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Editor:- May 2 , 2016 - Mercury Systems has completed the previously announced acquisition of the secure SSD business of Microsemi.

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Editor:- July 16, 2015 - Today was announced the availability of a new enhanced capacity model of the TRRUST-STOR line of military SSDs.
The MSD01TAM3R provides 1TB raw (900GB usable) SLC NAND flash in a 2.5" 9.5mm high package.
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Mercury Systems TRRUST-STOR Mercury's TRRUST-STOR is a rugged 2.5" SATA SLC SSD which protects sensitive data from both environmental and human threats.

It's designed specifically to provide outstanding reliability, data integrity, performance and security for defense applications in rugged environments. AES encryption and anti-tamper techniques, plus our own Armor™ management processor set this drive apart from any others on the market. That's one of the reasons Mercury call it a "Secure Storage Device".

All design and manufacturing for the TRRUST-STOR is done in the U.S. in Mercury's DOD trusted facility. Mercury has a long history as an industry leading manufacturer of innovative, high-reliability memory solutions for the defense market.

  • Capacity:- upto 1TB host accessible non-volatile removable media
  • Operating temperature:- -40° C to +85° C
  • Sustained sequential read or write:- 200MB/s
  • Security
    • NIST certified AES encryption with a 256-bit key with XTS
    • TRRUST-Purge™ destroys key in less than 30 ms
    • Hardware based full drive erase takes less than 4 seconds.
    • Compliant sanitization protocols
  • Uncorrectable bit error rate: better than 1 sector per 10 30 bits read
  • Write endurance: 8 petabytes for the 450GB drive
  • Operational stability during power interruptions without the use of super caps or batteries
  • Industry-leading built-in self-test utilities; tests 98% of all SSD functions
  • Options:- Conformal coat, Extended burn-in, OEM customization, Extended temperature screening, Shock tolerant interface connectors...

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