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2.5 inch SSDs

Lots of companies design and sell 2.5" SSDs. You can scroll down this page to see who they are below. So where do you begin?

One simple way to divide the market is - it's those with SandForce controllers inside - and then everyone else.

But that would be too simplistic.

what about speed?

OK another way is to narrow things down is to look at speed.

If you need the fastest SSDs in the 2.5" form factor - take a look at SAS SSDs and 2.5" PCIe SSDs.

what about rugged?

Do you mean rugged industrial or rugged for true military deployments with fast secure data purge?

what about a 2.5" SSD for notebooks?

The notebook SSD market has got more size options than that.

what about a 2.5" SSD with a particular interface?

Did you mean PATA SSDs? SATA SSDs? SAS SSDs? parallel SCSI SSDs? (yup new designs are still available to plug into legacy hard disk slots) and - I almost forgot to mention them because they are going out of fashion - fibre-channel SSDs. And since the idea was first demonstrated in 2011 - PCIe has been creeping off cards and modules and into new models of 2.5" PCIe SSDs.

what about that old SLC versus MLC thing?

It still matters in some cases - but not in all.

What about cheap? - who makes the cheapest SSDs?

Here's an article which shows how prices have dropped in the past 10 years - and why I can't answer that question. "SSD" is not enough enough information. What's in and what's left out of the design - makes a big difference to the price. And you can't trust consumer SSD makers to make these decisions for you for a variety of reasons.

who are the top SSD companies which really matter?

I thought you were never going to ask that. Here's what millions of other SSD readers think.

why does the SSD market look so complicated?

Because it is complicated.

I've only been talking about 2.5" SSDs here. If you include all the other sizes - I currently track over 300 SSD makers - and that could rise to over 1,000 in a handful of years time...

It's all about the size of the market opportunity and how the market will grow in the future.

Leading SSD companies genuinely disagree about the best way to design SSDs and where to put them.

The market will get more complicated before it gets any simpler.

For what's happening now? - see SSD news.

For how did we get here? - see SSD history.

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who makes 2.5" SSD?

Here's a partial list. I've called it a "partial list" because I stopped lengthening the list below several years ago. To find more who have appeared in past SSD news or articles click on 2.5" SSD - more editor mentions.

AboUnion , ACARD Technology, Active Media Products, A-DATA, Adaptec, ADLINK Technology, Advanced Media / RITEK / Traxdata, Afaya, Apacer, Afaya, Altec , AMP, APRO, ATP Electronics,Avant Technology , Barun Electronics, BiTMICRO, Biwin, Buffalo Technology, Cactus Technologies, Corsair, CoreRise, CoreSolidStorage, DTS, EDGE Tech, Emphase, FMJ, Foremay, Fortasa Memory Systems, GalaxyStor, G.Skill , Hagiwara Sys-Com, Hynix Semiconductor, IEI Technology, Imation, InnoDisk, Intel, KingFast, KingSpec, Kingston Technology, Lexar Media, Lite-On , Longsys, MagicRAM, Macrotron Systems, MemoCom, Memoright, Micron / Crucial, Microsemi, Mushkin, Myung, OWC, OCZ, Patriot Memory, Phison Electronics, PhotoFast, Pliant Technology, Plextor, PNY, PQI, Pretec Electronics, Princeton Technology, pureSilicon, Ramaxel Technology, Renice Technology , RunCore, Samsung, SandForce, SanDisk, Sans Digital, Seagate, Sharkoon, Silicon Power , SMART, Solidata, Soliware, Sonnet Technologies, Stealth.Com, STEC, Strontium, Sun Microsystems, Super Talent Technology, Swissbit, Targa Systems Division, TCS, TDK, Team Group, Toshiba, Transcend Information, Unigen, Viking, Walton Chaintech, Western Digital, Wintec
click here for more info about the Guardian SSD
highest integrity 2.5" military SATA SSDs
with SnapPurge and AES-256 encryption
TRRUST-STOR - from Mercury Systems

........ Seagate's SAS SSD click for more info
12Gb/s SAS SSDs
for demanding enterprise applications
from Seagate

military SSD from Waitan
military SSD drives with secure erase
encryption and self-destruct
from Waitan

 dual ported  2.5 inch NVMe PCIe SSD from OCZ
2.5" NVMe PCIe SSDs
dual ported for HA configurations
the Z-Drive 6000 series - from OCZ

Virtium  SSDs - click for more info
industrial SATA SSDs
efficiently matched to embedded needs
StorFly – from Virtium

Cactus 2.5" rugged SLC SSD
industrial grade 2.5" SATA SSDs
-45°C to 90°C / 60K IOPS
from Cactus Technologies

Targa Series 4 - 2.5 inch SCSI flash disk
2.5" removable military SSDs
for airborne apps - GbE / SATA / USB
from Targa Systems
Big SSD Idea #2

There's no single best place to locate all the IO and management intelligence of a big SSD.
What were the big SSD ideas of 2015?
2.5 inch SSDs
Size is relative.
"It's over 10 years since the first 2.5" SSDs came to market. But the 2.5" SSD market still feels young, chaotic and bursting with creative design energy"
Zsolt Kerekes, editor
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"In an ideal world - symmetry considerations would be on page 1 of the - how to design an SSD cookbook."
how fast can your SSD run backwards?
0 to 3 seconds...

This article is about the range of power hold up times I've seen in the market - in the context of rugged / military 2.5" SATA SSDs.
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the changing face of the industrial SSD market
One of the oldest markets for flash SSDs is the embedded industrial market - where rugged flash SSDs have been used since the mid 1990s.
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SSDs are among the most expensive (and complex) computer hardware products you will ever buy and understanding the factors which determine SSD costs is often a confusing and irritating process... ...which is not made any easier when market prices for apparently identical capacity SSDs can vary more than 100x to 1!
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