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The ad below appeared on in the summer of 2008.

testing / analyzing SSDs

SSD burn chambers / ovens 4 to 16 slot flash SSD testers from  International Microsystems
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SSD ad - click for more info

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International Microsystems M7305

International Microsystems SATA flash SSD testers are aimed at oems and systems integrators.

They support functional testing including read/write functional tests, read/write speed tests as well as parametric standby/dynamic current tests.

Also supported is the initialization of the SSD controller which is normally required as the first step in production testing.

  • The M7305 is a 4 slot engineering tester.
  • The M7300 is a 4 - 16 slot benchtop production tester.
  • The M7310 is a 4 to 16 slot burn in chamber production tester with a temperature range from -73°C to +180°C.

All 3 testers come with user-friendly software and are supplied as fully functioning standalone systems with display, keyboard and mouse along with Ethernet connectivity.

The powerful GUI allows user definition of all parameters governing the chosen tests. All models can be used as SATA SSD duplicators with master data being supplied by either a master drive or by a master binary file.

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