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A leading provider of storage management software, Storability is a division of StorageTek and a vendor-neutral resource for companies seeking to measure and manage their storage like a business. Storability's Global Storage Manager (GSM) complements StorageTek's robust information lifecycle management (ILM) offerings and allows enterprise organizations to optimize asset utilization, increase management efficiency, enhance quality of service, and achieve higher availability.

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The vaporware at 40,000 feet smelled clean
and fresh. Megabyte's personalized balloon
was the last remaining asset from his VC
funded "lighter than air" storage company.
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Data Recovery for Sun Servers - article by ActionFront Data Recovery

"On March 8th - a quiet Saturday, the systems administrator wrote a script to perform the migration and then decided to test the script with the actual copy commands "commented-out". He made a typo error in the copy command, in effect instructing the main data storage to copy onto itself, and then compounded his mistake by commenting-out the wrong line. He initiated the test run which then attempted to copy each file over itself. Under the Solaris/UNIX file system this over-wrote the file inodes – erasing all file allocation information and truncating each file to zero length. Overwriting directory information, unlike the actual copying of data, is a very quick process and the damage was done almost instantly." the article

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