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SANgate Systems

SANgate Systems is developing a groundbreaking enterprise storage appliance that supports both open systems and mainframe storage environments. By implementing the SANgate solution, customers can dramatically decrease I/O response times, lower total cost of ownership and streamline their data management process. These pioneering products break down proprietary lines and enable seamless relationships between any two storage subsystems, any vendor and any model. By supporting both open systems and mainframe (OS/390) environments with features such as remote mirroring, point-in-time copies and data migration, this unique and powerful hardware/software combination solves major interoperability issues found in today's enterprise storage environments.

SANgate Systems, founded in May 1999 and headquartered in Southborough, MA, is privately held, with funding from top-tier venture capital organizations including Battery Ventures and JVP.

profile from featured press release April 30, 2001

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