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Below you can see archived details of the HyperDrive4 SSD as it looked in Q2 2007

This model was launched in March 2007.
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internal view - HyperDrive4 is the fastest SSD in 5.25 inch form factor HyperDrive4 is the fastest SSD in 5.25 inch form factor

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Attorn HyperDrive4


The Hyperdrive4 is a 5.25 inch IRDE interface based Solid State Disk for PC and server acceleration applications.

Hyperdrive4 provides the easiest and fastest way of removing I/O bottlenecks and increasing system performance. These performance-enhancing peripherals eliminate I/O wait time in storage and accelerate application performance in any I/O or bandwidth intensive environment. The Hyperdrive4 exhibits higher levels of reliability and includes more high-availability features than conventional storage.

  • form factor:- 5.25 inch (like a CD-ROM drive)
  • capacity:- upto 16G / 32G bytes
  • memory type:- DDR RAM
  • interface:- IDE, PIO 0-4 UDMA 0-6
  • access time:- 1.1µs read / 250nS write
  • Sustained Read / Write:- 126MB/s (at UDMA 6)
  • IOPS:- 44.000 (at UDMA 6)
  • Operating Temperature:- 0°C - 60°C
  • Furthermore, the IOPS performance of one HyperDrive4 unit is limited by the STR (120 MB per second) not the seek time (1 microsecond). So 2 or 3 or 4 HyperDrives in RAID0 give the following results
    • 2 HyperDrive4's in RAID0 70,000 - 77,000 IOPS 215-230 MB/s STR (HDTach)
    • 3 HyperDrive4's in RAID0 92,000 - 95,000 IOPS 330-345 MB/s STR (HDTach)
    • 4 HyperDrive4's in RAID0 88,000 - 94,000 IOPS 395-413 MB/s STR (HDTach)
And here at last, the HyperDrive4's have hit the CPU performance wall. A dual core 5200+ Athlon on an ASUS 590 MOBO with Windows XP cannot fully handle more than 3 HyperDrive4's at max IOPS! Finally Storage Technology has caught up with processing technology!

To achieve the above results you need to use a very low latency (very thin) RAID card such as a Silicon3124-2 card or the Adaptec 1430SA. Alternatively you can get pretty near them using Windows 2K or XP pro or 2003 RAID0 (using the HyperDrive4's as dynamic disks).

This makes the HyperDrive4 the fastest individual drive in the world (IOPS) and by far the cheapest DDR solution and offers the best $/IOPS

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