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Storage Software Tools for Defense Systems Integrators

July 7, 2003.................... Article by Marissa Ponikvar, President , Tabernus

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Editor's intro:- Software operates equally well in an air conditioned office or the heat of the desert. So it may appear to a casual observer that the needs of civilian and military systems integrators for storage software drivers and integration utilities are very similar. But there are important differences in the operational requirements for military systems which means that systems integrators in the defense industry have subtly different needs for storage software, even when they are using COTS hardware, which utilizes "standard" interfaces like SCSI. This article provides an overview of products and services which address these issues from Lakewood, Colo. based Tabernus, LLC.

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Megabyte liked to keep his systems in peak condition.

DES Approved Tool for the Erasing of Data from Disk Drives

Tabernus Product: NorthstarADT

Ensure Security - Our clients have worked with us within their own secure environments. Our software will guarantee that before a disk or tape drive leaves a secure area for use at another location, the storage device will be completely erased.

Execute Warranties - In many cases, our defense industry clients need to completely erase a storage device prior to executing warranties. By using Tabernus' software, clients can feel confident that when the disk or tape drive is returned to the manufacturer there is no proprietary information still remaining on the device.

Erase Drives in Any Environment - Due to the large number of operating systems in use within the defense industry, Tabernus' software can run on either a notebook or a desktop. The benefit is that if a drive malfunctions in a Unix, Linux or Windows environment, all users need to do is connect that drive to a laptop or desktop running our software and then they can cleanly erase the drive.

Media Duplication Tool for Storage Devices

Tabernus Product: NorthstarADT

Computer Lab Setup - When a new lab is setup, or an old lab needs to have all of the systems cleaned, Tabernus software is the tool of choice for making this process more efficient. Users have the option of setting up one system and then using our software to duplicate that system to others. This allows the lab setup process to become much more efficient.

Disk to Disk, Tape to Tape, or Disk to Tape Duplication - Tabernus' software is used to copy media from one storage devices to another, even different device types. Our software may be used to do one-to-one copies or one-to-many.

Copy Any Type of File - Tabernus understands the needs of our customers to be able to work with different operating systems. That is why our software enables users to copy any file from one device to the next, including Unix, Linus, AIX, Windows, etc.

M-Systems, 3.5" Ultra Wide SCSI Fast Flash Disk
3.5" Ultra Wide SCSI Fast Flash Disks
from M-Systems

General Failure Analysis of Mass Storage Device Failing

Tabernus Products: NorthstarADT, GeminiQT, and Workforce

Configure Mode Pages - Our customers often need to use standard storage devices in a custom environment. Tabernus allows our users to configure devices' mode page settings

(1) - on an individual basis,

(2) - from a previously saved mode page file or,

(3) - from a selected device.

Setup Block Size and Capacity - Our software reads the current bytes per/block on the first drive selected and displays the current block size value. Users then have the ability to set both the block size and capacity to fit their individual needs.

Install Special Firmware - Special software is often created to allow drives to perform special features for our clients. Tabernus software provides several different methods for users to download firmware to their storage devices. Firmware downloads may be done in serial or parallel. In addition, our software supports both segmented and non-segmented downloads.

RES-302s upto 2 x SPARC processor rugged server
rugged SPARC servers

Qualify Drives for Performance and SCSI Compliance

Tabernus Products: AtlasCCT and GeminiQT

Assure SCSI Spec Compliance - Our SCSI Compliance testing software allows users to:

  • Send all commands in the SCSI 2 and SCSI 3 specs and assure the storage device is compliant
  • Test all legal variations of each SCSI command (FUA, DPO, etc)
  • Test all reserved bits (all combinations, or one at a time)
  • Test known illegal variations of each command to verify correct failure conditions (ex: set both CMDDT and EVPD to 1 for an Inquiry command)
  • Test other known illegal operations to produce every possible sense key/code combination
  • Send illegal data in commands that can have a data out phase (Mode Select, Reserve, etc) to a device
  • Specify the expected command result and fail the drive if it did not return the expected result (commands with reserved bits should always expect Illegal Field in CDB)
  • Log all data that the drive returns for data-in commands

Test Performance with Variety of Data Patterns - Users of Tabernus' software often want to know how fast their storage devices are running. Tabernus allows users to test the performance of their drives with several different data patterns: Random, No Compare, Random LBA, Incrementing, Incrementing LBA, Decrementing, Decrementing LBA, Outbound and Inbound data patterns, etc…

SiliconDrives from SiliconSystems
2.5" SiliconDrives
from SiliconSystems

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