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Editor's comments:- when I started this "SAN software page" in 2000 - the idea was still new.

You have to remember that in those days most corporate storage was still DAS (mostly parallel SCSI) - and iSCSI was still a year or so in the future.

But our readers were big storage users as you can see from the top 5 subjects viewed in December 2000 - which were:-

1 - backup software
2 - FC SAN switches
3 - RAID systems
4 - optical jukeboxes and
5 - SAN - (that meant "FC SAN" - as there was no "IP SAN" in those days).

That's quite different to what readers are searching for today - as you can see in the table on the right.

Nowadays - all serious enterprise software has to be "SAN-aware" so there's no need to have a separate page for this subject.
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