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Branding Strategies in the SSD Market

by Zsolt Kerekes, editor -

Does - what you call the SSD...

impact - who the SSD buyer will call? FAQs for connected IT marketers

I've written this series of articles for marketers and business development people in the SSD market.

Everyone's in the same SSD market bubble - but due to frantic web navigation, going to events and talking to SSD analysts you already have a better picture of where the awesome SSD market is headed than most other people. Congratulations!

But how do you translate that into a business plan? - or as the marketing girl in the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy said - in response to the development of the wheel - "Alright, Mr. Wiseguy... "if you're so clever, you tell us what color it should be."

How will users navigate their way through thousands of SSD messages which compete for their attention?

In the time honored way of learning to recognize, filter out and disregard the 99% of SSD babel which is for someone else.

What can marketers do to create better messages for the modern SSD era?

How can users recognize a good SSD brand when they see it?

Learning from other people's good examples (and mistakes) is a good place to start.

In this new series of articles I'm looking at the SSD market - from a different perspective
  • when the SSD brand sends the wrong signal - Sometimes the name of an SSD product - or the company who makes it - can lead to a confused situation - when one part of your brain stops you correctly interpreting the words that your eyes are reading.

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turbo SSD image
how did the market go from

Who cares?

to - You care!

about the identity of SSD controllers?
Imprinting the brain of the SSD
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Getting the name right for your new product, company or service is a difficult process.
Marketing Nomenclature, and the Naming of Names

The new fad in selling flash SSDs is life assurance and health care claims.

As in - my flash SSD care / endurance scheme is 100x better (than all the others).
MLC seniors live longer in my care home
We haven't got the stage where the color or the brand on the SSD box (are the main things which) determine how many SSDs get sold.

SSD IP (Intellectual Property) is still an important factor in establishing leadership in the minds of the market.
......Q4 2011 edition of - the Top 20 SSD Companies
RamSan - not always RAM, and not always SAN.

XcelaSAN from Dataram - more flash than RAM.
when the SSD brand sends the wrong signal

That's not even the right letters.


We do have to use the ones we started with.
Rebranding - STEC to sTec
Kent Smith told me that LSI used to call the SandForce products "SSD processors".

But that didn't show up in Google.

Because designers were looking for "SSD controllers".

So LSI has changed its parlance.

It now calles them "SSD controllers"

like everyone else does.
LSI integrates "SSD market on a chip"
November 18, 2013
"Fusion-io has established for itself the brand recognition of being the SSD company most strongly associated in customer minds with the PCIe form factor - despite the fact that it wasn't the 1st company to launch such a product - and also despite the high number and quality of competitors in this segment.
...Editor:- from the Q1 2009 edition of the the Top SSD Companies. That was the 1st of 20 straight quarters with Fusion-io at the top of the list.
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