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Founded in 1980, Transtec's expertise is based on the combination of its roles as a manufacturer and systems house with an emphasis on high-performance computing. The market-listed company has offices in the Benelux states, Germany, France and Switzerland and generated a revenue of 42,2 million Euros in 2014. Further information can be found at

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who's who in SSD and storage? - Transtec

by Zsolt Kerekes, editor - - February 2016

In the enterprise rackmount SSD context - Transtec currently / recently has been a European reseller / integrator for Nimble, IBM and Huawei

notes from SPARC History

I first came across Transtec in about 1992 when I launched the SPARC Product Directory.

Within a year my publishing business became US focused, while Transtec in those days became a Europe wide oem and distributor of SPARC products - so our paths didn't cross much - although they did become an advertiser for a while at the peak of the dotcom market.

Unlike many other SPARC companies, Transtec successfully made the transition from a server company to a storage company in the late 1990s.

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how fast can your SSD run backwards?

I was talking to an end user whose organization has spent hundreds of millions of dollars on EMC storage.

They'd love to decouple themselves and benefit from modern lower cost flash.

But the flash marketers in startups aren't doing those kinds of conversations.

For many of them a single customer like that is bigger than their whole business plan.
"compared to EMC" - the unreal positioning of AFA startups
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