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Unigen, founded in 1991, is an established leader in the design and manufacture of custom DRAM and Flash modules, and Original Design and Manufacturing services. Headquartered in Fremont, California, the company has ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified manufacturing in California, and in Asia. Unigen markets its custom designed products to OEMs worldwide in embedded, industrial, networking, server, telecommunications, imaging, and medical industries. The company's OEM services include NPI (New Product Introduction), assembly, supply chain management, testing, and post-sales support. For more information on Unigen go to

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Who's who in SSD? - Unigen

by Zsolt Kerekes, editor - November 21, 2011

Unigen - is 1 of about 50 companies listed on the 1.8" SSDs page.

And one of more than 100 companies which make either PATA, SATA or SAS SSDs.

For a few years I had thought of Unigen as being simply one of many "me-too" SSD companies which glues a bunch of 3rd party SSD controllers to a bunch of memory chips, wraps them in a box, tests them according to what their market can afford - but doesn't really add any significant SSD IP.

But today I came upon a whitepaper they wrote (pdf) about the subject of dealing with sudden power loss in SSDs. Most of what it said was standard stuff which other people have already written about before or which has been known for many years. (Although Unigen's paper does include nice pictures too.)

A different aspect of Unigen's "EnduraCharge" technology - which I hadn't come across before - is that SSDs which use it include a circuit which enables the host processor to test the health status of the hold-up capacitors - and log the results - while it's in the deployed system.

That was news to me - even though Unigen had apparently published this whitepaper 5 months ago.

The reader who contacted me - works in Unigen sales - so I asked - "Does your company employ anyone in marketing? If so what do they do?"

Anyway - late is better than never - when it comes to finding out that some SSD companies aren't so me-too in their technology as I had thought. Even though there are many more - like Unigen - in the "me-too marketing" category. Which is to say - they don't do anywhere near enough to help potential customers decide why they should be looking at what they do.
selected Unigen milestones - from SSD Market History.

In November 2009 - Unigen announced it will manufacture a new range of flash SSDs using SSD processors from SandForce. The 2.5" SSDs will be available with SATA or SAS interfaces.

In June 2011 - Unigen published a white paper (pdf) about its EnduraCharge Technology - (data safety features ready for unexpected power-loss) - which describes how it deals with sudden SSD power loss.

Most of the stuff in there is standard - but there is one new point I discovered.

"Unigen's enterprise SSDs are equipped with host initiated voltage hold-up capacitor health monitoring circuit. The host issues a special "Test Hold-up Cap" SCT diagnostic command to measure the health status of the hold-up capacitor. After completion of the "Test Hold-up Cap" command, the host will retrieve the hold-up capacitor attributes of the most recent test result. The host can also retrieve all past history hold-up capacitor test results."

In June 2014 - Unigen entered the M.2 SSD market.
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Unigen enters M.2 SSD market
Editor:- June 3, 2014 - Unigen today announced SLC or MLC NAND flash based M.2 SATA III SSDs in densities ranging from 16GB- 256GB.

These small form factor flash modules are used for high reliability storage of critical code and data, in space-constrained embedded, industrial, gaming and networking applications. They are available in both commercial and industrial temperature ranges.
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hold up capacitors in 2.5" military SSDs

to be or not to be?
Editor:- March 27, 2015 - zero to three seconds are 2 numbers which demonstrate some of the extreme diversity in SSD design. My examples here being the hold up times inside 2 current models of 2.5" SATA SSDs designed for the military market.
  • One from Microsemi (HQ in Aliso Viejo, CA, USA).
  • And the other is from Solidata (HQ in Shenzhen, China).
I've touched on this kind of architectural design difference many times before in earlier articles. But every time I revisit this vast topic with fresh examples - I learn something new. more

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