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Silicon Motion

Silicon Motion is an innovative technology company that designs, develops, and markets high performance, low-power semiconductor solutions for the multimedia consumer electronics market. We have three major product lines: mobile storage, mobile communications, and multimedia SoCs. Our mobile storage business is composed of microcontrollers used in NAND flash memory storage products such as flash memory cards, USB flash drives, SSDs, embedded flash applications, and card readers. Our mobile communications business is composed of mobile TV tuners, CDMA RF ICs, and electronic toll collection RF ICs. Our multimedia SoCs business is composed of products that support MP3 players, PC cameras, and embedded graphics applications.

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editor's comments:- Silicon Motion is a leading supplier of SSD controllers and embedded SSDs. The company entered the Top SSD Companies Lists in Q1 2017.
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Iin June 2008 - Silicon Motion announced a new family of flash SSD controllers which enable oems to mix and match MLC and SLC chips in the same drive.

The controller can analyze the incoming files from the host and intelligently move frequently accessed data to SLC NAND and non-frequently accessed data to MLC NAND. With this innovative hybrid architecture, the SSD system cost is significantly reduced to a level comparable to a pure MLC-based SSD, while endurance is significantly enhanced and comparable to a pure SLC-based SSD.

In April 2010 - in its financial report Silicon Motion's President and CEO, Wallace Kou said - " The NAND flash industry has been increasing the output of 3 bits per cell MLC because this type of technology is a capital efficient way for NAND flash manufacturers to increase capacity without significant capital expenditure. These new 3 bits per cell MLC NAND flash are very difficult to manage well and requires significant advanced controller technologies. Our clear leadership in 3 bits per cell controller technology validates our strategy of investing in cutting edge R&D in order to bring new products to market ahead of our competitors. ...Our SSD controller shipment growth (in the past quarter) was flat sequentially, but grew almost 300% compared to a year ago, and revenue from these products continues to account for almost 10% of our overall corporate revenue."

In April 2015 - Silicon Motion said it would acquire Shannon Systems for a total purchase price of $57.5 million. (For more like this see a list of SSD company acquisitions from 2000 to 2016.)
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Silicon Motion's new mobile devices TLC SSD controller
Editor:- February 21, 2013 - Silicon Motion announced imminent sampling of a new SSD controller - for consumer handheld products.

The SM2703 is a single-channel, SD 3.0 UHS-I (Ultra High Speed Phase I) card controller with superior support for the vast majority of NAND flash, including 2y-nm, 1x-nm and 1y-nm TLC and MLC which delivers up to 95MB/s and enables full HD video recording capability by digital cameras, smartphones and other mobile devices on both Class 4 and Class 6 SD flash memory cards using cost-effective TLC NAND flash.

"We've already had tremendous success in the UHS-I market since we introduced our first UHS-I controller 2 years ago - which was used by most of the world's leading flash card brands" said Wallace Kou, President and CEO of Silicon Motion.

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industrial single chip PCIe NVMe SSDs from Silicon Motion
Editor:- February 27, 2018 - Silicon Motion today announced production of 2 new industrial grade single chip PCIe NVMe SSDs.
  • SM689 supports PCIe Gen 3x4 interface in 16mm x 20mm
  • SM681 supports PCI Gen 3x2 interface in 11.5mm x 13mm
Both products can support multiple capacity configurations ranging from 16GB to 256GB and include enterprise-grade advanced data integrity and reliability capabilities using Silicon Motion's proprietary end-to-end data protection, ECC and data caching technologies.

Data integrity features include end-to-end data path protection, which applies ECC to the SSD's SRAM and DRAM buffers as well as to the primary NAND Flash memory array.

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Silicon Motion has SD 5.1 flash controller
Editor:- November 21, 2016 - Silicon Motion today announced the "world's first merchant SD 5.1 controller solution."

"Android Smartphone shipments accounted for more than 85% of the worldwide market share, and 70% to 80% of these phones have microSD slots," said Nelson Duann, Senior VP of Product Marketing at Silicon Motion, "With the SM2703 controller (2000 / 650 random R/W IOPS on a single TLC die) now supporting SD 5.1, our partners can rapidly bring to market a new generation of SD cards to enable a much better user experience and extend the usability of the Android smartphones."
Silicon Motion's FerriSSDs
Editor:- March 23, 2014 - FerriSSD (pdf) from Silicon Motion - is a PATA SSD on a chip (BGA) which I learned about from Jonathan Bruce - who suggested it for my article - Inanimate Power, Speed and Strength Metaphors in SSD brands - because - he said - the "Ferri" prefix means "strong or durable".

...Later:- March 31, 2014 - in the same product family - Silicon Motion is now sampling a high performance 6Gb/s SATA FerriSSD - the SM659 (8GB to 64GB capacity, with regular cache, 80,000 random IOPs, and 30K Program/Erase (P/E) cycles) - which fits into a 90-ball BGA package measuring just 16x20x2mm.

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