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This includes a small number of selected stories with interesting pictures taken from thousands in our main storage news archive..
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STMicroelectronics samples dual port RFID EEPROM

Editor:- March 2, 2010 - STMicroelectronics is sampling a pioneering new family of dual technology access EEPROMs - which add a standard RFID interface to the conventional serial interface.
RFID dual port EEPROM - news image from - click for more info
No power source is required to operate the M24LR64 (64k bit capacity) in RF mode. The chip gathers both the energy and the data from the RF system.

"This highly innovative ability to program or read a memory wirelessly, as well as electrically, will provide tremendous added-value to our customers, enabling highly flexible supply-chain management and also stimulating new types of products with powerful features and capabilities," said Benoit Rodrigues, General Manager, Memories Division, STMicroelectronics.

RunCore's new Express Card SSD / USB 3.0 adapter

Editor:- March 1, 2010 - Among the many SSDs which RunCore will show at CeBIT 2010 this week is an Express Card flash SSD designed for notebooks.
... RunCore's  Express Card SSD / USB 3.0 adapter
As well as providing upto 64GB capacity (R/W speeds 120MB/s and 90MB/s) - the Express 34 module also provides 2x USB 3.0 ports with connectors for linking the notebook to external devices. See also:- events.

Fusion-io will Offer Consumers PCIe SSD Accelerators
Editor:- June 2, 2009 - Fusion-io announced it will ship a consumer optimized version of its enterprise PCIe SSD family in July.
Priced at $895, the ioXtreme has
80GB MLC flash capacity and
average throughput of 520MB/s.

Supported OS's include:-
Windows XP, Vista and Linux.
.. click to see profile for Fusion-io
Editor's comments:- the ioXtreme marketing package ends the confusion about the blurring boundaries in the PCIe SSD market between enterprise customers and pro consumers. This product has been optimized for the consumer market.
  • Out goes expensive SLC flash. Consumers don't need it (although most enterprise apps do). MLC is less than 1/2 the price of SLC for the same capacity (and that gap is widening).
  • Toss out 80% of the capacity (and memory cost) which you'd find in a single slot enterprise card too. A single user doesn't need it.
  • Winding down the performance from an enterprise class product like Fusion-io's ioDrive Duo (1.4GB/s R/W) to about 1/3 of that saves a bundle on fast glue hardware. It makes the cache memory cheaper. The SSD controller processor can run slower and you don't need onboard RAID logic (or if you do - it can be cheaper).
PCIe  SSDs vendors, news, articles Those kinds of value optimized decisions can lead you to a product like the ioXtreme - which is still many times faster than any 2.5" SSD and satisfies speed hungry consumer budgets without cannibalizing sales to enterprise customers. It's a clever marketing move and I'm sure it will attract huge interest.
...Later:- June 4, 2009 - Fusion-io confirmed today that the new ioXtreme does in fact have their Flashback chip level protection and that you can run 2 cards in a RAID configuration (if needed).

SanDisk Ships New DOM for Netbooks
Editor:- June 2, 2009 - SanDisk started shipping its 2nd generation of PATA compatible SSD modules for the netbook market.
Storage clairvoyants, IDC, project
consumer purchases of netbooks to
rise from 11.5 million sold in 2008
to 50 million in 2013.
.. click for more info about SanDisk SSDs
Performance of SanDisk's new pSSD is 9,000 vRPM and capacities range from 8 to 64GB. SanDisk says it has improved the non volatile cache to prevent "stalling" or "shuddering" which was a problem in 1st generation netbook SSDs.

Editor's comments:- 27 companies make miniature SSDs under 1.0" in size. pSSD is simply a brand name of this SSD family from SanDisk - and not new SSD jargon term you need to know about.
miniature SSDs approx 1 inch and smaller The traditional term for this type of product is a DOM (disk on module). A SanDisk document describing the 1st generation pSSD said the benefits were:- low cost and low weight - 1/10th the weight of a typical 1.8" HDD.

DDRdrive Launches Low Cost PCIe RAM SSD
Editor:- May 4, 2009 - DDRdrive emerged from stealth mode and launched the DDRdrive X1 - a PCIe compatible RAM SSD with onboard flash backup.
Load / restore time is 60S. I/O performance is over 200K IOPS (for 512B blocks). For 4kB blocks IOPS is:- 50k (reads) and 35K (writes). R/W throughput is 215MB/s and 155MB/s respectively. Capacity is 4GB. OS compatibility:- Microsoft Windows (various). Price is $1,495. ... DDRdrive X1 PCIe SSD - click for company profile
Using Microsoft Windows built-in RAID support, DDRdrive X1's can be spanned (capacity), striped (performance), mirrored (redundancy), and RAID-5 configured.
Editor's comments:- the DDRdrive X1 looks competitively priced for accelerating database applications in which the hot files can be squeezed into a capacity range from about 4GB to 12GB. Above that - you get into the region of entry level rackmount SSDs and high performance PCIe flash SSD cards from companies like Fusion-io and Texas Memory Systems.

There's definitely a gap in the market for this scale of product (low entry price, low capacity - high IOPS). For the past year or so DDRdrive shipped an earlier generation of its SSD accelerators exclusively to a large enterprise for secret internal projects.

...Later:- May 7, 2009 - I can now reveal the "large enterprise" customer was Intel.

Viking Launches SATA Cube SSD
Editor:- March 10, 2009 - Viking Modular Solutions has launched the SATA Cube - a miniature flash SSD which provides upto 256GB capacity in a small 30x32mm footprint.
Sustained R/W speeds are 110MB/s and 79MB/s respectively. It's available as a BGA device or with a MicroSATA connector.

"The SATA Cube3 is an ideal solution for OEMs that require the benefits of non-volatile solid state storage and SATA performance in an ultra small form factor," said Adrian Proctor, VP of Marketing for Viking Modular Solutions.
... SATA Cube SSD
Viking says that designers of card based SSDs on form factors such as AMC, XMC, PMC and PCIe will find the low volumetric density and high storage capacity of the SATA Cube a strong candidate for their space constrained application.

A-DATA Ships DDR2-800G Memory Kits

Taipei, Taiwan - October 17, 2008 - A-DATA Technology Co., Ltd. has recently released its Gaming Series DDR2-800G kits.

The 1GB/2GB single channel and 2GB/4GB dual channel module kits are tested at 800MHz and are aimed at the PC gamers market - estimated to be over 260 million people.

All memory chips are verified using overclocking criteria for better quality. ...A-DATA profile
A-DATA gaming memory kits

SiliconSystems Launches Postage Stamp Size USB SSD

Aliso Viejo, Calif - October 30, 2007 - SiliconSystems, Inc. today announced its new SiliconDrive USB Blade solid-state storage product.

SiliconDrive USB Blade is a postage-stamp sized USB solid-state drive designed for embedded storage applications where board space, shock, vibration, temperature and multi-year product lifecycles are mandatory design considerations.
click to see SiliconSystems company  profile
Evaluation units and host developer tool kits will be available in December in capacities of 512 megabytes, 1 and 2 gigabytes. ...SiliconSystems profile

QNAP Introduces 3.5" USB / eSATA Backup Station

Taipei, Taiwan - October 16, 2007 - QNAP Systems, Inc. today introduced the QBack-35S to its external hard drive enclosure QBack series.
The titanium black QBack-35S supports a single 3.5" SATA hard drive, up to 1TB storage capacity, and USB and eSATA interfaces. QBack-35S is aimed at users who require fast and secure low cost data backup. With QBack-35S, users can experience handsfree automatic synchronization backup, AES 256-bit encryption, and e-mail (Outlook, Outlook Express, and Windows Mail) backup.

The award-winning backup software QBack is enclosed - which provides 4 backup modes. In addition to the auto-sync backup, one touch backup is supported.
QNAP news image on
Users can back up data immediately by pressing the one touch button on the device. QBack also provides instant and schedule backup modes. ...QNAP Systems profile, Storage Boxes

Samsung moviMCP will Shrink Mobile Phones

Seoul, Korea - May 30, 2007 - Samsung today announced that it is sampling a 4 gigabyte multi-chip package for mobile phones that eliminates the need for an external memory card slot.
The new moviMCP stacks flash and RAM vertically to enable a small footprint device which satisfies the high-speed data transmission needs of mobile phones, while fully supporting the communication features within the handset.

According to iSuppli, the 3G mobile phone market - which is the main target for Samsung's new moviMCP - is expected to reach 392 million units in 2007 and will grow 40% annually till 2010. ...Samsung profile, storage chips
news image Samsung  - click for company profile

AMCC Shows Serial SCSI RAID Controllers at CeBIT

Hannover, Germany - March 15, 2007 - AMCC is demonstrating its RAID technology this week at CeBIT.

For the first time AMCC will showcase its new PCI Express to SAS RAID controller working with SAS expanders and Seagate Technology's Cheetah 15K.5 drives.
AMCC will also announce and demonstrate substantial enhancements to the 3ware Sidecar, a desktop RAID storage expansion solution formerly available only for Apple's Power Mac G5 and Mac Pro systems. The upgraded 9650SE-based 3ware Sidecar extends support to PC workstations with Windows and Linux operation systems. Battery backup support has also been added for additional data protection. news image AMCC's Sidecar RAID system
The new 24-port 3ware 9650SE-24M8 will also be showcased in a system that uses two of these controllers connected to 48 high capacity SATA drives.

"We are pleased to use the largest technology event in Europe as the venue to announce new RAID products and to demonstrate how AMCC continues to drive storage technology with innovations that deliver the performance, value and density that customers demand," said Scott Cleland, director of marketing for AMCC Storage.. "By announcing new products for Windows, Linux and Mac platforms, and demonstrating AMCC products working in a SAS environment, we are expanding the reach of our technology into new and exciting storage environments." ...AMCC profile, Storage Events

YES Box Aims at Home Media Server Market

Editor:- November 20, 2006 - Thecus Technology today launched a dual SATA disk bay consumer NAS called the YES Box.
Aimed at the home media server market it is preloaded with Mediabolic's Media Server software - which has been proven on over 1 million units.

This software makes music, photo, and video files available over a network for streamed playback on connected entertainment products.
storage news from Thecus
The software aggregates personal media so that it was can be accessed by a variety of players, such as network TVs, IP set-top boxes, and digital media adapters. Connection is via 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports and 3 USB 2.0 ports. ...Thecus profile

SimpleTech Ships 3.5" Fibre Channel SSD

SANTA ANA, Calif. - October 17, 2006 - SimpleTech, Inc. today announced the availability of its Zeus Solid State Drive with Fibre Channel Interface.
Now shipping, it offers sustained throughput in excess of 70MB/s in 3.5" form factor, with 400MB/s duplex burst read and write speed, all of which is done with an extremely low 5W power draw.

In a recent contract award, the U.S. Army committed to outfit Apache attack helicopters with new sensor electronics from Lockheed Martin. These high performance systems are designed to accommodate SimpleTech's 80GB Fibre Channel SSDs to provide mass storage for recording real-time sensor data. SimpleTech's new SSD is available with a full range of data sanitization options.
news image SimpleTech's Zeus FC SSD
According to Alan Niebel of Web-Feet Research, the industrial flash market is projected to grow from $550 million in 2006 to $4.3 billion by 2010. This strong growth reflects the speed with which customers and OEMs are embracing NAND flash-based solid state drives as the preferred medium for high performance and high reliability storage. ...SimpleTech profile

SAMSUNG Introduces New Nonvolatile Memory - PRAM

Seoul , Korea - September 11, 2006 - Samsung Electronics announced that it has completed the first working prototype of what is expected to be the main memory device to replace high density NOR flash within the next decade – a Phase-change Random Access Memory.
The company unveiled the 512M-Megabit PRAM device in Seoul today. More scalable than any other memory architecture being researched, PRAM features the fast processing speed of RAM for its operating functions combined with the non-volatile features of flash memory for storage, giving it the nickname "Perfect RAM."

PRAM can rewrite data without having to first erase data previously accumulated, so it is effectively 30 x faster than conventional flash memory. Incredibly durable, PRAM is also expected to have at least 10 x the life span of flash memory.
news image PRAM
PRAM will be a highly competitive choice over NOR flash, available beginning sometime in 2008. Samsung designed the cell size of its PRAM to be only half the size of NOR flash. Moreover, it requires 20% fewer process steps to produce than those used in the manufacturing of NOR flash memory. ...Samsung profile, Storage Glossary, article:- Charting the Rise of the Solid State Disk Market

SanDisk Opens Up New Market for Flash Video

Berlin - September. 2, 2006 - SanDisk Corp today introduced the V-Mate Video Memory Card Recorder at the IFA Show.
The V-Mate is a video memory card recorder, allowing users to record video from video inputs such as over-the-air television as well as cable, satellite, DVD players and VCRs onto their flash memory cards. news image SanDisk revolutionary video flash player
Consumers can then take their memory card from the V-Mate and insert it into their mobile phone, video music player or notebook computer to play back their videos on the go.

The SanDisk V-Mate lets users record up to 3.5 hours of high quality video per gigabyte, using industry-standard video formats. The V-Mate, expected to be available in October 2006, will sell for $129.99 MSRP. ...SanDisk profile, Storage Events

STMicroelectronics Has Secure Fast Flash for Automotive Market

Geneva - August 30,2006 - STMicroelectronics today announced a new and enhanced version of its 32-Mbit Flash memory chip that is intended specifically for the automotive market.
The new device uses a state-of-the-art architecture to reduce access times to as low as 45nsec over the full automotive temperature range (-40 degrees C to +125 degrees C for the packaged device, -40 degrees C to +150 degrees C in bare die form).

The M58BW32F features a wide 32-bit data bus and operates on a nominal 3.3V memory core supply.
news image STMicro automotive flash
For security, each die embeds a unique device ID to allow the use of cryptographic algorithms to protect against illegal software modifications. Pricing for the M58BW32F is $5.50 per device. ...STMicroelectronics profile, Flash Storage

LaCie Launches 6 New Products

January 4, 2006 - LaCie today launched 6 new storage products which will be shown for the first time next week at Macworld Expo.
Among the products, the 4 shown on the right are from top to bottom:-
  • Little Big Disk is a 320GB portable storage device with throughput of up to 80MB/s. It includes both FireWire 800/400 and USB 2.0 interfaces and costs $799. Little Big Disk also comes in a LaCie signature design by Neil Poulton, creator of the original d2 Hard Drive Series.
  • LaCie Rugged - designed to protect data against everyday bumps, bruises and hard knocks of the real world. LaCie Rugged's unique aluminum shell and rubber bumper protects it from table-height drops. 120GB model costs $359.
  • LaCie Two Big is a 115MB/s performance SATA II RAID solution with two hot-swappable drives which costs $949 for 1T.
  • LaCie Slim DVD±RW Drive is a fully portable FireWire bus-powered DVD burner with powerful Toast 7 Titanium CD/DVD burning software which costs LaCie Slim DVD±RW Design by FA Porsche $219.
news image LaCie new storage products
...LaCie profile, Macworld, Firewire Storage, DVD drives, Storage News in Pictures

Swissbit Launches DDR2R

Editor:- December 15, 2005 - Swissbit today announced immediate availability of its DDR2R memory modules.

This is aimed at users who like to have different colored components inside their systems.
Instead of the usual green PCB they now come in bright red. So I added the extra "R" suffix because I think that DDR2R (DDR2 "Red") is easier to read than with the prefix - RDDR2 ("Red" DDR2). news image Swissbit DDR2R
That brings to mind prequels and sequels, and if we're not careful we're going to end up getting confused with that charming little robot in Star Wars.

The new color applies to all Swissbit's DDR2 modules with capacities ranging from 256MB to 2GB and speeds ranging from 400MHz to 667MHz. Actually I'm red/green color blind - so I just have to take it on trust that I used the right picture. ...Swissbit profile, Storage News in Pictures

QNAP Launches Desktop NAS for SMBs

Taipei, Taiwan - November 29, 2005 - QNAP Systems, Inc. has launched the TS-401T - a 4 disk, hot swappable, desktop NAS aimed at SMBs.
Most small businesses may not have their own MIS professionals. QNAP's TS-401T can be configured in 5 minutes with 7 simple installation steps.

Disk configurations include:- RAID 0, 1, 5 & JBOD. The TS-401T includes built in software for remote replication and optional anti-virus protection.

It also includes USB ports for directly attached data backup. ...QNAP Systems profile, NAS
news image - QNAP NAS

Accordance Delivers RAID Protection Under $400

DES MOINES, Iowa - November 16, 2005 - Accordance Systems today announced that small and medium size businesses can now afford the same class of data protection as large enterprises.
Connected to either local PCs or a small central server, the ARAID IDE and SATA controllers RAID 1 capability has now been expanded to protect registry files, open data base files and application files.

Accordance Systems' ARAID is the first low cost RAID system of its class (under $400) disk mirroring all computer files for disaster recovery and data backup.
news image Accordance
"Even if you are a computer newbie, you can easily install the 'no software needed' ARAID on any Windows, Mac, Linux or UNIX computer" said Steve Johnson, President of Accordance Systems.

The Accordance ARAID controller supports dual hard drives and mirrors data onto both drives. As data gets written to one disk it is automatically copied to the second disk. If one disk fails, the data is protected on the other disk. To replace a failed hard drive, the user simply pulls out the removable ARAID hard drive tray, pulls out the bad disk and replaces it with a new one. The ARAID automatically copies the data from the remaining good drive onto the newly inserted hard disk.

The ARAID is commonly used for backup by using 3 hard drives – one that stays in the ARAID controller, and 2 that are rotated in and out. The removed hard disk is taken off-site to provide reliable and secure storage of valuable data against disaster scenarios. Disk-based backups using the ARAID are less expensive, less labor intensive and more reliable than tape based backups. ...Accordance profile
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Targa Series 4 - 2.5 inch SCSI flash disk
Solid State Removable Military NAS
from Targa Systems
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