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classic SSDs from SSD Market History.

This shows details of the StorageSPIRE SSD description here on as it looked in Q1 2008. The product was launched in July 2007.


1  terabyte solid state disk storage with 12x 4Gbps FC ports -  StorageSPIRE - from Solid Data Systems
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Solid Data Systems StorageSPIRE

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Solid Data StorageSPIRE is a managed array of SSDs providing up to a terabyte of Fibre Channel-connected, ultra low latency, non-volatile storage. The StorageSPIRE SSD array is a direct replacement for high end rotating RAID arrays or an alternative to in-server-memory systems, and can be direct-connected or used as a shared device when deployed on a SAN.

Used in high transaction rate applications they eliminate the mechanical delays of rotating disk drives, allowing conventional servers to perform 10 or more times the number of transactions per second. Because of their immediate response to read or write commands, they eliminate large server queues; thus, dramatically improving server stability and response times during peak periods.

  • 500GB to 1TB Array of Solid State Disk
  • Reduces total cost of transaction intensive applications
  • PermaRACK™ allows for modular replacement of 100% of all active components without de-racking or tools
  • Supports Fibre Channel configurations for servers, clusters and SANs

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