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This is an archived page which shows the unchanged details, below, of a leading enterprise PCIe SSD product line from Virident Systems.

FlashMAX II was launched in August 2012 and became generally available in November 2012..

This and earlier product generations of Virident's SSDs were advertised here on from February 2011 until June 2013.

2 key ingredients in the design of Virident's PCIe products were:- big controller architecture and good application symmetry and host scalability.

Seagate liked this product so much that they oemed it in January 2013.

In September that year - WD went one step further and acquired Virident for approximately $685 million.
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Virident Systems FlashMAX II FlashMAX II is Virident's 2nd generation enterprise PCIe SSD accelerator.

These half length, half height modules are designed to give high capacity and performance in a small foorprint.

Virident's positioning with the FlashMAX is that it aims to provide consistent enterprise performance (relative to the variables of block size, how full the SSD is etc) rather than a product which has speed spikes which vary across storage dimensions and time.

Virident's virtualization software - vFAS transparently optimizes the the management of the flash memory array to provide RAID-like protection which can survice multiple failures without introducing additional latency.
  • capacity (MLC):- 550GB, 1,100GB. 2.200GB
  • capacity (SLC):- 1,100GB
  • Read throughput:- upto 2.7GB/s
  • IOPS (MLC):- 200K IOPS (4KB) assuming 75/25 r/w mix
  • IOPS (SLC):- 325K IOPS (4KB) assuming 75/25 r/w mix
  • latency:- 16us (MLC), 18us (SLC)

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Editor:- February 21, 2013 - Virident Systems recently announced beta availability of a new software suite - called FlashMAX Connect - which enables low latency shared server-side storage and high availability when used with the company's range of PCIe SSDs.

Editor:- January 14, 2013 - Virident Systems today announced that its FlashMAX II family has achieved VMware Ready status.

Editor:- November 28, 2012 - Virident Systems today announced the general availability and shipping of its previously unveiled FlashMAX II which supports Linux, Windows, and VMware ESXi and VDI environments. Pricing starts at $6,000.

Editor:- August 27, 2012 - Virident's PCIe SSDs are supported by SanDisk's FlashSoft auto-caching software - it was announced today.

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