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Spinnaker Networks (circa 2003)

Spinnaker Networks is the leading supplier of next generation NAS storage solutions. The Spinnaker SpinServer is based upon a powerful 2-stage distributed file system, SpinFS, and enables cost-effective, nondisruptive management of multiple servers as a single storage pool over a LAN, MAN or WAN network. In additional to lower storage management costs, the industry leading performance and capacity capabilities of Spinnaker's solution enable new applications for enterprise NAS. Spinnaker has posted the highest score ever reported on the SPEC System File Server 3.0 (SFS 3.0) test for NAS server performance for a single file system. Spinnaker products are available as complete storage systems and NAS gateways with Fibre Channel and ATA disk options. The capacities of 11,000 TB per file system and 22 TB per single file are unmatched in the industry.

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