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Beta Systems Software

Headquartered in Berlin, Germany, Beta Systems Software AG (Deutsche Börse - Prime Standard: BSS) is a leading supplier of high-performance corporate solutions for the realization of efficient business processes in the area of Identity Management, Enterprise Content Management, Scheduling and Storage Management. Beta Systems’ core expertise lies in automation for cost-optimization purposes and quality optimizing for high-volume data processing operations in z/OS, Unix, Linux and Windows environments.

  • editor's note:- Tantia Technologies has merged with Beta Systems Software
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StorageTek ILM article

Email Archiving and Information Lifecycle Management - article by StorageTek

Email archiving is becoming a major cost and management issue for many enterprises. This article describes the thinking behind StorageTek's Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) scheme. You might find this conceptual framework useful - even if you use backup hardware and software from other vendors.

"Each year, across the global community, between one and two exabytes of unique data is being created. As well dealing with email management, companies need to start taking a strategic, holistic view of data storage and look at the issue in terms of an Information Lifecycle Management process. At the heart of ILM is an understanding of the value information holds at each stage of its life and from that, the importance of a co-ordinated approach to managing the storage and archiving of all forms of digital data." the article,...StorageTek profile, 35 more articles about Backup Software

profile updated by vendor May 20, 2005

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