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Technical Cable Concepts

Technical Cable Concepts, Inc. is a world-class manufacturer of all types and styles of cable assemblies. We specialize in SCSI and Fibre Channel cables for storage systems, workstations, servers, RAID arrays, and clustering environments. We provide the latest in this ever-changing industry, offering 2Gig Multi-Mode Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loop and Optical assemblies consisting of HSSDC2, HSSDC, DB9, ST, SC, LC, MTRJ, Plenum-Grade and their accessories, plus SCSI rated Ultra 320, Ultra 160 and InfiniBand products. TCC, specializing in quick-turn manufacturing, custom assembly requirements, prototypes, harnesses, pin-outs, mold designs, and lengths. Other unique requests are easily obtainable.

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Megabyte used only the finest quality
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3rd Party RAM,, article by Keystone Memory
3rd Party RAM, Your Rights on Server Warranties - article by Keystone Memory

Users know that memory and hard disk drives aren't made by most of the companies from whom they buy their servers, notebooks and desktops. But they are often intimidated from competitively buying 3rd party upgrades by sales tactics aimed at locking them in to a single source. Such tactics often hint that maintenance contracts and warranties will be void or negatively impacted by the presence of 3rd party upgrade products. That kind of anti competitive pressure is illegal in many countries. This article provides an overview of the legal protection that users may have under a US law called Magnuson and Moss. the article, ...Keystone Memory profile, US Storage VARs

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