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1U rackmount Solid State SAN from Curtis
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Curtis HyperXCLR R1000

HyperXCLR R1000 is a 1U Rack Mount Solid State Disk which connects by 1G/2G Fibre-channel to provide server acceleration.

The HyperXCLR appears to the system as a hard disk with unlimited supply of cache memory.

Dual redundant batteries combined with a mechanical disk provide Non-Volatile data retention system in the event power is removed from the HyperXCLR. Dual Fibre Channel connections provide failover data paths.

  • capacity:- 3 to 24GB
  • Access Time:- 20uS
  • IO (transactions/sec):- >35,000
  • sustained data transfer rate:- 197MBytes/sec

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Curtis HyperXCLR R2000

This is a 2U rackmount SSD with similar technology to the 1U unit above. But it's also available with other interfaces.

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