which uses a SandForce SF1200 SoC) was reviewed in an article in Their conclusion - "The 200GB RunCore Pro-V SSD delivered 286/277 MBps peak read and writes speeds using ATTO Disk Benchmark and trailed by 253/248 MBps in Everest, making this one the fastest SATA-3GBps MLC SSDs we've tested."

In May 2010 - RunCore started sampling 2.5" and 3.5" SAS flash SSDs for the enterprise server market. The Kylin II product line, available with MLC, EMLC or SLC flash, has R/W speeds upto 270MB/s and 260MB/s respectively, R/W IOPS of 30,000 and 25,000, upto 400GB capacity and 3 years warranty.

In September 2010 - RunCore announced significant price reductions on its ProV 2.5" SATA SSDs - which have SandForce's SF1200 controllers inside.

In December 2010 - RunCore unveiled a 3.5" SATA 3 flash SSD with 1TB capacity. Internally the SSD includes 2 drives, each with its own SandForce 1200 controller, which can be configured as separate drives or in a simple RAID 0 configuration. The product will be demonstrated at CeBIT in March 2011.

In July 2011 - RunCore has opened its first international sales office outside its its original roots in China. The new office - which will handle sales and distribution is in San Jose, California. The company also launched a 6Gbps mSATA SSD based on the SandForce SF-2281 controller - with R/W rates upto 550 MB/s and 470 MB/s respectively and upto 120GB capacity.

In August 2011 - RunCore announced it is preparing to build the biggest SSD factory in China to enable the company to cope with the increasing international demand for its products. The new factory and test facility - based in Jinzhou Development Zone in Changsha city - is expected to be complete in early 2012.

In September 2011 - RunCore started sampling a low power SATA SSD chip - in a BGA micro-chip package for embedded apps like mobile phones and tablet PCs. The rSSD T100 will be available in industrial temperature versions - and includes SMART commands to monitor the life expectancy of the product.

In October 2011 - SSD Flash Drive Reviews published initial results of Windows 7 benchmark tests for RunCore's Pro V 2.5" SATA III SSD.

In November 2011 - RunCore announced it has been ranked #14 in the new Deloitte Technology Fast 50 China Program of 2011 - which ranks companies based on revenue growth over the past 3 years.

In January 2012 - RunCore announced it is shipping a 7mm high, Sandforce-based, 2.5" SATA 3 SSD for the high performance Ultrabook market.

In May 2012 - RunCore offered its SATA SSD on a chip - the rSSD - on 3 different plug-in MiniDOMs.

In January 2013 - RunCore was the 1st external company to announce a BiTMICRO OnBoard SSD products - the Kylin III MAX family (fast PCIe SSDs).

In March 2013 - RunCore announced it has closed $10 million in Series B funding led by OFC.
RunCore SSDs and
memories from SSD market history

Jack Wu (who at that time was) CMO of RunCore first contacted me about getting a listing for their SSDs here on in August 2008.

2008 was another one of those exciting years in the SSD market where it seemed that anything was possible. And by the end of that year - the number of oems actively marketing SSDs and listed on this site passed 100 companies.

Despite the number of competitors in the market - enough of our readers understood the merits of what they were doing to propel the company into the Top 10 SSD Companies List in Q1 2009.

As there was so much affinity with our readers' interests and RunCore's SSDs - RunCore began advertising here 6 months after we published those results. By that time (Q3 2009) we had already been running SSD ads here for 10 years - so it was a safe choice for any seriously minded SSD company.

Below is an example of a RunCore banner ad which ran here in 2010.

In all we ran 9 different designs of SSD banner ads and about 5 other types of SSD ads here during 2009 to 2012 which were seen by over 1 million of our SSD readers.
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RunCore launches fast PCIe SSD
Editor:- September 24, 2012 - RunCore today launched its fastest yet PCIe SSD - the Kylin III PCIe.
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This new SSD has upto 1.4TB (usable) MLC capacity (full height, half length) R/W bandwith of 3GB/s and 2GB/s respectively - and R/W IOPS upto 700K / 500K (with 4KB blocks) and 3 / 1.4 million IOPS (512B). Read latency is 65µS (512B). Power consumption is under 15W (idle) and upto 50W (active).

Editor's comments:- this new SSD from RunCore is in a different performance class to earlier generations from the company which were frankly nowhere near the best of breed in speed.

Although PCIe SSDs is now a very crowded market - it gives buyers another viable (Top 20 SSD companies list) supplier to choose from.

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RunCore brand completes transitions to V&G
Editor:- April 2, 2016 - Last year the branding picture for RunCore was confusing because they were using different brand names for the company in different geographical regions - with upto 3 names being used concurrently on different web sites.

The situation has now clarified with the announcement that the definitive name from April 1 is V&G (which in English you can think of as "Vision and Goal" and in Chinese is Wei Gu.

V&G is in effect the new name for RunCore. The company's leadership is the same as before - the CEO is Jack Wu who founded RunCore in 2007. And the company says the SSD product lines are 100% technically identical - apart from the change in branding.
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As military requirements are so well defined it should be easy to compile a simple no-frills list of military SSD companies right?
not so simple
RunCore's new SSD HQ
Editor:- June 24, 2013 - RunCore today announced it has completed the first phase of building its new headquarters and SSD manufacturing complex in Hunan province, China which by the end of this year will have the capacity to produce 1 million SSDs / month.
Building 1 of 5 in new RunCore SSD complex - June 2013
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RunCore closes $10 million funding round
Editor:- March 29, 2013 - RunCore today announced it has closed $10 million in Series B funding led by OFC (Oriental Fortune Capital).

"The global solid state storage market is booming, so we believe that now is the best time to take on board strategic investors to more rapidly achieve our globalization plans" said Jack Wu, CEO - RunCore.
RunCore is 1st to announce BiTMICRO OnBoard
Editor:- January 29, 2013 - today announced that RunCore will use BiTMICRO's Talino controllers in its new Kylin III MAX family (fast PCIe SSDs).

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