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Vanguard Rugged Storage

Vanguard Rugged Storage designs and manufactures ruggedized COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) mass storage devices for military, aerospace, and other computer systems which must operate in harsh environments. Founded by veterans of the rugged mass storage and computer industries, Vanguard Rugged Storage is located in Boulder, Colorado, a major center for mass storage device design and research. Vanguard Rugged Storage's product line currently includes rugged hard drives, rugged magneto-optical drives, rugged tape drives and rugged solid state disks.

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Fast Purge flash SSDs
The need for fast and secure data erase - in which vital parts of a flash SSD or its data are destroyed in seconds - has always been a requirement in military projects.
Fast Purge flash SSDs directory & articles Although many industrial SSD vendors offer products with extended "rugged" operating environment capabilities - and even notebooks SSDs come with encryption - it's the availability of fast data purge which differentiates "truly secure" SSDs which can be deployed in sensitive applications.
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