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Vicom Systems

Vicom Systems is a privately held company in Redwood City, California. Vicom specializes in the delivery of transparent, wire speed data services for systems and storage. Vicom delivers on the long-standing promise of SANs: seamless consolidation, any-to-any connection, simplified management, and high availability. Vicom products and technology have been selected by OEMs including IBM, Sun Microsystems, and Hewlett-Packard. Enterprise customers include financial services and manufacturing firms in the Global IT 2000, healthcare organizations, retail, and entertainment companies. For more information on Vicom, please visit www.vicom

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Megabyte's uncle Spellerbyte was a wizard
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Megabyte a magic potion for copying
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8e6 Technologies article
Spyware, Adware & Unaware - article by 8e6 Technologies

No matter how much storage you've got - one thing you don't want on it is any program which has illegally installed itself and is not working in your best interests. Unlike a virus - whose presence is immediately obvious when it stops some part of your computer working - Spyware and Adware are stealthier and harder to notice. This article by Paul Myer, President of 8e6 Technologies, tells us about the level of threat, what these malware programs actually do, and describes what his company is doing to learn more about these parasites so they can be kept out of your storage systems the article, ...8e6 Technologies profile, Storage Security, Hard Disk Sanitizers

profile from featured press release April 24, 2006

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