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Another classic product from SSD market History

The RamSan-630 below (launched in April 2010) was at the time the fastest and highest density SLC flash rackmount SSD.

It was the 6th generation design in this FC-SAN compatible style of enterprise SSD - which is where the numbering in "RamSan-630" came from.

In another article - when the SSD brand sends the wrong signal - I discuss the anomalies which arose from "RamSan" itself over the very long market life of this product.

When IBM acquired TMS and thereby the successors to this product line below - they dropped the RamSan - but kept the numbers and the design the same.
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Key performance enablers inside the RamSan-630
StorageSearch talks SSD with Holly Frost, CEO, Texas Memory Systems
Editor:- October 1, 2012 - IBM today announced it has completed its acquisition of Texas Memory Systems.
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Texas Memory Systems
RamSan-630 (3U)
RamSan-630 Flash Solid State Disk from Texas Memory Systems

The RamSan-630 offers 10 TB SLC Flash storage, 1,000,000 IOPS (10 GB/s) random sustained throughput, and just 500 watts power consumption.

The RamSan-630 is the densest high-performance SLC NAND Flash-based enterprise storage on the market. This rack-mounted SSD provides plenty of shareable, high performance storage for IT organizations that need to respond to the growing storage and performance needs of their users and applications. One RamSan-630 system can replace an entire rack of high-end HDD. SLC Flash and innovative controller designs give the RamSan-630 enterprise reliability and data protection. With a capacity of 10TB in a 3U enclosure that uses only 500 Watts, the RamSan-630 can handle data growth very efficiently. It installs quickly and easily and is managed in the same way as our other RamSan® systems, integrating seamlessly into almost any SAN environment using Fibre Channel and InfiniBand connectivity. The RamSan-630, with its 1 million IOPS, is extremely versatile and especially well suited for performance-demanding applications such as high performance computing, data warehousing, and batch processing.
  • A complete Flash storage system in a 3U rack
  • Low overhead and low power
  • High performance, 1 M IOPS, bandwidth, and capacity
  • Standard management capabilities "
  • Active Spare for ultimate system reliability
  • Two Flash ECC protection levels
  • Separate LUNs assignable per internal RS-630 Flash card
  • 512 byte block support, as well as the standard 4K block
  • Fibre Channel interfaces
  • InfiniBand interfaces

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Editor:- December 6, 2011 - Texas Memory Systems announced imminent availability of the RamSan-720 - a 4 port (FC/IB) 1U rackmount SSD which provides 10TB of usable 2D (FPGA implemented) RAID protected and hot swappable - SLC capacity with 100/25 microseconds R/W latency (with all protections in place) delivering 400K IOPS (4KB), 5GB/s throughput - with no single point of failure (at $20K/TB approx list).
Editor:- May 10, 2011 - Texas Memory Systems today announced record-setting audited SPC-1 and SPC-2 performance results produced by its RamSan-630. What TMS says is different about these results - is that its SLC flash SSD system also cost less per gigabyte than the previous record holder's HDD based system.

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