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Value and Differentiation Image

The thing which I like in the graphic below is the idea of "fool's gold" - Attributes and Features that are distinctive but do not drive loyalty to the brand, company or product".

As I said in my article Decloaking hidden segments in the enterprise for rackmount SSDs - just because marketers add more and more software and manageability features into their systems doesn't necessarily mean that all customers perceive them as being valuable. The opposite can be true. In some applications - the feature sets which have been padded to attain higher scores in naive industry buyers guides - are seen by users as a nuisance and may detract from the value.
Value and Differentiation - Janet Downes Downes Strategic Marketing

The above graphic is from a 73 slide webinar by Janet Downes, founder of Downes Strategic Marketing - which is part of the warm up session for a 2 day course called Introducing New Products Successfully.