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Simtek provides one of the fastest and most reliable non-volatile memories in the market. The Simtek NVSRAM is well suited to replace SRAM, BBSRAM (Battery Backed SRAM), and FRAM (Ferroelectric RAM) and is used for storage, hard disk, copier, printer, industrial control, military, metering, telecom, medical, dotcom and automotive applications. More information about Simtek is available at

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Terrorbyte liked to test out hot new
back up technologies.
Bad block management in flash SSDs
This is an introduction to the thinking behind one of the many vital functions inside a flash SSD controller.

Native media defect quality in new flash memory chips has grown steadily worse in the past 10 years as geometries have shrunk.
click image to read the article - principles of bad block management in flash SSDs This article enumerates the scale of the problem and explains how intrinsically dodgy flash memory is transformed into dependable flash SSDs which you can entrust with your data. the article

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