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Shannon Systems

Shannon Systems, founded in 2011 and headquartered in Shanghai. Beijing, develops enterprise-grade flash based storage devices and solutions such as its industry leading PCIe SSD product lines. The company's founders and core technology team are Silicon Valley veterans who have around 150 patents in this field.

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Editor:- April 24, 2015 - Silicon Motion today announced it will acquire Shannon Systems for a total purchase price of $57.5 million.

who's who in SSD? - Shannon Systems

by Zsolt Kerekes, editor - January 2015

Shannon Systems was founded in 2011 and designs products for the PCIe SSD market.

Shannon Systems (in Q3 2014) described its positioning itself as being "the leading provider of PCIe flash and associated flash systems in the China market."

Shannon's flagship product - the Direct-IO - is a hot pluggable SFF-8639 connector enterprise PCIe SSD.

Among other things Shannon's product range includes gen 2 PCIe SSDs in half-height, hal-height (with upto 1.2TB capacity) and full-height, half length (upto 6.4TB capacity).

The 6.4TB model (one of the highest capacity enterprise PCIe SSDs in this form factor) has a peak power consumption under 25W.

In a paper presented at the 2014 Flash Memory Summit - Building efficient RAID-5 systems across SSDs at the FTL Layer (pdf) the company explained (like other vendors have done before) the disadvantages of using traditional RAID-5 in a flash array - and the advantages of placing "parity" type mechanisms directly in the SSD controller at the FTL level.
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"Shannon Systems is the leading provider of PCIe flash and associated flash systems in the China market."

...from the company's technical presentation (pdf) at the 2014 Flash Memory Summit

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say hello to Shannon Systems
Editor:- August 6, 2014 - I hadn't heard of Shannon Systems before. But I got a nice email this morning from Xueshi Yang, CEO and co-founder who said he has been reading "for quite a number of years now" and also said that his company is showing their products at Flash Memory Summit.

Among other things - Xueshi Yang said - "Shannon System is a startup I co-founded in 2011 in China after I left Marvell.

"The company is dedicated to the enterprise flash storage market. Currently, we focus on the high performance PCIe market with our proprietary controllers and software systems. In April this year, we announced the industry first 6.4TB PCIe SSD with a single controller, which boasts 67us read access latency and 9 us write access latency (all in 4KB, random). While in June, we introduced a PCIe SSD with SFF-8639 interface, which is hot-pluggable. We currently serve over 100 customers in China, including Tier 1 internet companies, as well as other named customers such as China Mobile, China Telecomm etc."