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Editor:- September 9, 2014 - OCZ announced it is sampling a new 2.5" hot swappable enterprise PCIe SSD - the Z-Drive 6000 - a native PCIe 3.0 NVMe 1.1 solution - which "provides industry-leading IOPS per dollar".

Editor:- July 15, 2014 - OCZ this week announced availability of version 1.5 of its ZD-XL SQL Accelerator (PCIe SSD and caching software bundle) the beta version of which was announced in April. Internal testing performed by OCZ delivered over one million TPMs for a sample of 50 virtual users when ZD-XL SQL Accelerator 1.5 was located in the same server as the SQL application.

Editor:- March 4, 2014 - OCZ today launched - the Z-Drive 4500 Series - which has upto 3.2TB of usable 19nm flash, R/W bandwidth of 2.9GB/s and 2.2 GB/s respectively, and 252K / 76 K R/W IOPS (4KB) in a FHHL form factor and is integrated with Windows WXL acceleration software.
OCZ's new 3TB 2.5" hot swap NVMe SSDs
OCZ 2.5 inch hot swap PCIe SSDEditor:- May 20, 2015 - OCZ today revealed more details about its 2.5" NVMe compatible PCIe SSD - the Z-Drive 6300 SFF. It will be available with usable capacities of 800GB, 1.6TB and 3.2TB (in this quarter) followed by 6.4TB (later this year).

R/W performance is upto 2.9GB/s and 1.4GB/s respectively. Random R/W IOPS are 700K IOPS and 120K IOPS. Latencies are 30µs (write) and 80µs (read). Endurance options are 1 or 3 DWPD.

The new Z-Drive 6000 models are dual ported so that 2 host systems can concurrently access the same SSD.


picture of Z drive 4500 PCIe SSD from OCZ
Z-Drive 4500
picture of ZD-XL - PCIe SSD accelerator from OCZ
ZD-XL SQL Accelerator
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OCZ launches Z-Drive 4500 - its most capable (so far) enterprise SSD
Editor:- March 4, 2014 - OCZ is still using LSI's SandForce SSD controllers (8x SF-2582 enterprise SATA (pdf)) in its newest PCIe SSD - the Z-Drive 4500 Series - launched today - which has upto 3.2TB of usable 19nm flash, R/W bandwidth of 2.9GB/s and 2.2 GB/s respectively, and 252K / 76 K R/W IOPS (4KB) in a FHHL form factor and is integrated with Windows WXL and OCZ's VXL caching software.

Being physically smaller than OCZ's legacy Z-Drive R4 - the new 4500 will be compatible with more server platforms.

The embedded controllers operate thermal-throttling - which means that if the drive gets hot - the performance is reduced to avoid runaway overheating.

The Z-Drive 4500 comes with integrated Windows Accelerator (WXL) Software - and is also fully compatible with OCZ's legacy VXL virtualization and caching software.

Like previous generations of PCIe SSDs from OCZ - the Z-Drive 4500 is bootable.

OCZ positions the Z-Drive 4500 as its best yet enterprise PCIe SSD family which "advances the Z-Drive Series feature-set by supporting higher performance and a more robust architecture."

See also:- ...Z-Drive 4500 briefing notes (pdf)

Editor's comments:- OCZ's VXL bundles have been very successful in small to medium scale enterprise deployments.

The evolution of this product line - supporting as it does another new generation of (lower cost) memory - will further extend its reach.
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OCZ ships PCIe SSD based SQL accelerator
Editor:- July 23, 2013 - OCZ today announced the general availability of its ZD-XL SQL Accelerator - an SSD ASAP appliance - delivered as a PCIe SSD (600GB, 800GB or 1.6TB) and bundled software - which optimizes caching of SQL Server data in Windows environments - and can provide upto 25x faster database performance.

HA functionality works through Microsoft SQL Server AlwaysOn technology, so that in the event of planned or unplanned downtime, can continue operations from the stopping point, retaining all of its data as if no downtime had occurred.

"We believe that the industry is primed for this type of tightly integrated, plug-and-play use-case acceleration solution..." said Ralph Schmitt, CEO - OCZ Technology.

Editor's comments:- One of the differentiators in SSD caching products is the sophistication of their behavior when viewed from a time basis. This is 1 of the 11 key SSD symmetries - which I call "age symmetry".

In this respect - a key feature of ZD-XL SQL Accelerator is its business-rule pre-warming cache engine and cache warm-up analyzer that monitors SQL Server workloads and automatically pre-loads the cache in advance of critical, demanding or important SQL Server jobs. It achieves this by identifying repeated access patterns that enable DBAs to set periodic time schedules to pre-load the cache.

This product won Best of Show Award at an event called Interop in May.
Here are some more articles and papers about the ZD-XL which I found later
  • Introducing ZD-XL SQL Accelerator - by Allon Cohen and Scott Harlin at OCZ - which among other things discusses the different requirements of transactional and analytical loads with respect to optimizing cache policies.

    "Data that is critical to cache at one point in time may be useless at another, and the selection of the best data to cache at each point in time is highly dependent on current access statistics. A major benefit of the ZD-XL SQL Accelerator is its advanced SQL Server policy-based algorithms that enable IT managers to use optimized applicationspecific caching policies to make knowledgeable selections of what data to store in cache"

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